Challenge WOW: Safe

Summary: Tag to 5.22. Dean promised…

Word Count: 100

Promises, Promises

Darkness, despair, pain, anguish. Help me, help me, help… No more, please. For the love of God, no more.

Footsteps. Oh god…god no. NO! Don't hurt me, please! I was huddled in this dark corner, in agony. Left to wait for more.

Hands. I fight. Have to fight, can't give in. He wouldn't want me to.

"DON'T! DON'T, PLEASE!" Pain pulsating through every fiber of me. I have to fight.

"Sammy, Sammy, stop!" No, no, no, no… "Sammy, it's me!" I look up; the tears come. "Shh…you're safe now."

"D-Dean…" I sobbed. I fall into his chest…so weak… "You promised."


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