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Prompt: Mary/Marshall; broken, blood, a kiss - from alittlebirdy13

Marshall awoke with soft fingers stroking him and the warm pulses of desire starting to spread through his thighs. He sighed with a small smile and opened his eyes slightly to look down at himself. Her fingers caressed his inner thigh, trailing up to lightly brush over his testicles and then wrap around him to stroke up his length. Entranced, he watched himself respond more fully to her touch and hummed contentedly, his own hand trailing down her back as she lay curled next to him. She traced little kisses along his ribs, then a slow lick to his nipple only to blow on it gently to watch it pucker in response. All the while continuing to gently and deliberately explore him with her hand.

"Oooohh…" he sighed with a catch in his voice as she pressed her body against his, her soft curls against his hip and breasts against his ribs, her thigh and foot slowly sliding down to trap his leg. Mary's own belly glowed with anticipation as she pressed his thigh with her own and gently rocked her pelvis against his hip; her blood sang in her veins. His skin was soft and firm under her hands and she used his own moisture to glide her fingers over him, slightly increasing the pressure as she felt his belly quiver with the sensation. When he moaned, she shifted to lay stretched out on top of him, nestling him under her pelvis and supporting herself on her elbows either side of his chest. Sliding up slightly, she met his drowsy, aroused gaze and pressed her lips to his in a slow, easy kiss. His hands skimmed up her sides and trailed little lines of electricity down her back, curves and thighs. She eased downward again, sliding along the length of him, and ran kisses along his jawline, throat and collarbone. The friction of her against him caused him to tremble slightly and jerk his hips under her and she smiled.

Pushing herself up, her thighs slid to either side of his hips and she settled herself onto him, tantalizing them both with the anticipation of things to come. He was enveloped in her soft, moist folds and she watched his face take on a slightly pained look with denied entry. Tilting her hips, she slid herself along his length and her own lips parted as she sighed with a faint sound of pleasure. He felt so good and his hardness urged her on.

Marshall took in her disheveled hair, half closed eyes and parted lips and trailed his eyes down to her breasts and abdomen as she tilted her head back slightly with the next rock of her hips. He wanted to be in her so badly, but she continued to taunt and tease him and he groaned. Reaching out, he slid his hands up her thighs, feeling the muscles bunch and move with her small movements, strength and softness tantalizing him. Her belly was smooth and taut and his hands finally cupped her breasts, the weight of them arousing him even more and he gently squeezed and pinched her nipples to watch her gasp.

Mary's need was growing with each second, but she wanted these sensations to continue. Leaning back slightly, she rested her hands behind her on his thighs and looked down to where their bodies met. Sliding back, she would see him emerge from underneath her and then slowly disappear with her forward tilt. It was incredibly arousing and she was fascinated by the sensations of the coarse hair on his testicles tickling her followed by the smoothness of him pressing against her. She made little sounds of pleasure as she watched and bit her lip.

Marshall had never experienced anything so erotic and the feel of her soft wetness sliding over his testicles was maddening. His brow was furrowed and his mouth opened in a little "oh" with each tilt of her hips. Each time she glided forward, her folds clenched around him and he panted…wanting more. She leaned back forward, resting her hands on his chest, and tucked her pelvis under her to capture the tip of him at her opening, meeting his eyes with the action. They gazed at each other with naked want, and she smiled slyly. Her muscles quivered as she felt him poised to enter, but she continued to tease him with small motions that allowed just a portion of him to slide into her. Her breathing was unsteady with focus on control and she resisted his efforts to pull her down over him. Each small dip into her was heaven and he wanted to bury himself inside her. His breaths became shallow and finally he whispered, "Please…"

She took him inside of her with one, quick motion and ground her hips against him as she settled on him, all of him buried within. Marshall grunted-gasped and arched his hips, hands gripping her hips tightly, and Mary moaned and clenched around him. She began to move slowly, vision blurry with the sensation of him sliding within her and stretching her, and her fingers pressed into his chest.

They were both close to the edge already, and her movements became faster and more urgent quickly. Her hands transferred to his abdomen so she could deepen his thrusts and he reached down to glide his thumb against her where they were joined. He knew he was not going to last much longer as the heat coiled in his groin and began to spread throughout the length of him, and he groaned and muttered words of encouragement, their rhythm broken by need.

Mary's world was only sensation as her body pulsed with impending release, Marshall's thumb heightening the pleasure-pain of need. One more slight tilt backwards and he bumped up against a part of her deep inside and she shattered, thrusting fast and moaning loudly as little shards of ecstasy infused her. His hands squeezed her hips and she actually felt him pulse within her while he reached his own peak, grunting and thrusting while pulling her against him. It was bliss and she almost cried with the pure pleasure…never like this with anyone else…ever.

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