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Chapter Eleven

"Turk for the last time they didn't keep me in a bubble nor did they give me chemical showers," J.D hissed as he and his best friend rounded the corner inside the hospital. Three days passed since his return and Turk was filled with questions, some he asked multiple times a day. That included the one about the bubble. "I would tell you if they kept me in a bubble."

"How do I know? You were gone for three days, three whole days J.D and now that you're back you won't tell me anything."

"There's nothing to tell," J.D shrugged as he flipped through the chart in his hand. "I was at the hospital, kept in an airtight sealed room. People who worked for the CDC came in those white hazmat suits and drew blood to test. There were series of other test and happily everything turned out to be negative."

Turk shook his head, determined to keep the conversation going. "If that was the case then why haven't I heard anything about this mysterious disease on the news."

"Probably because they don't really now what it is yet and they don't want people to panic."

"Still, it seems kinda weird."

J.D scoffed at his friend. "Would you rather me be sick from the disease instead being here at the hospital."

"Now you know I wouldn't want that," Turk sighed. "I just find it weird."


"But I believe you," he quickly finished. "And if you say that you spent three days in that hospital then you spent three days in that hospital."

"Thank-you. I'm just glad to be back here with you guys and Sam who I have for a few days," smiled J.D. The smile quickly faded when he saw Dr. Cox coming down the hall in the opposite direction before walking into a room. "Hey Turk I gotta talk to Dr. Cox for a moment so-"

He didn't wait for J.D to finish, instead he throw up his hand, waved it and smiled. "Okay dude, see ya later."

J.D waited until Turk was out of sight before making his way to the same room Dr. Cox was. "Um Dr. Cox."

Perry looked up from the chart he was looking at to see J.D standing at the door. He stared for just a moment before diverting his attention back to his patient who was sitting up in the bed. "Well Mr. Pearson it seems that all your test so far appear to be normal but since you've been complaining of chest pains we'd like to keep you here overnight just to make sure everything's fine."

"That's fine with me," the man responded with smile.

Perry nodded and closed the chart, making his way to the door where J.D stood. "Shelia."

"So we're back to the girls' names. Glad to see some things never change," J.D chuckled nervously. "How's your arm?"

Perry glanced at his arm and shrugged. The wound was healing nicely and didn't cause him much pain. If it weren't for the bandage over it, he wouldn't even know it was there. "Fine Newbie."

"That's good."

"Do you want something?"

"No, I guess I don't," he replied sadly and turned to leave when he felt a strong hold on his arm pulling him in another direction. "Dr. Cox."

Perry didn't reply, instead he continued to drag J.D until they came to an empty supply closet. He pushed J.D inside before walking in himself and locking the door behind them.

"Okay Dr. Cox you're scaring me."

"We need to talk."

"About what?"

"About what happened at the safe house?" Perry stated

"Look Dr. Cox sometimes when people are in such close proximity with each other certain feeling can build up and they do things they regret. Not that I regret what happened because I don't but it's okay if you do. I'm not mad."

Perry listened to J.D continue to ramble and quickly grew tired of it so he did the best thing he could to shut him up. He kissed him, hard.

The kiss came unexpected to J.D and a thousand thoughts raced through his mind, some not even involving what was currently going on. It took a while but J.D for J.D's mind to register what was happening before finally embracing the kiss.

"Jordan moved out two days ago," Perry replied when he pulled away.


"I told her that we just weren't connecting anymore and she agreed. She decided it that it would be best if she got her place and we shared custody of the kids."

"This isn't because of what we did is it because I'm sure-"

Perry rolled his eyes tired of J.D's questions. "Newbie I'm trying to tell you that Jordan and I are no longer together because it's what we want and you're on a guilt trip. Can you explain to me why that is?"

"It's just, you haven't spoken to me since we got back and it made me think that you regretted being with me," J.D stuttered awhile keeping a happy smile.

"It's taken me this long because I had to find the right way to let you know."

"Still, I never thought this would happen."

"And now?" asked Perry.

"I want this but only if you want this."

"And if I say I do."

"Then I guess I'm all in."

Perry let out a painful sigh as he moved his gaze from J.D and down to the ground. "But I have to warn you J.D I'm not the best at expressing myself so there may be times when I'm harsh and a complete asshole."

He didn't care. J.D grinned uncontrollably as he wrapped his arms around Perry's neck and rested their foreheads together. "You've been harsh and an asshole to me for six years now, I think I'm immune to it."

"J.D I'm serious," Perry sighed heavily. "I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't because I trust you."

"I don't know if you should."

"Well I do," replied J.D. "And no matter what happens that's never going to happen because I love you."


"And don't worry about saying it back," J.D stated quickly when he saw the worried expression Perry's face. He couldn't believe he was about to ruin the relationship before it even had a chance to start. "You don' have to say if you don't want to now or ever. I'm a guy, we're both guys and we don't need that type of emotional outlet, do we."

"No we don't but who knows."

"Yeah who knows?"

Perry smirked slightly as he pressed his lips against J.D's once more. He never thought he would ever be brave enough to tell J.D how he really felt but he there he was, with the younger doctor locked in a supply closet. It was the best he felt in a long time since he could remember. "J.D."

"Yeah Perry."

"I love you too."

Suddenly J.D's entire face went blank as he stared straight forward into an empty space. It made Perry worry. "J.D."

"To detonate key 319-529-622-906-119."

Perry immediately knew what was happening. He'd told J.D he loved him, unlocking the secret codes that Dmitri gave him during the hypnosis. J.D was finally able to remember. Pulling out his cell phone, he typed the numbers that J.D spoke.

"J.D what if I want to stop the bomb how I do it," asked Perry, desperately waiting to hear the rest.

"To deactivate key 502-619-825-104-624." J.D replied again in the same monotone voice as Perry typed the numbers into the phone.

And as quickly as it happened J.D's eyes came back into focus and he looked at Perry confused. "What happened?" he asked.

"You don't remember."

"Not really. One minute you're calling my name and after that it's a blank."

"You just told me the activation and deactivation codes for the bomb."

J.D gave Perry another confused look. "I did."

"Yeah, ya did."

"But I thought I would only remember those if-" Suddenly it dawned on J.D on what happened, what he couldn't remember and he had to say he was shocked. "You said you loved me didn't you."

'That I did."

"But I told you didn't have to say it back."

"I know what you said but I wanted to say it. It's how I feel and I needed to say it," shrugged Perry as if it didn't matter what he did but deep inside hoping that J.D be happy.

"So you do, love me that is."

"That's what I said didn't I. Just don't expect me to say it again for a long time."

J.D gave Perry a wide grin. "Are you kidding me? Even if you say once in a blue moon it will still be enough for me."

"Good, cause that's all you're gonna get."

"Well, I can think of something else I want right now anyways."

Perry smirked at J.D's suggestive tone and grabbed him by the waist, yanking him forward. "Is this what you had in mind?"

"Something along these lines yes," J.D smirked back as his arms snaked around the back of Perry's neck. "But only if you have the time."




"Only if you kiss me."

And with the biggest smile, one he hadn't had in a long time and in the dark, empty, and locked supply closet Perry did just that. He kissed J.D with no reservations or regrets but with complete and total happiness.

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