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Ch.1 Distraction

"Connor, I realize that this is a shock but what you are is what you are, it does not change who you are." Cheng Li was trying to be comforting but with her comfort came more as obvious facts, especially as she sat there behind her desk, made it seem more like official business. Connor Tempest had just learned that his father was not Dexter tempest but the evil ex-vampirate, wannabe king of vampires, Sidorio. So he was a dhampir, what did that entail anyway?

"But everything I know is a lie!" Connor complained to his captain. It was cliché but appropriate. Cheng Li just raised an eyebrow at him. "Sorry captain. But really this is all just horrible. I wanted to leave that world behind me. All I wanted to be was a pirate. I didn't want to be a dhampir. The father I knew… the father I loved wasn't even my dad." Connor whispered.

"Connor, Dexter Tempest raised you and Grace as his own children even though you weren't biologically his, do you really think he did not love you?" It was a rhetorical question, so Connor just stood there quietly. "However the relationship between you two may have to be used later to our advantage. But these sudden secrets coming out have affected your performance here on the Tiger. So I have planned some activities that should help us all relax after that, eventful battle." Cheng Li was referring to the wedding of Sidorio and Lady Lockwood. Though it had ended in the favor of the Tiger crew, with the death of Lady Lockwood, the entire crew was still wiped the strength of the vampires was incredibly humbling. But Connor was intrigued by her words.

"So what kind of activities are we doing? Connor asked.

"Oh you know the average." Cheng Li answered.

"Ma' Kettle's Tavern?" Cheng Li nodded

"Hey! Connor!" Jasmine yelled at Connor. "Did you hear? We're going to Ma Kettle's." Jasmine smiled at Connor. "Will you save a dance for me?" Connor could feel a blush coming to his face. He was about to answer when Jacoby walked. Jasmine still hadn't broken up with Jacoby.

"Hey Connor, Min, are you guys ready to see the live concert at Ma's?" Jacoby asked his grin got huge at the end of his sentence. He put his arm around Jasmine; she gave away no signs of being uncomfortable.

"Is Sugar Pie performing something?" Connor asked intrigued and annoyed to have Jacoby ruin his moment with Jasmine.

"No, they have this singer known as Nightingale. She's supposed to be really good." Jacoby leaned towards Connor and whispered. "She's supposed to be really hot, like surface of the sun hot." Jacoby leaned back raising his eyebrows.

"Well I hope she's as good as they say." Bart appeared from around the corner. "I wonder what Nightingale will perform." He said looking at the teens before him.

"It being Ma's it'll probably be a shanty." Kate answered from the other corner. Every one of Connors friends was in the hall, psyched about a singer, he wouldn't let his being a dhampir ruin their fun, he decided that he wouldn't tell them, after all he was a part of the monsters they were trying to exterminate.

Later at Ma Kettles

The usual walk into Ma's was no different than usual Connor still got a knot in his stomach at the height he was at above the water. Maybe being a dhampir didn't make him any different. He left his weapons with Pieces' O eight, and made his way inside. Like usual there were table with Pirates drinking themselves into merriment or a stupor. However unlike usual, the tables near the stage were cleared out to make way for a crowd that wished to stand next to the stage which already was beginning to become crowded.

"Come on let's make out way to the front." Bo Yin appeared from Connors side, with her Aye-Aye on her back, and started pulling him toward the crowd.

"Bo Yin, are you allowed to be here?" Connor asked, after all Bo Yin was only twelve.

"Connor I ran away from my father to come join a pirate crew, do you think I would listen if I was allowed here?" She made a valid point. Then Bo Yin's pet Aye-Aye made a run for the crowd, Bo Yin made a mad dash for her running pet, Connor followed shortly. But their chase was interrupted by the emergence of Sugar Pie.

"Well hi there, Connor, Long time no see." Sugar Pie greeted Connor from the floor.

"H-hey Sugar Pie." Her appearance caught Connor by surprise. "So why aren't you performing." Sugar Pie contemplated at the question.

"You see Nightingale is a new and upcoming performer and her mother is an old friend of Ma's so…"

"So Ma is just doing a favor for a friend?" Connor asked.

"Pretty much, but I have seen her perform, we got the better part of the deal." Sugar Pie was about to say more but was interrupted by owner of Ma Kettles, Ma. Ma was dressed in a long gown of deep dark blue, with what seemed like wave of a barely lighter shade of blue on each fold. Fish net stocking completed her look with dark red heels.

"Now the moment we've all been waiting for…" Ma paused for dramatic effect. "Here she is Nightingale!" A girl walked onto the stage, she had long black hair part of which was tied into a bun on her head, glass ornaments held the bun in place, the end of each ornament ended like a bone so four together in her hair were reminiscent of the jolly roger cross bones. She wore a deep crimson spaghetti strap blouse exposing her shoulders and chest, on her neck a diamond choker gleamed in the stage lights. On her left arm two bangles fell on her wrist on the other a silver chain was wrapped around her arm with a small crystal rosary hanging from the end of the chain. A short black skirt puffed out and as she walked gave a glimpse of a garter on her right leg with a dagger tucked into it. Her boots came up to just below her knees, spurs jingled as she walked the claps of which were skulls. A decorative costume to say the least, but it certainly held the attention of the male audience.

Sugar Pie turned to Connor who was staring unblinkingly. "I have great taste don't I." Connor looked at Sugar Pie questioningly. "Who do you think gave her the stage costume? Though it might be a bit too revealing for a fifteen year-old, she rocks it."

Then the music started.

Drums played a nit steady beat and then sped up an electric guitar played a strange chord Nightingale brought the microphone to her lips.

I see a red door and I want it painted black

no colors anymore, I want them to turn black

I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes

I have to turn my head until my darkness goes

At that she did a powerful kick at the air that showed of her legs and got the audience pumped.

I see a line of cars and they are painted black

with flowers and my love both never to come back

I see people turn their heads and quickly look away

like a new born baby it just happens every day

She performed a back flip landing in the splits.

I look inside myself and see my heart is black

I see my red door and it's heading into black

Nightingale got up from her split in a suggestive way and shot a look at Connor.

maybe then I'll fade away and not have to face the facts

it's not easy facing up when your whole world is black

Roundhouses kick at an invisible enemy.

I wanna see it painted painted, painted black, oh baby

I wanna see it painted painted, painted black, oh baby

She shot another look at Connor this time it wasn't suggestive put blatantly obvious. Her voice became seductive.

No more will my green sea go turn a deeper blue

I could not foresee this thing happening to you

She pointed at Connor and then resumed her to the song.

If I look hard enough into the setting sun

my love will laugh with me before the morning comes

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm...

I wanna see it painted, painted, painted black, oh

black as night, black as coal

I wanna see the sun blotted from the sky

painted, painted, painted black oh baby

painted painted, painted black

Thunderous applause. After that one song Connor seemed to be drawn to the singer but how or why he couldn't tell. Connor couldn't concentrate on anything else; the two other songs Nightingale sang were a blur the only thing Connor knew was her, what was going on?

"Thank you, thank you very much for enjoying the concert, if anyone has any future gigs you might want to hire me for please come backstage." As she finished she sent another wink Connor's way, and left. An arm came from behind Connor and trapped him in a one armed hug, Jacoby was smirking and Jasmine was next to him.

"You know Connor from the way you were looking at Nightingale, I think you have a little crush." Jacoby said, Jasmine's eyes seemed to be shooting daggers at Connor.

"Really you were staring at her?" Jasmine questioned. She looked ticked.

"I-I uh, dunno." Was all Connor could muster; his mind was still in a daze.

"We'll Connor I saw that wink that she gave you sooo…Lets go meet her." Jacoby spring his plan on Connor, and he gave in without a fight. Jacoby lead the way to the backstage, Connor in tow. They made it to Nightingale's dressing room when they heard a crash come from the dressing room. Both ran in only to find a broken glass of water and a bleeding Nightingale. "Hey, what happened?" Jacoby asked a little frantic.

"Oh!" The singer said surprised by her visitors. "The glass cut me could you go get someone, please." She looked a t Jacoby with pleading eyes. Connor couldn't stop looking at her hand the blood, the warm blood. Jacoby left in a hurry and Nightingale turned her attention to Connor. "Hey, can you help me out through the back I think some fresh air would do me some good." At being spoken to Connor was broken out of his trance, his mind cleared as he realized exactly what was going on.

"Yeah, here..." Connor held out his hand to Nightingale and pulled her to her feet. He noticed that she was still dressed in her concert clothes, helping her up he could feel the dampness of her sweat from her performance. From being so close he could hear her heart pumping the blood through her body. They made their way through the exit of the dressing room, Nightingale held on to Connor, as though she would fall, every step of the way. But the moment they were outside and the door closed, and everything changed. Nightingale stood up straight as with full strength, she walked past Connor.

"Well, thank you for your help. However I think it's time you disappear." Nightingale talked with malice in her voice. The sight of Nightingale in the full moon sent shivers up Connor's spine. The sea air blew into Connor's face his mind finally cleared, and he realized that something was amiss.

"Wait, what?" Connor couldn't understand what she meant. She pulled one of the ornaments out of her hair, she held it between her finger and her thumb, now Connor could see it was dagger made from crystal. She started twirling it in her fingers, it moved so quickly it was a shining blur in the moonlight. She stopped the twirling catching it between her fingers.

"Like I said, it's time for you to disappear Vampire." She through the dagger at him.

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