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Noah Puckerman groaned, "Hate school." He swatted the alarm at his bedside until it stopped screeching. The only thing good about Wednesday's (beside it being called 'hump day') is two words…Pizza Day. Hell ya, he loved Wednesday. It was the only decent meal that the school served. If he could figure out how such a pitiful excuse for a school scored that recipe, he'd be a very happy dude.

As he salivated about his upcoming lunch his sister burst in, "NOAH! Get up, hurry!" Sarah screeched.

He jumped slightly, "Dude, will you stop running into my room in the mornings!"

Sarah tilted her head for a moment then shrugged, "Mom's making pancakes! I thought you'd want to know stupid!" She stuck her tongue out at him as she ran out and hurried downstairs with her teddy bear.

Puck snorted, "Right, pancakes two days in a row. Not likely."

He took his time showering, debating about whether or not he would go to math today. Mrs. Greenlee was the oldest teacher he'd ever seen and probably wouldn't be able to see if he was there or not. When Puck went to grab a shirt from his closet he stopped, eyeing his black shirt on the hanger. Shrugging, he grabbed a red shirt and pulled on a pair of jeans.

"Hey, Ma when did you do laundry?" Puck called as he hurried downstairs.

Christine Puckerman shook her head, "I worked late last night, I didn't even have time to think about laundry." She looked pointedly at her son, "You're always welcome to do a load or two though, Noah".

"Nope, that's woman work, Ma" he replied, smiling at his mother.

Christine rolled her eyes at her son's excuse, "Sit down and have some breakfast, I made your favorite."

Puck stopped short, "Chocolate chip pancakes again? What's the occasion…not that I'm complaining."

"What do you mean again? It's been ages since I fixed this for you two". Christine said eyeing her son.

"Right, ma." Puck smirked, as he dug into his stack of pancakes. He could get used to this. He shoveled down the rest of his food before noticing the time.

"See ya after school, ma!" Puck kissed her check as he hurried out the door.

"Don't hit your head too hard at football practice!" his mother called to him. She looked at Sarah and shrugged, "Your brother is weird."

Sarah smiled, chocolate covering her face. "Mommy, will you make these again tomorrow?"

Puck sped to school and pulled into the lot. He saw a couple of the guys on his way in and called to them, "Dudes, wait up."

Mike and Matt nodded to him and waited until he caught up, "Sup bro's"

"Hey man," Matt paused for a moment, "something's different."

Puck looked at him, "What?" He looked around, everything looked the same to him.

Mike grinned, "I know what it is. Are you going to ninja slushie someone today?"

Puck looked down at his empty hands, "Dude, I did that yesterday. If I did that everyday it'd stop being so badass."

Matt and Mike shared a look, "Oookay." Matt said continuing down the hall, "See ya at lunch, man."

Puck bumped fists with them both, "Hell ya, Pizza Day."

Mike swiveled, walking backwards as he called, "You wish it was Wednesday!" He heard Matt laugh as they turned the hallway.

"Weird." Puck muttered. He nodded to a couple of teammates as he made his way down the hall. He threw his chemistry book into the locker and grabbed his algebra book. He slammed the locker and started to class. As he passed Rachel Berry he noticed her staring at him, looking at him like she was expecting something. When he stared back at her she flinched and hurried on. Maybe I should lay off on her for a couple of weeks, he thought. He didn't like thinking girls were afraid of him.

A couple of people looked at him strangely, but he didn't pay much attention. Losers. Before he could reach the room, he bumped into Santana.

"What's up Puck?" She smirked.

"Not much, babe." He tried to move past her, but she caught his shirt.

"Hey, I thought maybe we could go to the locker room and blow off first period".

"Sorry no can do babe, I actually have to go to class today."

Santana scowled, "You're blowing me off for earth science?' Are you crazy?"

"What's the matter, didn't get enough of the Puckerone yesterday?" he stopped. "And I thought you're crazy ass memorized my schedule? Try algebra."

"You're an idiot. Whatever I'm bored with this anyway," Santana motioned between them. She turned on her heels, her cheerio skirt flying up behind her.

Puck admired the view for a moment before going on to algebra. He sat down in his usual seat, not paying attention to any of the losers in his class. He fucking hated algebra.

"What are you doing here? You're not in this class."

He looked up at Quinn Fabray standing in front of him. "Just because I blow off this class most of the time, doesn't mean I'm not still enrolled or something".

"I thought you had science with Finn? He was looking for you earlier."

"Yeah, we had that class yesterday. What the hell is wrong with everybody today? Did you forget that we already did yesterday? You're like the fourth person acting all nutzo today".

Quinn frowned, "Are you okay? Unless you hit that stupid head of yours, you should probably know it's Tuesday."

"Shut up, Quinn, I know what fucking day it is. It's Pizza Day. Wednesday. Is your pony tail to tight or something?"

"Try looking at the calendar, loser. Better yet, why don't you ask Mrs. Greenlee." Quinn said, taking her seat near the back.

Puck glanced to the large calendar on the wall. What the fuck? It was turned to Tuesday. He jumped up, and went to Mrs. Greenlee's desk.

"Mrs. Greenlee. What day is it?"

"Mr. Puckerman?" Mrs. Greenlee questioned. She raised her coke bottle glasses to her eyes getting a better look. "Why it's Tuesday dear." She thought a moment, "I believe you're scheduled to be here tomorrow."

Puck blanched. "Tuesday," he whispered.

He backed up and grabbed his stuff. "No, it's Wednesday." He said loudly walking out of the room. Is this some stupid prank? Why would Mrs. Greenlee be in on it? She's like super old and wouldn't be into pranking students.

Puck ran down the hallway and peeked into his history class. Unbelievably, there sat Finn. Was he wearing that shirt yesterday? His eyes raked over the other students…wheelchair kid, gay kid, that weird girl with the stutter…" he stopped when he reached Rachel Berry. She was wearing the same outfit as yesterday…the one before he slushied her. He knew that pink skirt anywhere. No way Rachel Berry would wear the same outfit two days in a row.

He waved to her, but she wasn't paying attention to him. All of her focus was on the teacher. She was furiously taking notes when he got an idea. He dropped his backpack and crumpled up a piece of paper. He waited until the teacher's back was turned and launched it at her.

A few of the other students snickered, looking around for who threw the paper. Rachel scowled, smoothing her hair, eyes roaming for the culprit. He waved in her direction again, catching her attention. He motioned for her to come out into the hallway, careful to stay out of the teacher's view. She shook her head quickly and tried to ignore him. After several failed attempts to ignore him, curiosity got the better of her. Puck watched her raise her hand and ask to use the restroom.

"Finally!" he whispered when she stepped out of the classroom. Puck grabbed her arm leading her away from earshot.

"Hey, let go of me!" Rachel exclaimed, trying to pull her arm from his grip.

Puck let go immediately, "Sorry Berry, but I need your help. The whole school's gone fuckin' crazy!" He yelled.

"Must you use such crass language, Noah?"

"What day is it?" He asked hurriedly.

"It's the 17th."

"No, not the date, the DAY"

"Tuesday?" She said, a little afraid that Noah was still going to slushie her. She was surprised when he just past her by this morning. She didn't see a cup hiding anywhere, and there appeared to be nobody else in the hallway.

Puck ran his hand through his thin strip of hair, "No! It's Wednesday. Pizza Day. We already did Tuesday. Yesterday you wore that same outfit, I slushied you. And Jew-fro fell into his lunch and had that gravy shit all over his face…and you thought it was funny!" He pointed at her, the pitch of his voice was getting ever so higher.

"Noah, you're kind of freaking me out." Rachel said, stepping slowly away from him. "Maybe you should go see the nurse or something. I'd be glad to walk you to ensure you get there safely."

He stepped back toward her, "No, please Berry you've gotta believe me. You're smart, like really smart you have to know what's happening. I'm telling you, yesterday was Tuesday! I had football practice after school, my mom made pancakes, and Jew-fro got creamed in the cafeteria."

Rachel nodded slowly, "Sure. Well, I've got to get back to class now," Rachel backed away quickly, back to the classroom, "maybe you should really consider seeing the nurse."

Puck watched helplessly as she re-entered the classroom, leaving him alone in the hall. The bell rang soon after, everyone bustling around him as he stood there. What the hell is going on?

Not sure what to do next, Puck repeated his actions from the previous day. He went to history, (only yesterday Berry wasn't trying this hard to ignore him) he had the same conversation about the party on Friday, and he went to lunch.

He was so focused on the soggy beef manhattan that he almost missed it. Jacob Ben Israel tripped over a cheerio's backpack. He watched, fascinated as Jew-fro stumbled, just like yesterday, and ended up with a face full of gravy. Only unlike yesterday he didn't laugh. He just stared at the scene. No one in the cafeteria remembered this from yesterday. It was as if this was the first time it had happened. That yesterday Jew-fro didn't get a gravy facial. As his eyes moved over the cafeteria, he saw two wide brown eyes staring back at him.


Rachel looked frozen, the fork in her hand lifted halfway to lips was suspended in air. She stared back at Noah. He could only nod once at her. He watched as she dropped her fork and grabbed her stuff. He tried to move to catch her before she left, but two of his football buddies lightly shoved him, "Dude! Did you see that? Classic!"

Puck mumbled, "Yeah, I saw it." Berry was no longer in sight. He would have to catch her later. Only he didn't see her the rest of the day. He wanted to skip football practice, but he knew the coach would bitch at him. So he went and completed the work out he had down the day before. At least he wasn't sore, he thought. That was strange. I'm usually beat after the workout. It was like…the day really didn't happen.

He drove home in a fog, not sure what exactly to do. He couldn't talk to his mom. After talking to Berry he realized exactly how crazy this whole thing sounded. How was he supposed to convince his mother if he couldn't even convince Berry. He didn't want to end up at some crazy hospital.

Skipping dinner (hamburger helper…it was terrible yesterday) he went straight to his room. He looked at the wii remote in his hand and threw it. He picked up a magazine instead and flipped though it until he began to feel sleepy. His last thought before sleep took him.

Please let tomorrow be pizza day.