Time, Virgil leaned to try and enjoy every second in life since his mother's abrupt and brutal end. He had learned to have a lot of fun and to laugh when it was needed. One of the biggest things he had learned was to try and not hold grudges against others and to love as much as he could, life was way to short to do other wise. Richie had picked up this attitude in the years that he had known the Hawkins family. When Adam met them, he, at first, didn't get it. It took the rubber superhero almost a month to fully understand, and almost a year to begin to live by that attitude. Three months later, he and his brother finally reconciled their differences. For the most part.

Francis, he was different in that aspect. At least at first. The brute had noticed that Virgil had never really been the vengeful type, to which he was thankful for. But it wasn't until seven months into their dating relationship that Francis actually took notice on how Virgil and his family lived. How they seemed to be content with what life had given them. Francis, who had never grown in this type of environment, was at a slight loss. The pyro teen was a very selfish, greedy person, he knew this, understood it and accepted it. He never learned empathy or how to share. Since dating Virgil however, he had began to learn. His nasty temper was easily cooled by the mere thought of the raven haired hero, a gentle touch, a chaste kiss or a simple look had Francis almost agreeable.

One day, Francis couldn't keep his thoughts to himself. Not when Virgil was snuggled against him while they watched a movie in the living room. They had the house to themselves, which was why Francis just blurted a burning question that had been plaguing him for about a month.

"How can you?" Francis said looking at his lover. Virgil looked up at him with a questioning look.

"How can I what Frank?" Virgil asked. Virgil was the only one aloud to use Francis's name, or the variations that went with it.

"How can you be so happy with how the world is? After what you see and experience everyday being a hero? After your mom...?" Francis said, trailing off, his thick right arm tightening around Virgil's waist protectively, hand gently gripping his hip. Virgil was looking at him with a blank look. Then his dark head tilted down to look at the floor. He bit his lip in the way that made him even more adorable. Finally, he let out a sigh that seemed to rattle his slender chest.

"Its because of my moms death that I have this attitude. She taught me and my family to enjoy what little time we have on this earth. Treat it like you could die in the next moment. I know that what I said is probably very cliche and cheesy, but its true." Virgil replied, snuggling closer to the overly heated body. " And, its the only way I can really remember the good she taught me."

Francis tightened his arm around Virgil's slender body even more, understanding flowing into his thick skull.

" Your mother would want you to live, right?" Francis asked, almost shy, almost nervous.

" Yeah, thats exactly it Frank. Time is to precious for anything else," Virgil said with a warm smile. It was about two years later on their wedding day that Francis fully grasped what it meant about time being short and how precious it was. After all, he would be spending the rest of his in a soothed martial bliss, like his own parents did before they left, like Virgil's parents before Jean's death. They smiled at each other when their eyes met, joy filling both their hearts.