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When Yukimura opened his eyes, he was welcomed by the burning sunlight in his face. Instinctively, he rolled over and gave the other side of the bed a pat down, searching for his partner. Suddenly, through his morning grogginess, he realized that Sanada was sharing a room with Renji and he was with the team demon.

Slowly, he stood up and looked at the clock. He groaned loudly at how late it was. Through the open window he could already hear the sound of tennis balls ricocheting against rackets and the Sanada's voice barking orders.

Oh…Sanada's voice…

Even when he was telling Niou to put his pants on and take the practice seriously, how was his voice so wonderfully rugged?

The sound of his lover's voice was enough to get him out of bed.

Outside, Sanada massaged his temples out of irritation. It was barely noon and Niou decided to be even more a headache than he already was.

But overall the practice was going smoothly. Yagyuu finally got his partner on a leash and Jakal and Marui went to refill their water bottles. The only downsides are that Akaya hasn't been able to leave Yanagi's side all morning and Yukimura—

Walked out the door, serene expression in place, jacket draped over his shoulders and just looking so perfect.

Like the gravitational pull of the world, Sanada was drawn toward his lover. One night without him was too long. He had no idea what he would ever do if he didn't have his captain by his side to love. Before he knew what he was doing, even when Yukimura asked if he was ill, their lips were clasped together and whether the others noticed or not, Sanada's hands reached around Yukimua's small frame and squeezed his bottom possessively.

Almost by instinct, cat calls and whistles rose from the courts surrounding them and the occasional, "Get a room!" was what Sanada intended on if Yukimura was going to melt in his arms so easily.

"I'm sorry Seichi…even when I said we'd keep it a secret—"

Somehow, Sanada's low voice made it's way to the team trickster's ears, "Secret? Everyone kind off knew already. We were worried it'd end up like at that rich kid school where everyone but the couple themselves know…"

Giving Sanada a reassuring peck on the lips, Yukimura proceeded to plan Niou's death.

And as Akaya would call it, that morning was so full of epic fail.

Even if I don't show it, I think Akaya is awesome with a dying passion. Even if he's one of the scariest players in the series, his moments of adorableness are too much for me. He seems like the kind of person who'd say 'epic fail' a lot too. I think we'd be great friends.

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