Author's Note-So you might think I'm crazy for posting this but I have had a summary out on my profile page for the longest of times and I guess this story has just been nagging at me to write. Now as a warning I must say that I got this idea from Nora Robert's book, Montana Sky. My story will be like the book, but yet, there will be major changes. For example, if you've already read the book or seen the movie then after reading this short preview you can tell that this conversation was completely my own idea between Chad and Troy.

So I hope you like this, and if you have any questions then feel free to let me know. I'm more than willing to answer them. The first chapter will hopefully be put up within the next week or two. Also, I have a banner for this, but I'm creating banners for this story differently. The months and seasons have a lot to do with this story, and so for each month that passes in the story I will create a banner, and through these banners you'll be able to see which actor or actress I chose to represent all the characters in the story.

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Full Summary: With Carlos Montez gone, he is leaving his priceless ranch to his three daughters who are all strangers to one another. Throughout a year of living together they must go through heartache, drama, and a little murder to get what is rightfully theirs. No one said it was easy as a killer is amoung them on the ranch in the middle of nowhere. Watch them survive while trying to figure out who the threat is. And of course what's a little mystery and scare without romance? Sharpay has her eyes set on the lawyer, Kelsi is the quiet middle sister who is oblivious to the ranchers interest, and then there's the youngest sister who is too stubborn for her own good. Gabriella is the youngest and the hardest working sister on the ranch, and she is always being bothered by the next door ranch owner, Troy Bolton. Throughout the story you will fall in love with not just one sister, but all three as they learn that sometimes going through a year of four seasons isn't so bad.

Chad watched as Troy got out of his jeep before walking outside fully to let his brother know that he wasn't the only one around. Troy's head swiveled around before he waved to Chad, although the look on Chad Danforth-Bolton's face was anything but his usual cheerful smile.

"Hey man. What's up?" Troy asked while unloading his bag out of the jeep. "Mom and dad home?"

Charlie, Troy's dog, jumped around their feet, wanting to be petted but neither boy moved to touch the dog.

"No. They're still over at the Montez Ranch," Chad explained. He may have a semi different last name than Troy, but deep down they were still brothers.

Troy Bolton was a miracle baby for Lucille and Jack Bolton who were owners of B and B Ranch. However, Lucille always wanted two boys and so two years after Troy was born they adopted Chad Danforth and made him a part of their family.

Troy crinkled his eye brows in confusion. "Montez," he muttered and then his eyes went wide with realization. "Oh, the burial was today!"

Chad nodded his head silently. Although Carlos Montez shared fences with their ranch neither boy liked the old man. Their only attachment to the ranch now was the girl who was forced to be in charge; however, Gabriella wouldn't have it any other way.

"Dude, that burial was fucked up. You should have been there. All three sisters attended together and man do they look different," Chad said.

"I'm sure Taylor and you will give me the details on the two newcomers, and you know I would have been there if it weren't for the fact that I had business concerning our ranch and the other fact that consists of Gabriella hating me." Troy smiled while saying the last part. Oh, how he loved getting under Gabriella's skin and making her so worked up. It's what made his days better.

"Well before you get your foot stuck in your mouth someone should tell you that Gabriella wasn't really paying attention to anyone today. Mom and Taylor say that the death had finally hit her."

Troy shrugged his shoulders. Deep down he felt for Gabriella as even though she didn't care for the old man, Carlos was still her father, and father's are a part of being a family. "She's tough. She'll deal."

"You know," Chad spoke up, "I have a feeling things are about to get interesting around here. The air reeks of disaster."

Troy rolled his eyes at his brother's words before leaning down to pick up his dropped bag. He hated to admit it, but Chad had a point. There was something in the crisp autumn air that smelled of trouble. Troy could only hope that whatever he was feeling wouldn't interfere with his job at Montez Ranch. After all, he was Gabriella's supervisor, whether she knew it or not, Carlos had put in his will that he wanted Troy to oversee Gabriella, and that was what Troy intended to do.