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Noah Puckerman swatted blindly at the alarm clock until the noise stopped. After a quick glance at the time he rolled over and closed his eyes. His mom would knock on his door if he didn't make it down to breakfast.

Just as he began to feel sleep overtake him he heard his door swing open, "NOAH! Get up, hurry!"

He burrowed his head further into his pillow, "Get out, squirt" he mumbled through the fabric.

Sarah swung the teddy bear she had been holding at her big brother's head, "Come on, Noah! Mom said to get up!"

Puck grabbed the bear and tossed it out the open door, "I'll be down in a minute squirt." He dragged himself out of bed and headed toward the bathroom. He hated mornings.

After a quick shower, he grabbed his lucky black shirt and dressed swiftly. He gave himself a quick check in the mirror, smirking at how awesome his guns looked in this shirt. He started to flex, noting that he may need to pump a little more iron after practice today.

"Noah!" he heard his mom call from downstairs.

"Comin' Ma!"

In the kitchen his sister already sat, eating her breakfast. He sniffed the air, "You cooking pancakes?" he asked as he sat down at the table. Usually his mom didn't have time to cook anything. He was expecting a bowl of cereal or pop tarts.

Christine Puckerman smiled happily at her son, "Chocolate chip." She said laying a small stack of pancakes onto his plate.

"Sweet." Noah said before shoveling in a mouthful of pancake heaven.

This day is going to be awesome.

Puck stopped for a slushie before school. He took a sip as he waited by his locker. The guys were busy talking about the after-game party on Friday. He nodded and laughed when appropriate, but his mind was elsewhere. His eyes searched the halls, looking for today's victim. It was Tuesday, which meant Slushie Facial.

Sure, he knew it was terrible and his mom would kill him if she found out, but he had a rep to protect. The entire school knew what happened on Tuesday. Sometimes he would switch it up and slushie some unsuspecting loser, but mostly the honor was saved for Rachel Berry.

He frowned as he thought of her, Rachel Berry, Little Miss Perfect with a gold star. She made him want to light himself on fire. Sure, she would be hot if she wore something normal (not that he didn't try to see up her skirt when she passed by), but she was THE resident loser at McKinley…well maybe not as low as Jewfro. Puck scowled thinking of the first time he had slushied her.

The first day of freshman year he saw her waltz in wearing a short pink skirt and knee-highs. He hadn't seen her at Temple all summer because she was at some fancy singing camp, but noticed the changes in her immediately. Her legs looked tanner and longer than he remembered and there was something different about her hair. The summer had been good to her…maybe he'd ask her out later.

He drank his slushie and watched her decorate her locker while talking to some girl he had never seen before. Rachel turned her head and looked toward where he stood. He moved closer, wanting a better look at those legs, and to hear what she was saying about him.

"and he may be Jewish, but he's repulsive and a complete neanderthal.' Rachel said.

Puck face grew angry, he stalked over and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned and smiled, "Hello, Noa…" was all she said before he threw the cherry slushie into her face.

"Hey Freak." Puck said, then continued on down the hallway as the other kids began to laugh. He didn't look back.

Puck shook himself from his thoughts as he saw Berry coming down the hallway. He grinned as he saw her nervously scanning the hallway. He backed up to stand behind his buddies and hide himself from view. He loved catching her by surprise. She never ran from him, even when she saw him strutting towards her, cup in hand. He didn't like seeing her flinch before the cold ice hit her face, so he preferred to catch her unaware.

He stood waiting behind one of his guys until he saw her loafers come into view. He tossed the liquid as she walked by. She gave a little squeak of surprise that was quickly drown out by the laughter of half of the football team and a few cheerios.

"Sup, freak". Puck called to her as she hurried past to the girl's bathroom. He fist-bumped his buddies as the bell rang. The guys split to class, but he hung around until he saw Berry leave the girls room in a different outfit.

"See ya next Tuesday, Berry."

Rachel glared at him before turning to go to class. She held back tears as she stomped down the hallway, determined to not show Noah Puckerman any weakness. She had no idea why he started throwing beverages at her. She tried to remember if she had offended him in any way. Even going back to that first day he slushied her, she could find no reason for his adolescent behavior.

Rachel had been speaking with her new neighbor that her father's had introduced her to the day before. "Hello, Ashley! Are you enjoying your first day so far?"

Ashley shrugged, "It's okay I guess." She looked past Rachel and snorted, "Who's that creepy guy staring over here. It's gross."

Rachel looked back and grimaced, "That's Jacob Ben Israel, my father's are insistent that I be nice to him because he attends the same Temple. That doesn't mean I haven't formed my own opinion of him though, he may be Jewish, but he's repulsive and a complete neanderthal."

She was about to warn Ashley to stay far away from him when someone tapped her on the shoulder. Her eyes lit up, she hadn't seen Noah Puckerman all summer. They had always been pleasant to one another at Temple and now she hoped in school as well. "Hello Noa.."

A splash of cold hit her face. She was left frozen in shock, literally. Noah dropped the empty cup and smirked, "Hey Freak." Her hopes that he had accidentally spilled the slushie were crushed. The ice had soaked through her shirt, not to mention the stain, and her eyes stung from the syrup. She sniffed as she shuffled past her laughing classmates and ran into the girl's room. She spent most of her first day as a freshman in the bathroom crying, wondering why the boy whom she had known for years and decided to be so cruel to her.

Rachel had learned after that first day to keep an extra pair of clothing in her locker. It had been over a year since that first incident and Noah Puckerman continued to slushie some of his fellow classmates, though she seemed to be his favorite by far. It had killed any chance of a social life as well. Even Ashley had stopped talking to her after that day, probably in fear that she would be next. She sighed and slipped into her class. Thankfully, her teacher was lenient and did not mention her tardiness.

She grabbed a pen and began to take notes. In the back of her mind, Rachel hoped that the universe would for once work in her favor and teach Noah Puckerman a lesson.

The rest of the morning flew by for Puck. He skipped first period to hook up with Santana in the locker room. She had caught him after the bell rang and the two disappeared to the gym. They had to sneak past Coach Sylvester, who was yelling at the janitor about the floors.

Puck made the most of the hour and then dragged himself to history, where he tried not to fall asleep. He listened as Mrs. Sanders droned on about some dude named Napoleon. His attention went back and forth between the lecture and watching Finn try to figure out who kept throwing paper at him. Hey, he had to keep himself amused somehow. Plus, Finn was his boy, he wouldn't really mind.

During lunch he watched Jacob Ben Israel stumble on a backpack. He lost his balance falling face first into his tray of Beef Manhattan. Puck started laughing along with several others as Jewfro wiped gravy and mashed potatoes off his nerdy glasses. Puck suddenly caught sight of Rachel Berry a few tables away. Even she held a smirk at the sight. She must have felt someone staring (scary) because she looked over at him. She held his gaze for a moment before turning back to her lunch.

The rest of the day passed by uneventful. He went to football practice after school and then headed home. After finishing his homework he spent some quality time with the Mario Bros., but got pissed when he couldn't save the princess. Too frustrated to try again he switched off the game system and set his alarm for tomorrow. As he climbed in under the covers, thoughts of Rachel Berry crossed his mind. He smiled as he remembered her smirk at Jewfro's gravy face.

Maybe next week he'll slushie him instead.