Chapter Twenty-Two: Happily Ever After

The Manor was crawling with people waiting to see if Severus managed to fix everything or not, so when Harry came walking back in his hair grown out again and the glamour on his eyes dropped Merisel squealed and hugged him. Tom, Thomas, Lucius, and Draco all smiled as they saw a smile on Harry's face.

"So do I have to kill Severus or not?" Merisel asked carefully getting a shake of the head she squealed again and hugged him even closer, "So where is he?"

"I don't know he said to go home and he'd meet me here later," Harry gasped out as she let go of him, smiling he glanced at Draco and the Malfoy heir did something out of character for his family but something he did with Harry all the time, he jumped knocking Harry flat and kissed his forehead, "Dray!"

"Well come on I've got more potions to try out on you!" Draco said happily dragging the other away from the group, everyone knew he really just wanted gossip. Looking as they ran on the adults chuckled and then Lucius's jaw dropped as Severus came through the door.

"Oh Merlin how the hell did you do that?" Tom asked in shock which made Lucius blink rapidly, their friend looked like his old self, his hair was soft looking again and he wore better clothes, "What did you do?"

"I feel better, so I wanted to look better," Severus said before reaching out into the hallway and pulling Remus into the room, "Seriously Lupin stop cowering in a corner this is a good surprise I promise."

"Yeah last time I heard that you attempted leaving me on a stranded island," Remus said eyes narrowed before he saw a flash of someone who made his heart skip a beat, "Alex!"

Harry who had run down to get something saw Remus and spun at the sound of his old name and tilted his head, "Hey Moony," turning he started to leave again but saw Severus and whisteled, "Damn-"

"No time to gawk lover boy," Draco called dragging the other teenager off, even though Harry just dragged him back as he wanted to look at Severus.

The adults turned to look at Remus who simply blinked before his eyes rolled back and he fainted. When he came to he saw Severus and Lucius both looking at him and he blinked at them before bolting up and looking around, "Holy Merlin is Alex haunting this place?"

"Kinda hard to haunt a place when I'm alive," Harry said chuckling getting glanced at he saw Remus go to faint again and simply waved his hand drenching him, so he was to soaked to faint, "Look now Moony pay very close attention, who do I look like?"

"Alex," Remus said before getting Draco to break into laughter, "Oh Merlin is that the Draco you always talked about?"

"Aw, you spoke about me how sweet," Draco cooed which made Lucius swat him.

"He is also how you got your name you prat, so be nice," Lucius said rolling his eyes before glancing at Remus, "He has another name, think about it carefully who he looks like, smells like even."

Sniffing the air Remuss eyes got large, "Harry!"

"The one and only," Harry said before turning to Lucius, "So what ever happened to the friendships I started?"

"After you died the first time Severus retreated and became the grump he has been since, I followed the path my father had laid out for me and Sev came with me to keep close to someone, well your father, Black and Remus all went to the light as they were before you showed up and then we found each other on the opposite side of the other and the friendships sort of fell apart," Lucius answered shrugging, "All though we were all invited to your parent's wedding, was really funny the three Marauders went all protective over me, sev and Narcissa who I was engaged to at the time when the aurors tried arresting us."

"Yeah well we missed you guys," Remus said shrugging, "And for a day it was almost like back in seventh year and James was so happy because Lily was talking about wanting children and he knew that he would be having a powerful little boy with whom he had seen already," shifting from foot to foot, "He would not tell us why he knew his son would be so powerful but just muttered Alex a few times…it never clicked in my head."

"Geez I can't leave you guys alone for twenty years ever again bad things happen when I'm not around," Harry teased and yelped when Severus pulled him close, snuggling closer his eyes fell shut, "Hmm…"

"Okay now I'm having conflicting feelings," Remus chuckled, gettng gazed at he tilted his head, "What? I'm allowed to you know, after all that is my cub he's snuggling with even if they are long lost lovers…why were you a Slytherin?"

"I'd rather be a snake then a lion at times Moony…So what ever happened between you and Fenrir twenty years ago?" Harry asked innocently, that broke Remus's smile into a feral growl and Harry had to hightail it out of the room as the werewolf screamed.

"I'm going to kill you!" and so began a chase around the manor, Severus sighed as he watched his love dodge the enraged werewolf while Draco and Tom sat down not bothering to help. Merisel tried to calm Remus while Thomas laughed at his 'grandson's' plight. Everything was alright with the world, he had his lion back from the dead and did not plan to let him leave anytime soon.

The end! (thinking of writing a one shot about Remus and Fenrir a twist off from this story, tell me what you think.)