It's short, but at least you know I haven't abandoned the story, plus I'm looking for some opinions from my readers for the next chapter. I can't decide whether or not to have Andy's wife find out about the toys being alive. So what do you think, should she find out?

A couple of weeks later Emily, Woody, Jessie and Buzz had made plans to have Andy and his family over for dinner and were just leaving the grocery store after getting everything they would need when Woody suddenly froze.

"What is it?" Buzz asked.

"It can't be the same one, could it?" Woody said pointing to a trash truck parked at the end of the parking lot.

Tied to the front of the truck was a threadbare, bug encrusted Lotso as well as the remains of what might have been a few other old stuffed toys that had been reduced to scraps.

"Would serve him right if it is," Buzz replied.

"No, no toy deserves a fate like that, what he did happened years ago and from the looks of it he's been paying for it for a long time," Woody said as they put the groceries in the car then, glancing around to make sure the drivers weren't around he walked over to the truck. Pulling out a pocket knife he quickly cut the strings that held Lotso to the truck then walked back to the car where Emily was waiting with a paper grocery bag she had emptied.

"You're not getting those bug guts all over the inside of my car," she told him as she held the bag open and he dropped Lotso into it.

"What are you going to do with him now?" Buzz asked once Woody had gotten into the car.

"Yeah, after what he was going to let happen to us, even if it was years ago, we can't just bring him home with us, I doubt the others are going to be as forgiving as you are," Jessie pointed out.

"You don't even know for sure yet that it is the same Lotso," Emily pointed out.

"We'll just have to find out," Woody said.

A little while later Emily pulled off the road near a wooded area and took the bag Lotso was in from Woody. After they had all returned to their toy forms she set them on the ground beside the car and carefully dumped Lotso out of the bag then got back into the car.

"It can't be, you were destroyed, I saw you fall into the incinerator," Lotso said.

"We're not that easily disposed of," Jessie said.

"So it is him, it was your idea to rescue him, now what do we do with him?" Buzz asked Woody.

"We could just put him back where we found him," Jessie suggested.

"No! Please anything but that," Lotso begged.

"I know we can't take him home with us after everything he's done, but I'm not sure what to do with him," Woody said.

Emily leaned out of the window of the car and said, "You've already done more to help him than he ever did for you, why not just leave him here. It may not be much of a life, but like he said, anything would be better than being stuck to the front of that truck and the condition he's in no one would ever let their kids play with him, so there aren't many options."

"The human knows you're alive?" Lotso asked in shock.

"Yes, and I think her idea is the only one that is going to work, unless you'd rather go back to the truck," Woody told him.

"Fine, anything is better than that," Lotso quickly agreed.

"Anyone around?" Woody asked Emily.

"Nope, no one in sight," Emily replied.

A moment later Woody, Jessie and Buzz had all become human again and Lotso was staring up at them in shock, "How did you do that?" he asked.

"Survive to fifty and you might find out someday if you really deserve to," Buzz said as they all got back into the car.

"Do you think he'll be alright?" Emily asked as they drove away.

"After what he put us through and leaving us to die, I'm having a really hard time caring what happens to him. I can't believe you actually helped him," Buzz said to Woody.

"I know, but it didn't seem right to just leave him there, it would have made us no better than him. Anyways we probably won't see him again and he should be fine out there, with no humans around he should be able to take care of himself," Woody said.