Title: Statuesque
Team Name: Spy for the Order
Word Count:100 (x4)
Rating: G
Challenge: First Word Challenge
Characters: Severus, Hermione (Harry and Ron mentioned)
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters nor intellectual property that is the Harry Potter Series. I just play.
Authors Notes: Hopeless romanticism at its finest? Originally posted at grangersnape100.

She had come every Sunday for three years. In the beginning, she had prattled endlessly; a by-product of visiting a coma patient. Not that he seemed to care when he awoke. He was like a statue in his chair, eyes fixed firmly on the window.

Every Sunday she'd find him in that chair. He looked little like the man he had once been, with his hair cropped short and the twisted scarred skin of his neck occasionally exposed from beneath the collar of his shirt. Always silent and unmoving. If he thought his indifference would deter her, it never did.


It was six months before he even looked at her. That was the day she had dared to mentioned Harry.

"He wants to come see you." She had said. Not that she ever asked for permission to be there.

He ripped his scornful glare away from the horizon and settled it upon her. When she had imagined the moment, she had always thought that she would meet his stare but her gaze quickly flitted away.

"I expected as much." She wryly conceded. By the time she had looked back up he was as he had always been; silent and unmoving.


Once he had even touched her. She had arrived after a particularly fiery row with Ron and her silence upon entering was far from typical. As she eased down into the companion chair that had been set beside Snape's long ago, he took in her red puffy eyes and blotchy complexion. She looked absolutely drained.

Hermione started when she felt a hand rest on her own. Her surprised searching eyes turned to him, but he wouldn't meet them with his own. Instead he gave a slight squeeze before withdrawing.

They sat together that evening, both of them silent and unmoving.


She had come every Sunday for three years. She still prattled endlessly and he still seemed not to care, although she knew differently. They might have continued on happily in this routine if Ron hadn't proposed.

Hermione had to choose: Ron or Severus.

Severus said not a word as she explained the ultimatum. Not one as she asked him to ask her to stay. All she wanted was a word. He did not comfort her as she wept.

If she hadn't hesitated at the door, silent and unmoving, she might not have heard it. A faint unused rasp.

"Don't go."

- Fin.