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Chapter One

"Guys I don't want to do this."

"Come on J.D it will be fine. This is the first Friday we've all had off in long time and you don't have Sam."

"He's with Kim's parents for the weekend."

"Exactly," Elliot smiled as she grabbed J.D's arm and tugged him closer. "That's why we decided to go out tonight. Besides, when the last time you got out of the apartment and had fun."

"I don't want to have fun Elliot," J.D growled loudly, pulling his arm away from Elliot.

It was the first Friday night he had off in a while and his friends were currently dragging him to a local bar. "I want to go home, lie in the fetal position, and face the fact that I will die alone."

Carla sighed at J.D's comment. It had been a week since J.D's last break-up and the young man was still heartbroken. Well not that heartbroken seeing as how they only dated for a month but it still hurt him none the least. She hated seeing her sad and upset so she took it upon herself to make him feel better by taking him out, which he wasn't receptive too. "Bambi guess what, you don't have a choice. We are your friends and we are going to do what ever you can to get over Sabrina. Not to mention Turk and I have the sitter until eleven and have no intentions of going back home."

"I don't want to get over Sabrina, she was my last chance."

"For what, herpes," Turk shrieked, sighing. "She was cheating on you, with STD Devin of all people."

"He has a very wonderful personality."

"He's also had almost every venereal disease known to man," Elliot scoffed. She was tired of J.D moping around too and wanted him to be happy again. "Look J.D, the point is that you need to put yourself out there again and get over Sabrina the slut. It's time for you to move on."

"Which is the reason why we brought to Crazy Mike's. Not only will you get all the drinks you want but you'll also have funny ass entertainment that will have you rolling on the floor if you know what I mean."

J.D looked to his best friend with pleading eyes. If anyone would understand it would be him. "Turk-"

Turk just shook his head and didn't give in. "J.D, it's time."

Suddenly J.D looked at Turk and smiled. He realized that his best friend was right, it was time for him to get back out there again and get over his cheating ex-girlfriend. He would find someone else to be with even if they weren't the one he really wanted. "Alright dude," he smirked as they walked inside the bar. "If you say it's time for me to move on then I have no choice but to listen to you."

Turk threw his arms around his best friend and lead him to the table, leaving Carla and Elliot behind at the bar to get the drinks.

Elliot waved her arms around sporadically. "Oh my God I can't believe that," she squeaked. "We tell him to move on he tells us he can't but when Turk says it-"

"Elliot let it go," Carla sighed as she grabbed the beers. "It's time you realized that Turk and J.D will be closer than any happily couple I know."

"And that's not weird at all," Elliot mumbled, grabbing the rest of the beers.

The two women made their way to the table and sat down, passing the beers around as they did. They came back and discovered Turk and J.D excited and mumbling about the entertainment on the program.

"I can't believe it, I just can't believe it," J.D screeched, body jittering. "I'm going to get to see a real life hypnotist."

"I know dude that's why I picked this place."

"You two can't be serious," Elliot scoffed, sipping her beer. "You actually believe that it's possible to be hypnotized."

"Of course not. It's just funny as hell to watch people think they are."

"Turk you know how I feel about hypnotism. It helped me quit smoking."

"Or did it. Maybe you so crazy that you think it helped but you never really liked smoking anyway so it was easy for you to stop."

"That's the same thing I said V-bear," giggled Turk happily.

"I love how you're in my head."

"Me too."

Carla sighed and sipped some of her beer. She couldn't wait for the hypnotist to come on stage so she could go home as soon as possible.

The outside of the bar was crowded as he stood outside of it. He fidgeted slightly as he waited for the person he was looking for arrived. Currently they were already twenty minutes late. As time went by, he began to worry about the set-up when his cell phone started to go off.

"Pick and Save, Brian speaking," he answered nervously.

"Nice cover Dmitri but not necessary if this is a really private number." the person on the other line replied harshly.

"On can never be too careful, isn't that what you always say. That's why I don't know your real name."

"Right-" the voice chuckled. "Change of plans, I won't be able to meet you at the place."

"What do you mean you can't meet me, don't you want the merchandise."

"Of course I want it," the voice hissed, "I have a very important person waiting for what you have. I need it and everything else that goes with it."

"Then what do you want me to do? How am I supposed to give you the information?" he asked nervously.

"Don't worry I have a plan."

"Okay, what is it."

"I want you to go inside Crazy Mike's and pretend you're the hypnotist. I'll meet you there."

"Won't they be suspicious, I'm not even a real hypnotist," he hissed over the phone. He wasn't liking the new plan. To many people meant to many ways to mess up.

"I know that you aren't but the people inside don't know that."

"I don't even know what you look like."

"Blue eyes, dark brown gorgeous hair, sitting in the front row. A willing participant for your fake show."

The plan had him really confused. "So you want me to be the hypnotist-" he tried to repeat only to be cut off.

"Stop being a stupid ass and do what I say or else you won't make it to see sunset."

A click signaled the end of the conversation and he let out a heavy sigh before going inside the building he was standing in front of. He couldn't wait for the night to be over and his life to go back to the way it was before. The placed was extremely packed making it hard to make his way through the room and over to the crowded bar.

"Hi, I'm here for the show," he stated to the brunette working behind the bar.

"Take a seat sir-"

"No I'm here to perform tonight."

"Oh you must be Gary," the female bartender smiled as she came from behind the bar. "I'll show you where to set up."

"Thank-you," Dmitri smiled, following the young woman to the back close to the stage. She showed him a small room already stocked with things he needed for the show including a cape, a gold pocket watch, and a wand. "Wow you guys are so prepared."

"We usually have another guy do it, that's all his stuff in here but he got sick and couldn't make it. Thank god he had another friend willing to step in for him."

"Yeah, thank-god."

"Just to make sure to be ready when we call you out," the girl smiled. "Do you have a stage name that you go by?"

Dmitri closed his eyes and thought about it. He didn't know what exactly he was doing but he was going to have to do something if he wanted his money. "I have the perfect name." Dmitri leaned over and whispered the name he wanted her to call him in the girl's ear.

"Cool," she smiled again as she pulled away and made her way out the door. "Oh and by the way, you're on in fifteen."

Dmitri looked at his watch and saw that it was nine forty-five. By ten-thirty, he was going to be a millionaire and on his way out of the country, never having to worry about anyone ever again.

Finally ten o'clock arrived and everyone was ready for the show to begin. One of the waitresses jumped on the stage and grabbed the microphone. "Ladies and gentlemen welcome to entertainment night here at Crazy Mike's. I would like everyone to put their hands together for tonight's talent The Great Pretender."

J.D, along with the rest of the crowd clapped as the blonde haired hypnotist came onto the stage. Currently he was at the bar buying another round for his friends and wanted to get back to his seat. He was in such a hurry that he didn't notice the other man wearing shades walking in his direction. The two men collided and J.D ended up spilling his beer all over the man.

"You idiot!" the fallen man yelled. As if his night couldn't get anyone worse some careless moron spilled beer all over him. "You stupid freaking idiot!"

"I'm so sorry," J.D quickly apologized as he grabbed from the bar and began wiping the man off. The angry man grabbed the napkin from J.D's hand and began wiping the liquid off himself. "I didn't see you coming at all."

"Of course you didn't because if you had, this wouldn't have happened."

"Look I said I was sorry-"

"Save it for somebody who cares," the man hissed, throwing his hand and the napkin in J.D face. He growled at the doctor one last time before walking away in the opposite direction.

J.D himself sighed as he went back to the bar and ordered another set of beers. It didn't take long for him to get them and soon he was back in his seat. He came back to find the hypnotist on stage but he had yet to do anything. Not seeing a performance was causing the crowd to become restless and J.D was worried that a riot would start.

Dmitri turned around to face the crowd and the nervousness caused his heart to beat profusely in his chest as he stood there alone on stage. The buyer that was supposed to meet him there was nowhere in the room and he was on stage to do some act that he didn't even know how to do. The idea of sprinting off stage popped into his mind but quickly dismissed them. If he didn't give the buyer what he wanted, he would be as good as dead. He knew the only way to get out of the situation would be to fake it the best he could.

Picking up the gold pocket watch, he looked out into the crowd again when he saw him. A few tables away, the sight of a semi-tall gentleman with very dark brown hair and blue ocean eyes. He was coming to a table surrounded by other people and had beers in his hands. The description of the man fit the profile of the buyer leaving Dmitri to assume that his buyer finally arrived.

'Showtime.' He thought as he grabbed the microphone and walked to the edge of the stage. It was time to get the show on the road. "Ladies and gentleman thank you so much for waiting but I am ready to begin."

"About time," Someone in the audience shouted, causing other people to snicker slightly.

Dmitri ignored the comment and kept his sights solely on J.D. "Now for my first act I'll need a volunteer, preferable male because they're so much easier to work with. Come on don't be shy."

J.D laughed and took a sip of his beer only to be nudged by Turk mid-way. "Dude, what the hell-"

"J.D you should go up there," Turk screeched, interrupting him. "It will be totally cool."

"Dude are you crazy; I'm not going up there. You know how embarrassing that would be?"

"Come on, when's the last time you did something spontaneous," Elliot smirked.

"Yeah Bambi, you should go up there," Carla replied, adding on more pressure.

J.D continued to shake his head his no when Turk tipped his beer over straight into J.D's lap. He jumped up to keep himself from getting wet and was pushed onto the stage by his evil friends. "You guys are dead," he hissed angrily at them from the front of the stage.

"I see we have a volunteer," Dmitri smiled, pushing J.D into the chair.

"No you don't because I don't want to do this."

"You're scared that's understandable but you don't have be afraid. Do not be afraid."

"I'm not scare I'm just-"

"Good now listen carefully to what I'm about to tell you," Dmitri knew he had to fool the audience into thinking he was real and he had seen enough television shows to know exactly what to say. "First tell me your name."

"It's J.D."

'Clever, using common initials,' Dmitri thought, walking around J.D until he was back in the front. "Thank-you J.D for being brave. So now for my trick." Pulling the watch out of his pocket he placed it in front of J.D's face. "If you will J.D I want you to focus all your strength and energy into the swinging of this pocket watch."

J.D moaned but decided to play along. He came out to have fun and he wasn't going to leave until he had it. "Alright."

"Now clear you mind and allow the logic of time and space to disappear. Focus on nothing but this watch," keeping his voice steady and soft. "See the watch swing back and forth through time outlining an imaginary pendulum that only you can see. Clearing your mind is all that matters right now, nothing else. All you need to do is focus."

J.D did exactly what the hypnotist said and let his mind fade away and focused on the watch. He didn't know why but he suddenly his mind cleared and everyone started to fade away. As it swung back and forth, his mind felt trapped. As if, he was in a trance or dream that he couldn't or didn't want to wake up from.

"By now your mind should be completely blank," Dmitri smirked, still swinging the watch back and forth. "Your mind is blank but you can still hear me, can you hear me?"

"Yes," answered J.D in a deep monotone voice.

"Please, call me master when you answer me."

"Anything you say master."

"Much better, now I'm going to ask you another question. Am I in control of your thought right now?"

"Yes master."

"Good answer. Now I want you to close your eyes and drop your head as if you were asleep."

A smile spread across Dmitri's face as J.D did as he was told. He thought his buyer was doing an excellent job playing along and knew he needed to step up his game if he wanted the crowd to believe he was the real thing. Ideas exploded into his mind as he bent down close to J.D's ear, still having no idea that J.D was not the man he was supposed to meet. "Right now I'm going to tell you something very important so I need you to listen. Are you going to listen to me?"

"Yes master, I will listen to you," J.D replied back in the same deep eerie monotone voice.

"Good but before I start I want you to…bark like a dog."

"Yes master," He command was spoken and J.D found himself unable to resist it. Before he knew, his voice changed, no longer deep and monotone but squeaky and high pitched as he followed the order that was given to him. "Ruff, ruff…ru-ru-ru-ruff. Grrrr-"

The crowds' laughter brought the real buyer out of the bathroom only to find his plan falling apart. Instead of him being on stage, it was the same dopey looking kid that knocked him down earlier now pretending that he was unconscious. The once simple arrangement was no more complex than he ever imagined. He was in danger of being caught and knew that he had to do something extreme to avoid it.

Meanwhile on stage, the fake hypnotist was still telling J.D to do different things that ranged from quaking like a duck or clucking like a chicken. "Enough!" Dmitri finally yelled, finished playing around. The more time he wasted the less time he had to get out of the country. "Now I will tell you the secrets that I hold dear to my heart," Closing the gap between him and J.D, he told the young doctor everything about the weapon, where it was, how to detonate it and how to stop it from going off. All in all J.D now knew the secrets that the man held dear to him.

Finally, after he was finished telling J.D everything he knew he stood back up and faced the crowd, all in awe at what he'd done. If he could, he would have given himself a pat on the back for his deceitful performance.

Smugly, he turned his attention back to the man sitting in the chair, still holding his head down with his eyes closed. "Can you still hear me J.D?"

"Yes master," J.D answered, "I can hear you."

"Did you hear everything I told you?"

"Yes master."

"Can you repeat it?"

"No master."

"And why not?"

"Because master," J.D replied deadpanned. "Only the person that loves me more than anything can know the secrets that you have told me."

"That is correct sir. That concludes my time with this volunteer so when I clap my hands I want you to wake up. When you wake up you will remember nothing from the last five minutes except for my secret, which you can only tell to the person that loves you. Understand."

"I understand master."

Dmitri clapped his hands and J.D's eyes opened and his head shot up. The calm serene world that he was in suddenly faded from existence and once again, he found himself back at the bar. No time seemed to have passed and he had no remembrance of what happened while he was on stage. In fact, J.D didn't seem to remember going on stage but he looked out to see his friends sitting at their table laughing their asses off at him and he didn't know why.

"What…happened?" J.D whispered, standing up out of the chair and looking out into the crowd.

Dmitri grabbed J.D's arm and pulled the doctor closer to him. "There's no need to play along anymore, I told you everything you needed to know," he whispered.

"Told me everything…wait…what are you talking about?"

"You know everything now so happily wire me my money so I never have to see your face again," Dmitri hissed, clenching through his teeth.

A look of complexity overtook J.D's face as he gazed at the strange man. He had no clue to what was going on and he didn't want to find out. He just wanted to go home and get out of the bar as quickly as his two feet could take him. "Sir I wish I could help you out but I really don't know what you're talking about," J.D gulped, taking one-step away from the man and closer to the edge.

Dmitri stared at J.D's face and immediately knew that he made a mistake. That the man he called on stage was not his buyer but in fact, someone who wasn't supposed to know about what he'd done. "You mean you're not him."

'Who's him?"

"Him is the man that's going to kill me when he-" Dmitri began to say when suddenly, a loud bagging noise rang throughout the bar.

J.D watched as Dmitri fell to his knees at the same time someone in the audience let out a blood-curdling scream. J.D looked back down at the hypnotist to see blood seeping through his shirt. Dmitri finished falling to the floor and J.D realized that the man had been shot. "Oh my God." J.D whispered. His doctor skills took over as he quickly fell to the ground to see if the man was still alive.

The sound of the gun going off was something he hadn't expected and mentally kicked himself for not putting the silencer on. No matter, Dmitri was dead and so would the kid from the stage as he prepared to take another shot. To bad he never got the chance. Once people realized that someone had been shot everyone began running out the building, causing to much chaos to do anything properly. Never mind the fact he didn't want to take the risk of hurting anybody not involved; one person dead was already enough. No, he decided he would take care of the mystery guy on his own time at his own pace, or at least get someone to do it for him.

He walked outside with the rest of the crowd and pulled out his cell phone. He had a favor to call in.

"He's dead," J.D whispered somberly while the people continued to run out of the building screaming. By this time Elliot, Carla, and Turk joined him on stage to see if they could revive the man but it was no use. The bullet ripped through the man's heart, killing him instantly. Even if they were at the hospital, with all the equipment needed, they still wouldn't have saved him.

The sound of someone banging at his door jarred Perry out of his thoughts as he came out of his room. It was close to midnight, he'd just gotten home from his shift, and all he wanted to do was drink and watch whatever game was on TV his TIVO recorded. He was in the middle of changing his clothes when the banging began and hand no choice but to answer.

He was surprised at who he saw. Standing at his door was a medium height, blonde hair woman that he hadn't seen in almost fourteen years. Someone he thought he never see again was standing there with a very serious look on her face.

"Hello Percival, long time no see." she smirked as she pushed past him and walked inside without being asked. She wasn't one to ask for anything, especially permission.

There were so many things he could have said in that moment but only two words came to mind. "Oh shit," Perry grumbled, rolling his eyes and slamming the door closed.

Now I bet you didn't see any of that coming. Well I hoped you didn't but if you did I really got to work on being more mysterious. Oh well, something for next time. Until next time, Keep chillin.