"As Itachi gazed at the wide black eyes of his younger brother he realized he couldn't do it." In which Itachi cannot give up Sasuke. My first (serious) fanfic! Shonenai content! Don't like, don't read. Will be KisaIta but a bit of SasuNaruSasu also.

Title: And Now for Something Completely Different

Author: Duck

WARNING – there will be shonenaicontent so if you are bothered by that or don't like it just save yourself the time and go choose another fic. This is not a SasukexItachi fic; it's mostly KisaIta and a SasuNaruSasu fic, no incest. Rating may go up.

Spoilers: yes, mostly for volume 43 chapters 396-402 (pretty much the whole 'Uchiha Secret' thinger)

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of the characters used in this fanfiction, the title is taken from a British comedy (which I also do not own) that has absolutely nothing to do with this fic.

AN: I'm not sure if this is different (has anyone done this before?) but here you go! This is my first (serious) fanfic so please review :) Especially what you like/dislike but anything is welcome.

Chapter 1: Prologue

"Sasuke, don't come in here."

Itachi barely managed to keep the desperation from his voice, but two years in anbu had taught him calming techniques that allowed him to kill unhindered by emotions. That had allowed him to kill his clan.

The door swung open.

"Itachi! What happened? Everyone-everyone is dead!" Sasuke cried.

Itachi's grip on his kunai was slick and sticky with blood. As he gazed at the wide black eyes of his younger brother he realized he couldn't do it. The kunai slipped from his fingers.

"Assassins," he whispered, willing the Mangekyo away, "sent by enemies of our clan."

It wasn't a lie. None of it was a lie.

Itachi turned to face him. "We're not safe here, Sasuke. We have to leave Konaha."

Sasuke stared up at him and nodded, so trusting of his 'aniki'.

"But what about mother… and father," Sasuke mumbled, eyes slipping past him to the bodies on the floor.

"They're gone Sasuke," Itachi snapped harshly, Sasuke flinched, eyes going liquid with tears. Guilt stabbed through him, Itachi reached out gathering the little body into his arms. "It's just us now, little brother."

Sasuke buried his face against his shoulder hiding his tears. Itachi was grateful it kept him from seeing his own.


That night, as Sasuke lay safely sleeping in the forest outside Konaha, Itachi returned to the Uchiha complex and attached a transformation jutsu to the body of a dog disguised as Sasuke.

He reported back to the Hokage. Mission successful.

He returned for Sasuke and left Konaha, a disgraced hero.


AN: So… what did you think? Really short I know -_-' and Itachi is a little OC but I figured that this story would be showing a different side of him you don't usually see so he could take on the caring brother role (maybe?). Anyway please review!