Gary the Pac-Man Gamer

-"I'm going to the basement, dear!"

-"To play that damn game?"

-"No! To look up schools for our little Susie!"

-"…Fine. Just be up her in ten minutes!"


-Ten minutes later-

-"God, I hate that red gho- HOLY CRAP! Why are you naked?"

-"I felt our relationship was fading…"

-"And this is your solution? Lying naked in our living room? With the window open?"

-"It was hot in here. What's wrong?"

-"I'm just a little stressed and am not really in the mood for-"

-"Come on…"

-sigh. "Fine."

-3 and a half minutes later-


-"…Can I go back to my game now?"

-"That was awful."


-"How can you think about games when our marriage is on the line?"

-"I bet that red ghost doesn't have bad sex."




"That was awful."

Gary the Pac-Man Gamer

By Xenakisfox101112

That was awful, but review anyway

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