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Rikkai was renowned for its strict training sessions and the tension of the team seems to increase while they go away for over night training.

"Make full use of their facilities, "Sanada instructs. His deep voice startles everyone and they do as he says. But lately there seems to be a new kind of tension amongst the regulars. It used to stay within the doubles pairs, but somehow it has reached two of the team's most treasured singles players.

It was the sexual tension.

Before the team departed, after practice ended Sanada pulled his demi-god captain aside, demanding that they speak.

Everyone in the tennis team realizes their feelings for each other, and are aware that they are dating, but insist to keep it quiet or else they'll be at the receiving end of Sanada's deadly backhand and you're basically dead when Yukimura wants you to be.

So keeping quiet was always the best choice if you wanted to live.

With the couple, they have barely gone anywhere past kissing. Mostly because Sanada didn't want to proceed too quickly due to his captain's health and innocence.

I know; what kind of drugs could Sanada be taking if he thinks Yukimura is innocent.

"So what is it you wanted to speak to me about Gen-chan?" the captain asked, using the vice-captain's pet name since they were alone. But if they were being watched, their pursuers would gain a valuable piece of blackmail.

His heavenly voice cut across the silence of the room and made Sanada stiffen at the sound of the name, only Yukimura could call.

Clearing his throat, he began, "It's about the training camp we'll be going to tonight."

A curious brow rose from Yukimura's face, "Ah? What is it?"

Taking a final glance around the room for confirmation that they were alone (or not being watched), he cleared his throat and said, "I think that it would be wise for us to share our rooms with someone other than each other."

Yukimura was not expecting his lover to say something like this, but kept his cool regardless and responded, "Now what would make you say something like this?" He was answered with a silence then crossed his arms, his confidence faltering, "Was it something I did?"

The helplessness Yukimura was giving off caused nerves to fly all over Sanada's body. These nerves were similar to the ones that would set fire when Yukimura would pass out after over-exerting himself, but the difference was that with Yukimura sounding so vulnerable, Sanada just wanted to sweep his captain off his feet and reassure that everything was alright, but he didn't.

"I think that it would be in both our interests that we keep our relationship a secret from out team mates in order for the team to perform at their best and…" Sanada trailed off.

Sensing the uneasiness, Yukimura reached out for Sanada. When his hand came in contact with the vice captain's tensed shoulder, it was as if Sanada's body sprung to life with the mere contact. Yukimura's smaller body was pulled against the firm chest of his lover and strong, protecting arms trailed around his waist.

"…and I don't know how much longer I can hold back from you."

Yukimura's eyes widened by a fraction, barely noticeable, but noticeable enough to turn Sanada's face a ripe shade of red. The action was seemingly contagious, for a mere moment later; Yukimura lowered his eyes in embarrassment. Sanada was being so romantic; he couldn't help it if he were falling in love all over again.

Kissing the top of his shorter captain's head, he whispered sweet nonsense with that sensual, baritone voice of his only for the two of them to hear. Sanada inhaled Yaukimura's sweet scent, savouring the moment of silence they rarely shared. But with a team like Rikkai, what can you expect?

The moment was shattered when the sudden beeping of Yukimura's phone rang through the room. An irritable sigh escaped Sanada's lips while Yukimura inched away from him to retrieve the beeping device. Sanada glared at it lying innocently on the bench. If it wasn't Yukimura's phone then it would have gotten the backhand ages ago.

"It's a text from Niou-kun. He wants to know if we're done out meeting so we can start practice."

Sighing again, Sanada nodded and adjusted his cap, lowering it over his eyes, but before he even realized, Yukimura was pressed up against him and planted a lingering kiss upon his lips.

When they pulled away, Yukimua smiled sheepishly, "I love you Genichirou, but maybe a different roommate would be for the best." Sanada nodded in affirmation and lowered himself for another kiss, but was stopped mid-way when consecutive bangs were heard from the closed club-room door.

One of Yukimua's apologetic smiles graced his features as he slipped out of Sanada's grasp, "We're needed."

He never thought that taking after Seigaku's captain would ever be a good thing. Niou would be getting the slap and a hundred laps.

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