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This is the 2.0 version of my fanfic "Let's Suppose Chip And Dale Behaved Slightly Differently After The Kidnapping"; extensively edited, reformatted, and digitally re-mastered for easier reading.

I will note that while Deborah Walley passed away on May 10, 2001, two years after this fanfic was first posted, I decided not to replace her name here with that of April Winchell, whom the CDRR fandom elected as Foxglove's new voice. Foxglove is Deborah's character, and her voice was also part of the inspiration for this fanfic.

This edition is thusly dedicated to her.



First, I do not want anyone to consider me a leech, or someone who's feeding off others' fanfics. I have more than thoroughly spoken with Mr. Grissom about this and he was more than happy to let me do this. While I enjoyed "Consummation" extremely and could not get enough of it, I couldn't get the thought out of my mind that many things in that story could have happened a lot differently if the characters had made just a few slightly different decisions. So, as the ideas ran through my head, I pondered on the possibility of writing a la Marvel Comics' "What If". After considering various scenarios, I chose one that I believed would be just right for a tangent fanfic. Or, more than a tangent, I guess I would call it "a slightly different view", but call it "tangent", or even "satellite story", if you wish. And, while this is not the first fanfic I ever write, it is the first one I post on the Internet. I hope to one day soon get my own PC [I got one in 1999, a year after I first posted this fanfic] and pour out both tangents and J.A.M. originals [see this server for more of my fanfics!].

Second, it is not my intention to "out-write" anyone. I will try to keep the style of this narrative similar to the original author's style, and if you happen to like this fanfic better than Mr. Grissom's, let me be the first to say that it is not my fault.

I, for one, don't know the strength of my own talent…

And if you DIDN'T like it, well then, I guess that's good news for Mr. Grissom…

Enough with this already, and let's begin:

"Who knew slightly different decisions could make such big differences?" — The J.A.M.

Tress MacNeille

Corey Burton

Tress MacNeille

Jim Cummings

Corey Burton

Deborah Walley




Jim Cummings

Peter Cullen

Corey Burton

and Noelle North

By The J.A.M. (but please call me J.A.M.)

Based on "CONSUMMATION" by Roy Neal Grissom

First edition edited by John Nowak

WARNING: This fanfic will not make any sense at all if you don't read "Consummation" first. It should be available on this server.

with my apologies to Mr. Grissom…

For Deborah Walley

I would probably rate this PG-13.