Joey: (Is lying on the floor by Kaiba's feet who's sitting on a chair)

Seto: Now Wheeler be a good dog and fetch the paper.

Joey: (Sulks and whines like a dog and goes to get the paper)

DM77: (Appears) Hello guys (See's Joey walk by) Don't worry Joey just four more chapters. Everyone ready for the next reviews.

Triston: Let's get these over with.

Joey: Yeah the faster we get through the remaining number of chapters the faster I'm out of this dog suit.

DM77: Okay this first dare is from SkaleFlapper15

One word: Puzzleshipping.

Yami: Puzzleshipping?

DM77: Yeah it's a you and Yami pairing.

Yugi: Your creazy if you think we'll do that!

DM77: Who said you had a choice (opens a cage)

Puzzleshipping Fangirls: (Run out and drag Yami and Yugi into the closet and close the door)

Tea: Err...

Dm77: Don't worry they'll be fine. I think.

Seto: I'll read the next one (Gets the review) This is from seira-g

I dare Pegasus to dress up like a princess and sing a song.

Pegasus: What?

DM77: Do it Pegasus don't make me force you

Pegasus: (goes and gets a princess dress on) Now I'm going to sing enjoy (Begins to sing)

Everyone: (Snickers)

Yami and Yugi: (Run out the closet)

DM77: You guys are just in time for the last review, Serenity please read

Serenity: (Gets the last review) It's from Mizu Kouken

Lol I loved it! Ok lets see oh-

Pegasus-I dare you to cut your hair into a bob and dye it pink.

Yugi-I dare you to kiss Tea on the lips when she appears.

Seto- I dare you to be Yami's slave for the next five chapters.

Yami-We're all dying to know but did you ever have a sweetheart in your past life and if you did what was your favorite thing about her?

Pegasus: But my...(points to the eye the Millieneum Eye used to be)

DM77: Don't worry it's in there so go do it!

Pegasus: (Sighs and gets his hair cut and dyed)

Everyone: (laughs)

DM77: Okay Yugi kiss Tea

Yugi: (Blushes) Err...

Tea: (Blushes)

DM77: Do it or I'm unleashing the YugixTea fans on you. (points to cage being lifted from the pit)

Yugi: (Nods and kisses Tea)

Tea: (Blushes and returns the kiss)

Seto: What Yami Yugi's slave?

Joey: Haha now see what it's like to be the dog!

Seto: Shut it Wheeler I'm still your master

DM77: For three chaps

Seto: What?

DM77: Well it will be after Yami answers his question

Yami: Well and Mana would meet up in secret.

DM77: Really what made you attracted to her?

Yami: (Blushes) She was a good friend of mine and she was beautiful

DM77: So it was her looks okay that's all for now see you.