You Belong to Me (Akito Sohma story)-Chapter 3

AN- HEY! Here's Chapter 3! Hope you enjoy it. The flashbacks of both Sukina and Akito were a little hard to come up with, so please be nice and don't flame me. However, I think you might like them. It'll explain a bit about Akito and Sukina's childhood friendship and what happened to make him want her so much as his own. As well as explain why Sukina takes what pains Akito hands out to her without much defiance. Also, this story is mostly dedicated to my friend XxXxXVampireLuverXxXxX on Quizilla. She or He has been a wonderful dedicator of my Akito Sohma story and hasn't flamed. But if anyone has any suggestions on what I should do next for the other Sohma members then please email me! I'd love to hear what you'd like to suggest happens. Until later Fans!




Character's Thoughts

Chapter 3-

"That's dear little Suki...we'll have to get married. However, as it goes for us...there is no divorce. Our marriage will everlasting one."

Those very words Akito just finished saying only moments ago continued to run over and over throughout her mind. Sukina couldn't hardly move from her spot lying on the floor on her back. The pain in her face and ribs hardly mattered to her anymore the moment Akito finished saying that sentence. Saying the very sentence that she feared he wouldn't say outloud. But did.

Her body was shaking. Her eyes leaked out the tears that she was afraid to shed infront of him a moment ago when he was filled with such rage that it nearly shook her very core with unyielding fear. Her breathes came in and out unevenly. The sound of soft footsteps could be heard throughout the entire room and seemed to be coming closer towards her direction. She immediately knew that Akito was coming towards her and that she should get up and leave before he could do any more damage to her, but she didn't. She just continued to lay there and wait to see whatever it was that he was going to do.

As Sukina laid patiently on her back for her deserved punishment, she couldn't but think back on their childhood and remember how sweet and innocent it seemed to her, but was somehow incomplete. Not as sweet nor innocent as others, but not entirely as dark and painful as it appeared to be either. It was just...the perfect middle.


Author's Note!- I'm sorry everyone, but this story is going to be put on HAITUS for awhile. I'll come back and put in a few more chapters soon.