Rather a Snake then a Lion (Harry Potter HP/SS): Working on a spell with his new friend Draco something happens that sends Harry back in time to his parents seventh year, the 18 yr old wizard learns some things that pull him closer to a man who in his time hates him with a passion

This Story is Betaed by DevilChild13, thank you my friend.

Chapter One: New Order

Harry Potter never believed the day would come he and Draco Malfoy would be friends, but it happened a year after the end of the war they were hanging out on the back step of Malfoy Manor talking about a new potion Draco had invented and was nervous about testing. It seemed the blond had no clue whether it would work and he did not want his friend to risk his life for no reason. The potion was a simple potion to change a person's appearance. Lucius and Narcissa watched as the teen that had found a peaceful way to end the war practically egged Draco.

Getting on his knees in front of his friend Harry held up his arms and exclaimed, "Oh please greatest of all potion masters allow me to sample just one of your potions," Draco stared at him for a long moment before breaking into laughter, "Come on what's the worst that can happen? You said yourself the herbs are used in everyday use all the time."

"Fine oh Hero," Draco said which got him slapped in the leg, helping Harry up he said, "If you die I'm blaming it on your own stupidity!" walking past Severus Snape as he dragged Harry with him he continued to talk, "I mean do you know how bad that will make my family look, you die in he house of the Dark Nobles."

"Noble my ass," Harry said as he was dragged around the Manor, they passed a room filled with reporters and decided to tug Draco back so they could see the Wizards King give a speech, "See he acts like royalty you act like a prick half the time."

A reporter heard Harry's voice and turned to say, "Lord Potter why are you visiting with the Lord Malfoy's?" asked the reporter causing the others to turn and look at him.

"Oh you know got kidnapped and am off to my death well bye!" Harry called cheerfully before turning on heel and started the other way but Draco's call of, 'Harry!' had him turning around to see the reporters were questioning Draco and Tom on why they decided to break the contract, "Merlin," walking into the room he walked up to tom and said, "Who knew they had no sense of humor."

"Fix this," Tom hissed out in frustration, he was finally getting people to look at things his way he did not need Harry destroying everything.

"Alright," Harry said before shouting at he reporters, "Pay attention!" when they focused on him he rolled his eyes, "I am actually here visiting a friend, Draco the Malfoy heir over there is my friend, Trust me I would not be walking around happily in the house of people who want me dead. I was joking you guys really need to pull the sticks out of your asses and learn to take a joke!"

Tom blinked down at Harry before chuckling, "Did you read the prophet this morning?"

"Oh yes apparently you and I have a thing with Lucius and that is why I've been seen coming and going from here, so tell m am I any good in bed?" Harry asked as if they were talking about tea.

"According to the papers and tabloids you are," Tom chuckled back, "Let's see who they pair you with tomorrow, my bets on Snape."

"Lord Snape, remember you made him a Lord as well," Harry said wagging a finger at the King, "Well you have fun ruling the world I've a possibly volatile potion to drink," swerving between the stunned reporters he grabbed Draco's hand and they left the room laughing.

Once up in Draco's laboratory Harry sat down in his favorite seat which was a worn out chair he stole from the Slytherin dorms in Hogwarts, he left it in Draco's lab because he was always up in the room with the blond talking about the news and the fact they were both pathetically single. As Draco went to get the potion he gazed around the room and chucked as he saw a photo of the crowning ceremony, one year today they had been crowned royalty. Tom the King, and seven Lord's of Dark and seven Lord's of Light, a compromise, Tom was king but any major changes he wanted to make to the Wizarding community had to be approved by ten of the Lords.

Finding the Potion Draco offered it too Harry, with a warning, "I'm not sure what effect this will have on you," getting a shrug he bit his lip as he watched Harry down the potion and make a face of disgust "How's it taste?"

"Like shit," Harry said shaking his head before cold water like sensation slide over his body and his eyes snapped open, he still had his killing green eyes but his eyes had a silver ring around his pupil, his skin paled out a few shades and his hair grew to his waist, "What happened?" his voice was slightly lighter now, breezy.

"You look like a girl!" Draco laughed out before taking Harry's glasses off, "Here I have another one for you to drink, should fix your eyesight," handing over another vial he watched him drink it and asked, "Well?"

Blinking Harry smiled and bowed at the blond, "I can see perfectly," summoning a mirror he checked out his appearance, "Oh we should totally mess with Tom."

"Don't you have dark arts training with him today?" Draco asked a smile crossing his face, Harry had to learn the Dark Arts as he was the delegate between the Light Lord's and Dark Lord's he had to know both sets of magic, getting a nod he watched as Harry summoned a band to catch his hair back in a tail, "Now you really look like a girl, here cover your scar," pulling some dark strands down he let them fall over his friends left cheek covering the scar on his forehead, "Wow."

"I need a name," Harry said as he gazed at his appearance, "What should we call me?"

"Alexander Damon," Draco said with a grin, "Alex for short! My friend from the Carpathian mountains!" getting a nod he chuckled and grabbed Harry's hand, "To your lesson!"