Truth or Dare Yu-Gi-Oh intro

DM77: *walks in whistling and stops* Hi and welcome to Truth or Dare Yu-Gi-Oh a place where you can ask any of the Yu-Gi-Oh characters from the orginal series a question or dare them to do anything the GX crew will come in time as for 5D's maybe not. Now let's welcome for now Yugi, Yami, Joey, Tea, Triston, Seto, Mokuba, Mai and Pegasus. The others will be here later on.

Yugi: This place seems nice.

Sonic: *Runs in* Escape while you...(is catapulted out of the fic)

DM77: Stay out Sonic!

Joey: Hey you can push him around

DM77: Yes I can and unless you want to go thourgh the intro chapter unharmed you stay on my good side unless your going in the fan pit *points to a large pit full of fans*

All the Yu-Gi-Oh characters: *back away from the pit and nod*

DM77: Good now please ask your questions or ask your dares in your review.