My family has lived in San Vanelona since before I was born. Ever since I could remember, I always stuck to my opinions, through thick and thin, not changing what they were, not for anyone or anything. My father died when I was very young, having no father figure I began to look up to my older brother as a role model. When he was eight he discovered that his favorite hobby was skating, taking his board wherever he went. Even though I was only five I followed in his footsteps, attempting to be a skater, but I have never been very good at it, maybe because I am a girl, but I don't let that stop me from doing what I love. Being a female skater made it hard to make friends with other girls, so most of my friends ended up being guys, resulting in me becoming one of the guys, and a tomboy.

One day when I was eight, I was just leaving my class late, after finishing up some make up work, and heading to meet up with my brother. On my way out of the class I happened to hear a commotion coming from the playground, my first thoughts were to get my brother and then go find out what was happening. Unfortunately my curiosity got the better of me, I grabbed my skateboard, running over to the playground. Not to far from me stood three older boys, who clearly shouldn't be at an elementary school. They were beating up another kid, maybe the same as my brother, one of them kicked him in the stomach continuously, yelling out foul language. I held my board tightly in my grasps as I charged at him, truck slapping it against the back of his head. He stumbled as he held his head with one hand, but his eyes were on me now.

"So this little bitch wants in on the action?" he growled at me.

I could see that he wanted revenge, I knew by the look he had in his eyes. He began walking over to me, followed by his friends, I could tell they were about to knock me to the ground and do the same to me as they did to that boy, who was only inches away from me. Suddenly a figure stepped in front of me, I soon realized that it was my older brother. He must have spotted me going to the playground and followed me. The boys looked at him with their scornful faces, I had this gut feeling that this was not going to end well.

"Get out of the way half pint! This little tramp interrupted my fun, move it or you'll be next!" Yelled the older boy, who was clearly the leader.

"I suggest you get out of here before I call the cops." My brother told them, humorously.

"Try me!" The Boy replied.

From my brother's pocket he withdrew his T-Mobile sidekick, opening it. His eyebrow raised, as he smirked at them.

"Okay, chill out kid, we'll leave, but if we ever see you around, I promise that we will fuck your shit up." Their leader surrendered, with a threat.

The trio scattered off the playground, seeming to leave the school's grounds. My brother glanced back at me, shaking his head in disapproval, his eyes squinted, with an eyebrow still raised.

"Come one, let's go home." he told me, walking away from the playground.

I glanced down at the bully's victim, walking over to him. He glanced up at me with, his face was covered with dirt and bruises. I held my hand out for him, I was surprised when he grabbed it, but I pulled the boy up, helping him to his feet. He dusted the dirt off his black sweatshirt, glancing back at me.

"Uh, thanks." he said, sounding somewhat confused.

"Be more careful with who you mess around with. See ya!" I replied, waving to him as I followed after my brother.

When I finally was in Jr. High I met my first female friend. We had nothing really in common, she was the smart nerdy girl with very few friends, when I was rebellious skater punk with plenty of guy friends, but we got along like peas and carrots.

Three years ago when my brother was nineteen he beat up a bagpipe player at one of the school soccer games with a bag of haggis. The police came and arrested him shortly after. He just got out of the slammer a few days ago, just in time for my high school graduation, which takes place next week.