Against Over-Religious Cousins

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In Orbit above Picon

Picon Fleet Anchorage

Through the window of the observatory center on the largest and most powerful military anchorage ever built by the people, Admiral Nathan Nagala looked down on the turquoise planet that is Picon, location of Fleet HQ. He admired and loved this planet, mainly because it is his birth planet, though people say they rather live on the capital planet Caprica he would never choose anywhere else to send all his days this world he sees from on high.

Then just on the corner of his left eye a Valkyrie-class Battlestar came into view flying in orbit between the planet and the anchorage. Nagala couldn't help but smile at the sight of the smallest of the Battlestar and its wings of Vipers and Raptors slowly move to join with the rest of the fleet. On the side of the ship, he could clearly see its name: Battlestar Apollo.

He turns his head to the right, were the Apollo is moving towards, to see the numerous ships of the fleet he has been appointed to lead. The many corvettes and destroyers, every type of Battlestar in the colonial military currently in service and at the top of the chain are three new type of ship, the WARSTAR.

The Warstar is the newest addition to the colonial fleet, measuring at 1,956 meters in length, 832 meters wide and 674 meters in height it is the largest class in all of colonial history. With five times the gun batteries, seven times the amount of point-defense guns, three times the missile capacity and lunch tubes, and heavier armor than the Mercury-class Battlestar, the Warstar is the most powerful ship ever created with speed to rival that of a Mercury-class Battlestar.

Of course firepower isn't the Warstar only feature; like the Battlestars, the Warstar is a hybrid of a battleship and carrier. However instead of have only two flight pods like a Battlestar, it has four flight pods, two at the top and the bottom, and can hold 24 squadrons of 20 Viper fighters that can be deployed by one of its 186 Viper lunch tubes. In addition to Vipers, the ship holds 78 Raptor recon vehicles.

The Warstar is equipped with the latest in advance computer network technology, the best weapons and DRADIS systems, and a video view screen system. Though having the CIC deep inside the ship ensures the best safety to the commanding officers, many believe that it's best to be able to see what you're facing with the eyes the Gods have given you rather than to rely solely sensors. If successful, viewscreen will become standard on all colonial warships.

Nagala stared at the three ships, their names written on the port side; Titan, Phoenix and his flagship the Leonidas. These three ships were currently the only ones of their kind in operation with two more still in the yards; their production was rushed for the mission. What better way to launch them on their maiden voyage than in a holy crusade.

'With these three ships leading the charge victory is well within our hand' he thought.

"Admiral Nagala" a familiar voice brought him back from his thought. He turned to face his XO David Mendel who saluted to his commanding officer, "All commanders participating in the operation have arrived and are waiting in the War Room, sir."

With a crocket smile and a nod, Nagala said "Now we can begin the liberation of the thirteenth tribe." He placed a hand on his XO's shoulder and with pride in his voice, "The Gods will reward us handsomely for this." They proceeded down the hall to the War Room for the briefing.

The colonials believe that their thirteen tribe cousins have no idea of the location of their twelve worlds since they closed down traffic to the outer regions of their space as to not give away their home. Unknown to them, the "thirteenth tribe" have already located them over an hour ago.

Asteroid Field

N.U.N.S. 78th Scouting Party

Northampton Class Stealth Frigate, Nightshade

"That quite a lot of tin cans" said Captain Jerid McMullen as he looks at the viewscreen zoomed in on the many warships in orbit of the planet that they learned, by the amount to radio traffic they intercepted, is the location of the Colonial military head quarters.

His scout party of two Northampton Stealth Frigates and one Valhalla III Stealth Strike Carrier was one of several small groups searching for the home system of the "Twelve Colonies of Kobal." Luck would have it his group discovered them.

"I count 500 battle ready ships plus troop transports" said one of the bridge staff. "Their also seem to be some non-combat ships that, according to their radio chatter, are mining, refinery, freighters, mobile repair, medical ships."

"Sounds like they're planning to look for resources along the way" said Captain Jessica Ansen over the communication screen from the Valhalla III Vendetta. Her long red hair and youthful features betraying the hard look in hers eyes that can only be obtain by years of battles.

"Looks that way" Captain McMullen said. "These guys are eager for war that they even went as far as to speed up the construction of those three big ships over there." He pointed to the three Warstars dock at the anchorage. "Have you been listening to all their transmissions?" he asked.

"The Colonials have been very talkative" answered Commander Arnold Smith on the Northampton Frigate Arc Light. "Besides some local broadcasts, we've picked up much chatter from both the civilians and military saying that 'The Thirteenth Tribe will be brought back to the arms of the Gods' or 'We will not fail in this holy crusade'." He lowered his head and shook it side-to-side slowly while rubbing his rugged beard, he couldn't believe what these people were saying. "To say these guys are religious nuts is an understatement. We've already identified over 23 television channels dedicated to the worship and praying of their Gods, for crying out loud."

"We have learned a bit about Colonial society is like and let me tell you; even though they say that every human is equal and all are treated fair, these people can barely stand each other" said Captain Ansen. "The planets of Caprica, Picon and Scorpia are the cream of the crop of all twelve planets, mainly because that the locations of the Presidential capitol, Military HQ, and their primary ship construction yard. Then there are the poorest of their 'equal' society: Aerilon, Gemenon, Canceron and Sagittaron, those worlds are just leeched for their resources. The other five worlds fall between being good-to-great to live in. If these people have their way, we would be treated as second or third-class people."

Captain McMullen sighs as he takes everything he's been told. Straightening himself on his chair and looking back at his two companions on screen he says, "Not everyone in the military and the populous are all for this war. According to the radio chatter there are those who are afraid that the absences of 500 ships will leave them defenseless against a race called 'Cylons.' From what we learn they are a robotic race that the Colonials built decades ago for labor and soldiers for their inter-colony wars, until they rebelled and turned against their creators."

"A plot taken right out of a movie, guess these guys never heard of the 'Three Laws of Robotic'" said Commander Smith. "But from what you said they didn't win the war."

"No one won the war. Both sides agreed to an armistice and the Cylons left colonial space beyond what the people call, obviously enough, the Armistice Line. The Colonials built a space station on the border to help keep relations with them as part of the deal. But while they send an ambassador, the Cylons never heed to the call." McMullen finished.

"So they still have an enemy right next door and they think that they can spare 500 ships including their new heavy hitters" Captain Ansen was dumbfounded by their act of arrogance. "These guys are full of themselves" she mutters under her breath yet could still be pick up on the speakers.

McMullen couldn't help but nod in agreement; he's had enough of this system and all the bull on the Colonials broadcast. "Order our recon group to return to ship. We've collected enough intel on these people to compile a more than adequate report back to HQ. Send them a message of what's coming and set a course to Tellus."

A chorus of 'Yes sir' resonated through the bridge and the speakers at end of the captains orders. As the last of the Recon-Valkyries were dock and spy satellites were deployed, the ships turned away from the Cyrannus system and activated their fold drives. They disappeared into a pink and purple portal, leaving the Colonials and Cylon spy satellites completely in the dark.

Warstar Leonidas CIC

Picon Orbit

Two hours later

Preparation is finished, the plan is set (though it's not like one was necessary), and the ships were ready for combat. Nagala observes his officers go about their duties. This was his first time in the Warstar's CIC, at least fully crewed. The first time he visited the CIC, the ship was under construction and much of the hardware wasn't even installed. Now however he had to control his excitement at just being inside this ultimate war machine, let alone commanding one.

'Wish I had more time to adjust to her' he thought as the adrenaline pump through every bit of his body.

"Admiral, all ships confirm ready to depart" said the comms officer.

"Give me ship-wide."

With a nod from the officer, Nagala took the headset. "Soldiers of the twelve colonies, we are about to embark on a righteous quest. Our brothers and sisters of the thirteenth tribe shall be liberated from the shackles of oppression by this N.U.N.S government and return to true path of the Gods. But make no mistake people, they can fight and there will be fatalities, but they are not invincible. We stood up against the Cylons and we can beat these tyrants. The Gods are on our side and with that victory is in our hand. So Say We All."

Throughout the entire fleet soldiers, officers, and pilots all shouted the same line. Nagala let himself smile before proceeding. "Let us begin. Spool the FTL."

"FTL spooled, jumping in 3...2...1."

Out in space, all ships in the liberation fleet disappeared in a flash of light. Their destination, Tellus, the closest planet were first contact was made.

They took their first step to what they think is an act of divinity, they believe that they are the greatest force in this war. They are about to learn the hard way the errors of their arrogance.

This story was inspired by the story "We are not your Thirteenth Tribe" by readerofgoodfanfiction. I thank him for the inspiration; x-overs like these are in short supply for some reason.

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