If there was anything someone needed to know about headaches, Stuart Pot (A.K.A. 2D) was your go-to guy. But, if someone were to ask if he was used to his headaches he would stare at them with a sad smile and tell them that's surely impossible.

Murdoc, having ever had to deal with one of 2D's headaches, had no idea what to do if he had one; Russell or Noodle had always done that, but they weren't at Plastic Beach. It was the Dullard, Murdoc and the Cyborg. So when they were in the process of recording and 2D suddenly stopped what he was doing, Murdoc only knew to do one thing.

"Oi, Faceache! The fuck are you stoppin' for?" The bassist yelled, "We were doing good 'till now!" He turned, fist raised and ready to punch the bloody idiot when he froze. 2D was hunched over the keys, his legs pulled tightly to his chest and his eyes squeezed closed. His hands were balled into fists around his ears.

"Dullard... Faceache!" a flinch, "... 2D?" 2D shakily looked up at Murdoc. His fractured eyes were watering heavily and his breaths were coming in sharp gasps. He was shivering rather violently. His jaw was clenched and his teeth pushed together hard and he wouldn't answer the older man.

"... Issit a headache? Shit... I dunno how to fix that... Wait, stay here. I'll go get yer pills." Murdoc strode out of the studio and into the lift, the image of 2D bent over the keyboard imprited on his brain. When he got to 2D's room he sighed in relief when he saw the pills on the nightstand right in front of him. He grabbed them wasting no time getting back in the lift and back up to the studio. He froze once again when he got to the door. 2D was now lying in a fetal position on the floor, his long fingers entangled in blue locks. His chest heaved with every shuddering breath. Murdoc popped the cap of the pills and carefully sat 2D up. He sat with his head between his legs now.

"'D, I got your pills. I dunno how many you take-"

"The lights..."

"... What?"

"They're too bright, Muds." 2D croaked out. Murdoc set the pills down next to his singer and dimmed the lights right down. He turned the equipment off as 2D uncurled himself slowly. There would be no more recording today.

"'Fanks, Muds." 2D whispered as he picked up the container and tipped an unknown amount into his hand. He swallowed them all dry and took a deep breath, "You can leave me 'ere now. I'll be right in a few." Murdoc scoffed.

"Right. I've seen what they do to you, kid. I gotta get you to your room, or you'll just pass out there." Already 2D was beginning to sag and his eyes were half-lidded. Murdoc sighed, this reminded him of when Stuart was comatosed and Murdoc had to look after him. Sure, he'd abused the kid but not all the time. Sometimes he actually looked after him. He hooked his arms under 2D's and hoisted him up over his shoulder. He was lighter than he should've been.

"Note to self, bigger portions." Murdoc murmured. Murdoc managed to get the singer to his underwater room and dumped him on his bed. He was about to leave when he noticed the bright blue sea outside and the whale swimming about in the distance. He leaned over and ripped the curtains closed before leaning down by 2D's ear.

"You mention this to anyone, and you're dead, mate." Murdoc whispered dangerously before straightening up, smiling and ruffling 2D's hair, "God, I must be slippin' in my fuckin' age."