Author's Notes: This is just a short little thing I wrote way back when while watching 3x21, "Into Asylum" when it originally aired. Again, it's a fic I had published on LiveJournal and forgot to publish it here.

Disclaimer: I don't own Heroes, NBC does and look how well they handled that!

"I didn't know you could bleed so much."

Oh yes, I bled this much and more once. When Bennet cut my throat. When I thought I was human and could still take whatever I wanted. And all I wanted was her.

It had spread across the cold concrete. Stained her skin as she ran toward me and knelt beside me, my name tearing from her lips. Her tears splashed into the sticky liquid with thick, sick plops.

And then the sun came out and I took a deep breath, choking on the blood that tried to make its way into my lungs.

And then I took a breath and lit her on fire.

I stopped my thoughts before they could reach my eyes and he could see everything I never wanted known. I had to be so careful with this one, more careful than with anyone.

I balled up the memories and spat them out with Bennet's useless projectile, dropping them to the floor and forgetting them. I felt the lingering wetness on my tongue and swallowed the metallic taste of bullet and blood.

"I squeezed out a little extra."

Please let me know what you think! I barely ever do first person, so I'm a bit anxious about how this one sounds. Thanks!