I have been reading every single Gerry and whoever, fanfic for this entire week. Ive read pretty much all of them, and they are all great! I got so inspired by the writers I had to start my own. So here it is let me know what you guys think, please feel free to give all of your ideas. I don't own anything except my own character Stephanie. Ohh and check out my other fic, cause no one has read it and reviewed it and that makes me sad lol Also this is just a starter off chapter just to get the basics put in Enjoy!


I, Stephanie Marie Yoast, was lying down in the bleacher soaking up the hot summer sun. I could hear her sister, Cheryl, and dad yelling at the boys on the field. The guys were grunting, and huffing. Cheryl started blabbering something about Kurt being twice the size of Ray. Blah blah blah, summer was the best time for me. I could just let my mind roll and wander. I looked up for a second and saw Gerry, my best friend, and my boyfriend, talking to my dad, Coach Yoast. It looked kind of serious so I just laid back down. I'm not like my sister really. She's obsessive about football, or any sports really. While I do enjoy all sports, I'm just a little bit more of a lady then she wants to be. I also don't have the urge to yell my head off everyday cause the boys aren't do something right or aren't working hard enough. Suddenly Alan was running down towards the field yelling about how there's a fight at the store cause the color kid got shot. As soon as he told the guys they took off running up the street towards town.

"Stephanie, take Cheryl and go to the school. I'll meet you girls there.

Hesitantly I replied" Uhhh alright Coach. Come on Cheryl get to the car" Cheryl hoped into the front seat and started whining about how she never gets to see anything exciting. "Trust me sis you don't wanna be there to witness this, lets just hope Coach gets to the boys before all hell breaks lose." I pulled out of the parking lot and drove to T.C. William high school.

We pulled into the parking lot just as my dad's truck drove in and in it where Gerry, Ray, and Alan. I put the car in park, and let Cheryl hope out before I let Gerry have a new one. "What were you thinking you big lug!" I looked at him and just so he could understand how scared I was I gave him a quick shove. "Stephanie not now." I knew he hated getting yelled at in front of his friends but right now his wants weren't so important to me. "Oh yeah lets just see how long you would've have lasted in that fight! Geez Gerry why don't you ever think about someone beside yourself." I knew I was kinda being over the top but who knows what would've happened if Gerry and the guys got involved.

Gerry knew I was just scared and pulled me into his arms and softly whispered into my ear "I'm sorry baby I just…" "Yeah I know" We stood there for a few more seconds till my dad cleared his throat really loudly "Enough you two" Gerry and I pulled apart quickly and glanced around trying to look innocent.

"I want you all to come to my office and cool down. Help me pack the rest of my stuff up." Cheryl walked up in the front with Coach while I was walking besides Gerry. My dad's assistant Coach was there lecturing Gerry about his actions. " Now son I know you heart was in the right place but don't embarrass the Coach like that" "Hell, kick' em all off the team I don't wanna play with those black animals" right as Gerry said that we all walked into my dads office to find a black man standing by the desk holding a football. "Gerry!" I scolded him. "What Stephanie, I see him and I don't care."

I was ashamed of him for being so rude. I could feel the awkward tension and decided it was time to go." Dad, Cheryl and I are gunna go home alright?" "Ok sweetie I'll see you girls soon." I didn't even look at Gerry as I brushed past him. I did however feel his hand brush slightly against my waist almost ads if he was trying to hold me back.

Cheryl was mad at me for once again taking her away from where all the big news seemed to be. "Why, Steph, why can't I just for once be where everybody else is!" "Everybody was not there I'm not there missy smarty pants and because you just aren't old enough." "yeah, yeah you always use that excuse and one day its gunna stop working." "But not today Cheryl and that's all that matters" Cheryl looked over at me and stuck her tongue out at me and ran outside into the backyard. I sighed and leaned against the kitchen counter, now I just had to decide what's for dinner.