This is gonna be my second attempted at a space battle scene, my first attempted is in my story 'Mobile Suit Star Trek' please read and review what you think of the short battle. But this will be far bigger than what I did in that fic so it will also be harder as I am a man that like to go with details.


Chapter 5, Concert of Tellus

Necropolis, Bridge

Part of him hoped they would heed his warning, though he knew that was unlikely from the very start. At least his conscious can't nag him about not giving them the chance.

"Eighty ships have broken off toward the first defensive line in three groups. One going below, another attempting to flank us starboard side, the last trying to take us from above." informed the sensor officer, "Fighter contingency over 600+ units each group with over 350 heading towards our line."

He heard someone say, 'That a lot of fighters.'

"So they decided on a flanking maneuver as their opening combine with a pincer. An interesting strategy." said Umelz offhanded.

'More like desperate' he thought. There are so many time that he wondered if the Zem class archivist Zentradi are capable of belittling others for their ineptitude.

"Time before they are in range of the first line's solution and give me the second lines as well. And whats the predicted time till the enemy enters their effective firing range" he ordered.

"They will enter effective firing range in 6 minutes of the first line and seven minutes for the second line. We predict that it will take them over 12 minutes to enter the effective range of their guns and missiles. Enemy fighters are 9 minutes out."

"Send the first wave of Valkyrie to intercept them. Transformation authorize. If the squad leaders believe they can, they are authorized to preform hit-and-run tactics on the enemy ship but they are to remain mindful of our firing solution."

He was in his element now. His craving for battle can finally be satisfied.

"If we use our main cannon now, along with the Sword of Honor and Bright Light Star, we could annihilate over 120 ships now" advice the archivist.

"It is foolhardy to use such a tactic this early. We wait until the right moment." stated the Admiral.

First Assault Wave, Formation 2

Viper Squadron

"Any chance we can get that targeting data now, Goose?" asked the Viper squad leader.

"You want to give this a try? Cause these guys aren't making my job easy here with their godsdamn electronic jamming. Best I got is optical confirmation that a wing of about 60 fighters are headed right for us, maybe more."

"I'll take anything 'bout now." ECM levels skyrocketed all over them like a blizzard the moment they pushed on with the attack. Comm drones and the most advance countermeasures were doing practically nothing against it. Only short range wireless worked and only at a distance of 160 meters or less with the only way to contact their ships was via text or voice burst message, all of which took time.

DRADIS was useless up to 250 meters even with the boasted about improvements done in the last 3 months, with false echos popping up at random intervals and numbers.

Only thing that isn't effected is the optical camera equipped to the new jacket armor. Not as powerful as the one on a Raptor, it allowed him to see over 340 meters ahead of him in good detail. And with the light emitted by the planet in the background he could make out the small silhouettes of the fighters the ECO mentioned.

"Okay pilots. If they go like in the simulations they will open with a large number of guidance missiles. Spade, Goose, you two better keep a safe distance but remain in communication range just to be safe."

"Roger that. Try not to let the extra weight kill you, Grizzly. They're at 590 and closing. I'll keep feeding you what target info I can."

Soon the DRADIS showed that their Raptor member banking off behind them outside of the current jammed sensor range but he could see it with the camera mounted aft.

"Arm flak missiles" armed confirmations were broadcast among his wing.

Then when the enemies giant fighters got to 480 meters they released an uncountable number of missiles that immediately propelled themselves at the many Viper squadron, his included.

"FIRING MISSILES" Grizzly announced and the others followed in his league.

After reviewing footage of the first engagement with the Thirteenth Tribe, the Admiralty and bureaucrats all agreed that a method was needed to counter their massive deployment of missiles for their fighters. To that end scientist and weapons contractors developed a missile system that applied the principle of flak round for the fighters. The systems operates similar to conventional missiles but the warhead is filled with flak shards and an explosive charge that, combine with the momentum of the missile, accelerates the shard into a focused cloud of heated, serrated metal that shreds anything in its path.

The simulations proved promising with a high margin of success but there were those that avoided destruction. The flak missiles preformed as simulated and destroyed a majority of the missiles causing multiple small suns to form directly ahead; but some survived.

Many tried to out maneuver the streaks of death headed their way. Grizzly counted over 12 explosions, there were probably more he couldn't see.

Once the explosions vanished ahead he saw the blue coloring, long nose, delta wing shape of the enemy fighters. They had pods and missiles mounted on hard points on the under-wing.

Grizzly didn't notice how fast they were traveling until they blew past him, above him right when he was about to pull the trigger.

"Frak." He cut off his engine and used the thrusters of the Viper nose to flip him back to chase the fighter. Before he could complete the flip he was killed by a VF-171 that switched to GERWALK mode and reversed to deliver a pin-point barrier strengthen back slap.

The scene repeated itself throughout all three line with Valkyries switching to Battroid or GERWALK mode while others just used their AAB-7B beam cannons to attack from behind in fighter mode. The 153 NUNS pilots, benefiting off their fighters variable nature, took out over 207 Colonial craft in total in the first 2 minutes of engagement.

The surviving Vipers and Raptors were left in a state of chaos. A majority of them were in a panic at the sight of fighters turning to what they can only describe as giant Cylons. They began to scatter at random direction, lose of complete unit cohesion and regressing to their base instinct which told them to run. Those became easy targets but a few numbers of Vipers manage to keep their profession and joined up in an attempted to take down as many Valkyries as they can.

Seven Vipers chased after a Battriod mode Nightmare Plus that broke off from its squad-mate coming up on its left flank behind it shooting rounds after rounds. The machine did an impossible 100 degree turn facing them and retrieve from a container in its leg what they can only describe as a rifle scaled up to its proportions and holding it like how a human would hold one. It wasn't even noticing all the gun shots hitting it.

Out of panic, three pilots unleashed a mix of 3 flak and 4 conventional missiles. Two of the regular missiles and one flak missile were destroyed not long after being launched but before anymore were shot down the two flak missiles entered their second stage and began pelting the robot who took a defensive guard stance to better shield itself. The two remaining missiles found their mark, as the high-explosive warheads created two small suns that encompassed the machine.

"Did we get it?" the inquisitive pilot got his answer when two beams of energy erupted out of the explosion and destroyed his Viper as they all turned to confirm the kill.

The Valkyrie emerge from the explosion like a demon from Hades looking no worse for ware.


The hatch on the machines shoulders opened to reveal more missiles. Targeted right at them.

"EVADE!" They steered away at high acceleration as the micro-missiles raced toward them. They deployed chaff pods and flares to try confusing the ordnance but they had no affect on the missile's superior targeting program. Two more Vipers were no more while the remaining four evaded death thanks to crafty piloting skill.

The Valkyrie pilot was about to unleash a portion of his wing-mounted payload but he failed to notice the 3 flak missiles and 5 high-explosive missiles one of the Viper released on a one second time delay during its evasion attempted. The flak missiles hit first, pleating the VF's backside which had the best effect as the rockets that were about to take off from its wings were also pleated. The variable fighter was consumed in a explosion of its own weapon's make which intensified when the three of the five missiles other missiles entered the small nova. The other two missed their target and flew off.

"Gods, please tell me that did it."

They could already see pieces and parts of the machine floating out of the smoke as they passed by but they weren't taking any chances and fired a short cannon burst at the smoke. Soon they saw the giant Cylon monster that was massacring them reduce to a broken down heap of slag. It back blown wide open, arms destroyed or dismembered, and one of its legs missing.

"Thank the Gods that's over. I'm almost out of missiles and bullets and I might as well be running on fumes" the Viper pilot informed the surviving pilots, "Guessing you guys aren't any better off. Suggest we group together and resuppl-" she saw a series of strong bluish-white rounds pierce the belly of the three Vipers she was with and come out the other end causing them to erupt into fireballs.

Time seemed to slow down as another one of those giant robots appeared in front of her from below, looming over her just four feet away from the nose of the Viper. Its angular, yellow glowing mono-eye visor staring down at her.

The last thing she saw was a giant mechanical glowing fist slam down on her cockpit.

Vega Squad, Vega-1

"Damn it!" he slammed his fist on of the cockpit as he stares at the remains of what was once his squad-mate, "I told you to always keep moving. Never stand still. You just become an easy target."

He turned to the area of the battle. Lines of beam and tracer rounds darting back and forth at every angle with balls of flames dotting the blackness of space. He then noticed on his sensors movement headed toward the firefight from the enemy's direction.

"Enemy reinforcements. Form up and pick your targets and remember to always keep moving. They can only get a fix on us with their own eyeballs so we have an edge. USE IT!" he ordered as they headed to were the enemy reinforcements were.

Necropolis, Bridge

"They show an impressive level of skill and ingenuity" commented Umelz as he watched the dogfight, "But the inferiority of their craft and their lack of battle experience is proving a hindrance for them."

Dourge remained silent but agreed with his aid. The first part of Phase 2 worked with almost no hitch as the Valkyrie's unique abilities caught the enemy by complete surprise coupled with the psychological attack the pilots have taken out over 296 enemy fighters in 4 minutes. Of course they didn't come out of this without suffering as 27 of their own fighters were lost. A remarkable achievement given the Colonial's technology.

The advance fleets have heard word of the sudden turn of the tide and each have launched reinforcements of over 400 Vipers and over 112 Raptors and a majority of them are equipped with with nukes. That came of no surprise as they did predict that course of retaliation as the highest in many simulations.

"Inform the pilots to switch to Plan C6. How long left till their ships are in range."

"Just two minutes out of effective range but with their size they would be hard to miss if we shoot now. They're still eight minutes out of their weapons range." said the tac op.

"We will move to battle plan K12. Prep the second wave of fighters. Tell the ships to pick their targets and fire one minute after they enter our range" he started at the screen now showing the advancing ships, he took an interest in the Battlestars.

Dourge couldn't help to give a form of admirationand scoff at the ships design. As a battleship it was a sound design capable of taking a good beating and dishing out some strong hits though it wasn't much when face with energy weapons or barriers but he couldn't really hold that against them. As a carrier however it had -in his opinion- a fatal design flaw, one that he plans to take full advantage of.

"Tell them to target the Battlestars flight pods." he ordered with flat, cold professionalism.

Tellus orbit, Battlefield

As reinforcement fighters racing towards their comrades they were naturally taken back by the Valkyries just shifting through their three forms zipping around, doing maneuvers that wouldn't be possible for them to preform. Just as they arrived the Valkyries scattered and everyone lost sight of them.

Remnants of the first wave converged with the auxiliary force and briefed them on what exactly they faced. Much of it was obscured by sheer panic but they understood the core of it: fighters that change form and have been slaughtering them.

Much of the pilots still couldn't believe it but proof was staring them right in the face. But they brought nukes with them, they were prepared.

Now if they can only find where the enemy has gone to. Their DRADIS wasn't pinging anything but that piece of equipment has proven completely useless and their optical camera wasn't doing much good with their narrow field of vision and slow turn speed. Many pilots used their own eyes to try and catch at least a blur of movement around the area.

"Where the hell are they?"

No sooner did the question leave his mouth that seven Vipers turned into fireballs. Pilots all turned toward the direction where the shots came from and they soon spotted small group of Valkyries who immediately banked away. When they started to give chase eight more Vipers were destroyed from the opposite direction.

To avoid any chance of being caught in nuclear fire, the Valkyrie pilots joined into small strike groups and use hit-and-run attacks. One group would attack the enemy, preferably those armed with nukes, and when said enemy try to give chase another group would attack the Colonials from an opposite angle causing confusion among the enemy's formation.

Though it worked to great effect, there were still nuclear eruptions as a small number of Vipers and Raptors fired their payload into a discovered enemy formation and though they never made direct contact with the target the proximity to the explosion was all that was needed. Those that did hit was due to the more fanatics of Colonial pilots ramming their fighters into the enemy, some just detonating their nukes when they were close enough.


While the fighters were occupied, the advance force of the Colonial Liberation Fleet have entered range of the first and second defense line. Over 64 ships, mostly frigates, a number of cruisers, twelve Guantanamostealth carriers, five Deneb battleships and two Saratogacarriers, opened fire at the encroaching enemy.

The beam and lasers tore through the smaller class of Colonial ships at the fore front with almost no effort. Over 18 Blitzstars, 6 Strikestars and two Siegestar total disappeared from DRADIS screens in the opening salvo, the crew barely given the chance to scream as their vessels turned into burning husks. Vipers and Raptors who were flying defensive screen were either hit by the beams, caught in the explosion of their ships or manage to avoid death all together.

All of the forward force were left in shock and silence, completely baffled at the incredible range of the Earthers weapons and the damage they were causing.

In their battle three months past, their ships were well in range of the Earth ship. Scientist did theorize that the Thirteenth Tribes weapons would have better firing range than theirs but they've grossly underestimated the distance. And they were paying for it now.

Despite still being outside effective range, the Colonial opened a barrage at the defense formation in an attempt to keep the enemy off balance as oppose to let themselves get picked off without offering any resistance.

'Pitiful' was a good word for their endeavor as their accuracy varied from way-off-target to so-very-close. The round that do hit were defected by the pin-point barriers, not even straining the system. But as the ships draw closer the more accurate their aim got.

NUNS wasn't leaving it up to their ships as a second attack wave of over 120 fighters each flew at high speeds towards the enemy ships bypassing and evading the proverbial cloud of flak and cannon rounds till they were right inside their formation. Eleven units didn't make it.

Unable to mount a proper counter-assault on the enemy fighters for risk of damaging their own comrades, the Colonials had to rely on their own fighter screens till the opportune moments presented themselves.

What the Colonials don't realize is that the new wave isn't composed of ordinary 171's, these Valkyrie's are the upgraded VF-171EX with the commander units equip with super packs making them Super Nightmare Plus. And they weren't alone as flying along side the recon-variants are the QF-4000 (AIF-7S) Ghost Fighters.

Outnumbered three-to-one the Spacy pilots were not detrude by this after seeing how their superior technology and actual battle experience more than compensated. If anything the Colonials needed more fighters, which is exactly what they did as more Vipers were expelled from their launch tubes.

"All squadrons, wide missile barrage" ordered the NUNS wing commander.

The Colonials flak missiles have come to a surprise to the Spacy, among other thing. A clever albeit hazardous and out-of-place solution to their missiles. But it was easy to overcome: don't fire missiles straight ahead. The flak field created is narrow with an effective diameter of 34 meters before the burning metal cools and becomes too spread apart to be of any countermeasure for their missiles. So best go around their effective zone.

Multiple micro-missiles erupted to all sides of their corresponding Valkyrie. Left, right, above, below, all expect forward. The Viper pilots were at a lose by this until they saw the missiles began to arch in their direction.

Out of instinct the Colonial pilots broke formation to evade the fast moving ordnance creating a clear path for the Spacy forces as they continued to move to the rear of the formation ignoring the scattered enemy.

The additional boosters on their jacket armor, plus flares and decoys, did little good as the missiles were faster. Almost 40% of the first defense wave of Vipers were destroyed.

The survivors, filled with such rage and loathing than they thought was possible, turned around and raced after the fighters that caused the death of so many of their comrades. When they heard that reinforcements were deployed to from the rear ships they could barely contain their joy.

They had them surrounded.

"Unleash the Ghosts."

Or so they thought.

The twenty-five Ghost fighters broke off from the rest of the group and sought out the nearest enemy combatant. Unable to keep good track of the Ghosts, the Vipers surrounding them just disappeared in quick explosions, the number of explosions increasing every second.


"Whats in the name of Hera!" he was left in a daze. They had them surrounded in all direction then these smaller Earth fighters that were flying with the larger ones just scattered all around faster anything he's seen in such quick angles and tight turns that logic would dictate would result in the death of the pilot. Around him, 9 Vipers were destroyed. It was almost in sync.

Then it was right in front of him. Time slowed down and he could make out what it was. It looked as long as a Viper but the frame is bigger and a sea blue color. What got his attention was the lack of a cockpit canopy. He noticed the orange visor on top of the nose and could make out through it the lens of a camera.

One word came to mind, filling him with a new kind of dread. "A.I.!"

Last thing he saw was a flash of light.

Colonial Liberation Fleet, Advance Formation 1

Wyvern Squad, Wyvern-02

"Christ, how may fighters did they bring", first lieutenant BĂ©res Gan couldn't help but comment. The battle is 16 minutes in and forces have taken out practically a thousand enemy fighters in this group alone, yet they still pour out.

"They must've filled their supply bays with them" said ensign Nadalia Jasper floating next to Gan, "Or these damn pods are bigger on the inside." she pointed to the flight pod they were next to.

In the seemingly never ending swarm of Colonial fighters, their squad leader decided the divide-and-conquer approach was necessary. Him and Wyvern-03, along with Three's Ghost compatriots, would acquire the enemies attention while the other two would sneak past and preform their objective.

Which was to impede the launch/landing of their fighters, and do as much damage as possible that will either cripple or destroy the ships in the rear. Preferably the former, the President and Vice-Admiral wants POWs.

How fortunate that both he and Nadalia were right between the think hull of a Battlestar and one of its flight pods, as well as the two arms anchoring the pod and ship together.

Gan's sensors chimed showing 5 Vipers and a Raptor heading in for a landing on the pod they were adjacent to. Nadalia flew off to the rear access arm, landing on its side gently that those who heard her would likely think its debris hitting the ship and not a 50 ft tall robot about to do some serious damage.

She took aim where the arm and pod meet with her arm mounted particle cannon/30mm machine gun and 9A head mounted beam cannons. "Ready here. Lets do this quick and rejoin with the major."

Gan followed suit and was standing on the side of the other arm, mirroring Nadalia's stance. Together they melted and pierced the reinforced metal to the critical point. To finish off they fired three micro-missiles at their handiwork. The pod started to drift way from its ship.

On his screen, Gan saw his partner giving a small smile and he understood why. Not only did they take out an enemy fighters resupply spot but whatever gun batteries and turret emplacements positioned on the pod was removed as well. All that damage with minimal ammunition expense.

Their work didn't go unnoticed as 12 Vipers were tag on sensors heading at their direction.

With a quick double tap at the Battlestar's hull just to taunt the enemy, both pilots switched to GERWALK mode, cruising along the hull of the ship while the Vipers chased after them. They ignored the rather upset enemy as they took out gun emplacements along the way to their destinations. One to the other flight pod and one towards the engines.

Tellus Battlefield

Meanwhile the advance group entered the range of their weapons, an estimated two minutes ahead of prediction.

Like their fighters, the Colonials have been hard at work improving their ships as well. The best minds in the colonies focused on improving their offensive technology. They increase the range and penetration of their gun batteries, the explosive power of their missiles and the yield of their nukes to 55 megatons. Defensive wise proved difficult as they had only theories on how the Earther energy weapons functioned and principles they followed. So they were only able to improve on current ablative armor.

Any ship within the field of vision of any gun emplacement came under fire. Realizing the advantage of the enemies shield technology, the Colonials focused on saturating the enemy with combined fire. Two or three, sometimes four ships attack one Earth ship together, overpowering their shield, aiming for the exposed tower that is their CIC. When able they fired missiles from the batteries, manually aiming; their nukes mixed in set on a timer to detonate when in the estimated close proximity of the ships.

Attached fighter screens exchanged fire as Colonial Vipers and Raptors met NUNS Valkyries and Ghosts.

Two Blitzstars and a Gunstar-type Battlestar were pounding the hull of the NUNS Stealth Cruiser. The two frigate ships were parallel to the cruisers sides and the Gunstar poised virtually nose to nose. One of the Biltzstars was the first to sink being slightly damage during its race to get to range. The Battlestar moved to act as covered for its other ally as it assumes damage control. As it moved, more of its guns got better view of the enemy and the pounding got worse.

The Cruiser shots melted the reinforced armor and destroyed many of the small turrets and five of its main batteries. As per orders, the flight pods took the most beating. The Colonials now discover that their Battlestar design, a holdover of the Cylon War because of its durability and reliability and what it represents to the people, is their biggest weakness as its flight pod was torn asunder with the hanger decks opened to the cold darkness for many deckhands and pilots.

Their superior tonnage and typically overwhelming firepower barely proved of any help against this impossibly powerful foe.

Still their barrage was taxing on the much smaller NUNS ship. The intensity began to overload the barrier, weakening different areas along the hull and allowing the projectiles to impact the cruiser.

The thin but superior metal withstood the initial hits strong but the ongoing strikes were taking its toll. The surface started to warp and bend in ways it shouldn't, strips of armor began to peal off like an onion. Any missile that were likely to hit were taken out by CIWS with ease thanks to the sporadic fire since they couldn't rely on computer targeting. And any nukes detected became primary concern whether they would hit or not.

The Blitzstar emerge from underneath the Battlestar, its damage and fires now under control and ready to resume. A lucky shot passed the overwhelmed barrier, destroying one of the main batteries of the cruiser. The chain reaction that followed damaged the other battery next to it.

Its end was near.

A pillar of green energy smashed the Battlestar along its top center mass, right where its four mounted batteries were positioned. A Deneb class Battleship came from above the ships, racing to aid its besieged ally. Its fighter contingency adding to its arsenal.

The battleship didn't give the Colonial ship time to recover as it immediately switched its sight from the Gunstar's center mass to its aft were the engines are fixed.

The shot struck hard going all the way though, destroying three of its engines. The explosion that followed ignited its fuel lines causing a chain reaction that spread throughout the Battlestar. It was like popcorn trying to break out of the lid as the internal explosions pushed the metal hull outward into small, burning domes.

Finally the ship was reach its limit as the explosions grew in size and strengthen till it shattered into pieces, debris flung all round. A piece of its flight pod spiraled out-of-control right into the damaged Blitzstar.

The two ships, along with their fighter groups, didn't even stop to celebrate. The battle still waged and the Cruiser was too damage to continue on the front line.

Volunteering to take its place, the Stealth Cruiser turned back behind the line for better repairs while the Deneb Battleship prepared to take on two more ships that raced to avenge their comrades.

Warstar Leonidas, CIC

"by the gods" so low and under his breath that even in the extreme silence of the mighty behemoth command center no one could hear Nagala but himself.

Not one officer looked away from the screens displaying the battle taking place just a few thousand kilometers away. For the last few minutes they've been enthralled and terrified by what they have been witnessing that they have all just stop their respective task.

All of their efforts and resources they've committed to this battle, for this righteous war, all of it was going down the drain. It was a massacre. The only word they could describe what they were seeing. And worse they've only made a small dent in the defense wall.

Colonel Mendel finally looked away from the carnage, "Admiral", his call got Nagala's attention, "What are your orders?"

The color returned to his face and Nagala mulled over what to do next. This isn't going as planned.

"We need to enforce the attack. All ship move and rejoin with the forward fleet. Prep our nukes for full deployment, as well on Vipers and Raptors. Send a message to the reserved force, I want 12 ships to joined with the us and another 10 to join Pathweis's group. We will try to bypass their defense while Tong keeps them busy. Sortie the Stealthstar to procure coordinates for our marines to land."

The officers quickly returned to their usual operation at a greater pace. Nagala returned to the screens showing the carnage. He wish he could just make a short jump right in their formation but the godsdamn electric scrambling makes it impossible to get a fix anywhere around the planet, plus short range jumps are well known for being heavily inaccurate.

'We must turn this around. I won't lose to these fraking heathens.'

Necropolis, Bridge

"The main formations are on the move to support the advance forces in accordance to projected scenario 18. Twenty-two ships from the reserve fleet are moving into the main formations."

"Ships from formation one and three are attempting to go around the defense line. Likely following scenario 21 or 43. If latter high probability of nuclear ordnance usage in orbital bombardment."

"They've redeployed their stealth crafts. Heading takes them over the planet's western hemisphere. Eighty-three percent probability their objective is gather jump coordinates for their troop transports."

Dourge took it all in, his mind formulating their next course of action at incredible speed. They have taken out over 42 of their ships and lost only twelve of his ships to concentrated fire, nukes or collision by a Colonial officers last will of defiance.

So far the Colonials have been following the projected scenarios almost to the letter. Which is a bit of a disappointment. He expected more resourcefulness from these people. True they have demonstrated some new trick they've brought but those were barely worth revising his overall strategy. Humans have proven throughout the time he's known them to be an adaptable race, can quickly attune to a new situation at a surprising pace. But these humans were anything but the aforementioned complements.

Now is the time to spring his trap and put an end to these backwater fools little game of conquest. Too bad really. Many of the pilots were looking forward to...

"Fold transit inbound. Energy burst of identical signature to Colonial FTL drives detected on field TR12-7. Detecting three crafts of unknown make. Dimensions estimate that two are fighters and a troop transport. "

'Unknown make. At 12-7.' Dourge thought, "Display."

The display switched to present the area in question. There, well away from the battle were the three crafts and what stood out was that they looked nothing of Colonial design. Two of the fighters looked like crescent shaped wings that curved elegantly forward to points, almost like pincers. The other looked like a small troop transport, its shape like a curved rhomboid. The three have a rather intimidating robotic face complete with swerving red visor; the fighters in the center of their fuselage and the troop transport was poised on the right side of its bow. Their armor are made of the same material as the Colonial stealth fighters.

The face is what gave them away thanks to the intel they got from the Twelve Colonies.

'So they've arrived. Fashionably late I believe is the term', he let a grin form, "We will begin the final phase, time to end this struggle. Inform Sound Force that our audience has finally arrived."

Northampton Class Frigate (Sound Force Custom)

Located in the very rear of the defense fleet is a heavily customized frigate painted in rather striking and outlandish colors. Most of its primary weapons gone, replaced with the latest, cutting-edge music entertainment and sound energy conversion/aura amplification system the military and civilian contractors can conceive of.

In the bridge of this vessel the crew waited anxiously for their call. Their wait paid off.

"Professor! They're here." she said with a glee in her voice and a look like a mischievous child.

Sitting on the highly modified captains seat is a thin man in his seventies. His shirt and pants had several pockets all more or less filled with gadgets and doodads and other tools. He wore a white lab coat that looked like it hasn't been clean in days with all the wrinkles and stains.

His hair was white, wild and unruly. He had on retro-looking goggles with lenses that emit a whitish-blue glow and headphones shaped liked round cones complete with an old style antenna on each end.

He gave a wide smile, "HAHAHA! FINALLY! How many spectators have we got?"

"Only three. Two fighters and what seems like a troop transport" his reply mirrored his depression. He wished there were more.

"Chin up, boy. We have our audience. Doesn't matter how many at first. You just make sure they come back for more and hope they bring friends" he reassured him before turning to the tech, "Is everything in place to start?"

"Satellite systems waiting for the green light, sound energy converters and amplifiers working at maximum volume, all projectors are warmed up to go, camera drones have encompass the entire battlefield (though we did lose some), and pilots are screaming a go ahead."

"THEN WHAT ARE WE TWIDDLING AROUND HERE FOR! Let the Concert of Tellus BEGIN" he slam down on the big red button labeled 'START'.

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