Author's Notes: This originally came to me while I was baby-sitting for my three-month-old niece, before the season finale aired, so I had named the baby Amy instead of Beth. This is just a bit of fluff, set three years after the first season of Glee. No beta, so please excuse any mistakes!

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee and I'm not making any money off this.

The odd mix of soothing jungle music and voices on a television program greeted Kurt as he walked into Puck's apartment. The jock had made enough money with his legitimate pool cleaning and landscaping business to move out of his mom's place just after high school graduation and it hadn't taken long for Kurt to consider it his second home.

He walked quietly into the small apartment, softly placing the takeout in the kitchen and melting at the sight of his boyfriend asleep on the couch in front of the television, a History Channel documentary (on "Star Wars," of all things) flashing unheeded on the screen, heavy textbooks strewn across the coffee table and Puck's three year old daughter asleep in her Disney Princess sleeping bag, oblivious to the still singing monkey Artie bought her last week clutched in her arms.

It seemed a lifetime ago, not just four years, when Puck had joined the Glee Club and the attraction between the tormented and the tormentor was made almost instantaneously. A very long struggle ensued, with Puck coming to terms with and eventually making public his sexuality and later convincing Quinn, who changed her mind again and kept the baby, to allow him weekends with his daughter. Puck also got into University of Northwestern Ohio on a full-ride academic scholarship (much to the surprise of his peers) for a degree in engineering.

Amy squeaked in her sleep and Kurt stroked her light brown hair tenderly. Kurt sat in the large armchair beside the couch, content to spend a few quiet moments watching the two sleep. Kurt was home for spring break from the Columbus College of Art and Design, which wasn't exactly a place teeming with high fashion, but after Puck and Amy entered his life he knew he couldn't leave for New York as he originally planned and settled at a highly accredited college near home. And as the warm feeling of a love one can only know from loving a child filled him as he continued to stare, Kurt knew it was the right choice.

A brief flash of light on the screen caught his attention for a moment before Kurt turned his gaze back to his boyfriend, who was staring at him with wide, albeit slightly glazed, eyes.

"Hey," Puck said in a sleepy with an equally sleepy smile. "When did you get here?" He shifted to his side and opened his arms wide, an invitation Kurt couldn't refuse. The soprano quickly squeezed in with Puck on the couch, Kurt's back flush to Puck's front.

"Just a few minutes ago," Kurt answered and they both watched the still-sleeping toddler in silence for a few moments. "I brought Chinese."

"Hmm," Puck hummed against Kurt's neck, clearly teetering on the edge of falling asleep once more. With the slight breeze wafting in from the open windows and the cloudy, unseasonably humid day inducing general laziness, it was no wonder Kurt began to doze as well.

Neither of them knew how much time passed before Amy stood in front of them, but the quiet "Daddy? I'm hungwy!" from between the fingers in her mouth was enough to jolt the two young men from their sleep instantly. They quickly went into motion, Puck entertaining Amy as Kurt threw the take out into the microwave and prepared Amy's dinner of organic food Quinn demanded she eat.

As Kurt watched Puck watch Amy eat with a look of absolute love on his face, he realized that though this wasn't what he thought his life would turn out to be, now that it had he wouldn't want it any other way.

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