Accessing Alliance Database...

Username: T'SoniL

Password: ********

Security Clearance: Alpha

Accessing Alliance Soldier Database...

Name: Lucas Andrew Shepard

Age: 24

Race: Human

Birth Place: Alavult, Rannoch

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Combat Proficiency: Adept

Weapon Training:


-Submachine Gun

-Sniper Rifle


-Heavy Weapons

Combat Training:

-Quarian Martial Arts

-Krav Maga

Biotic Abilities:







-Warp Ammo


-Form Manipulation

Psychological Profile:


-Strong Moral Foundation

-Ability to Cope with Loss

-Open-Mindfulness of Working with Other Races

Notable Achievements:

-Graduate of N7 program

-Hero of Pragia:

Risked his own life to activate colony's defensive network during a pirate raid when a majority of military forces were annihilated in the initial assault. Continued fighting against the attacking pirate forces until reinforcements arrived. Thousands of colonists were saved.

-Hero of Mindoir:

While on leave to visit family's memorial site, managed to stop a terrorist plot. Batarian Traditionalist Extremists were attempting to set off explosives around the capital. Shepard managed to apprehend the group and stopped the bombs from going off.

-Awarded Star of Terra

-Awarded Star of the Council

Special Note:

-Biotic Level: 10

-Natural Biotic

-Fluent in many languages and does not require a translator

-Descendant of Supreme Commander Andrew Michael Shepard

"So?" a deep human voice (Li) said. "What about him? Shepard. War hero. Saved Pragia and Mindoir. Not to mention he's one of a few natural biotics."

"I'm reading something about coping with loss?" the Quarian Councilor (Talc) asked out loud.

"Shepard lost his parents during the Battle of Pragia," Li answered. "They were stationed together and they were among the group that was immediately killed in the initial attack. He's been checked by psychologists and was cleared for active duty. Still he fought on after losing his parents in the initial attack. That shows a great amount of strength."

Liara smiled. "He's a Shepard," she remarked.

"That's a bit of a moot point," the Turian Councilor (Tonn) said. "He's not really related to Shepard. Shepard never had any biological children. Lucas is only a descendant of the adopted son."

"There are some things that pass on through the generations that goes beyond genes or blood," Liara scolded. "We Asari know that better than anyone. Look at the lineage. Beyond Lucas Shepard is a long line of war heroes and Spectres. Shepard's morality and courage runs in the family, even if it's not in genes."

"His record is impressive," the Salarian (Ledroa) added. "Should we call it?"

Liara nodded. "I'll make the arrangements."

500 years have passed since the Battle of Ragnarok. The Reaper fleet was annihilated in the battle after Supreme Commander Shepard and his crew caused the Ragnarok's system's sun to go supernova. Shepard's actions have united the galaxy under a new order that was inclusive of all species. Finally galactic peace was attained.

Codex: Planets and Locations: Pragia (updated)

Originally Pragia was disregarded as a possible candidate for colonization, but with new technologies in terra-forming and pre-fabrication units, the planet was reconsidered in 2234. Military was sent ahead to clear the planet of criminal enclaves, before companies began setting up colonies inside mountain valleys where the planet's vegetation did not grow. Explosives were used to clear large areas of forest around the initial colonization hub, to allow for expansion. To keep the growing forests in check, animal life has been introduced to the planet to keep the plants in check. While some have argued the ethics and dangers of introducing life to the planet, especially considering that is how the planet was doomed in the first place, the resulting flourishing colony has hushed any criticism. The planet's main economy includes agriculture and mining.

Codex: Technology: Biotics: Natural Biotic

Over the centuries, Humanity's ability to handle biotics grew as safer and more powerful implants are created for Biotic users. Exposure to Eezo, now has a lower fatality rate among infants thanks to breakthroughs in medical technology. Currently there have been cases where a human child, not exposed in-utero to eezo, have developed Dark Energy nodules naturally. Most consider this a new stage in human evolution. This also makes Humanity the first specie to develop Biotics naturally, outside of Asari. Alliance scientists have been working tirelessly to find the reason for the development, but only found one common trait among Natural Biotics: Two Biotic parents. It is theorize that the nodule trait might have been passed on over the centuries before finally developing as a full fledge natural organ. In total there are only two hundred Natural Biotics. Only fifty are part of the Alliance. The ones who are part of the Alliance have Biotic abilities that rival an Asari Commando. In some rare cases, Asari Matriarchs.

Codex: Technology: Biotics: Form Manipulation

Originally there were only three branches of Biotic powers: Telekinesis, Kinetic Barriers and Distortions. With the development of new implants, a fourth branch was created by Human Biotic users: Form Manipulation. This branch was first witnessed five hundred years ago by Jack Zero with her ability to endow ammo blocks with dark energy to create Warp ammo. This was originally considered part of the Distortion branch, but due to the ability to use this on other objects, it was later classified as a new biotic branch. The user is able to manipulate dark energy to create forms. Such as an extended barrier than can act as a wall, creating shapes around parts of the body (eg. forming energy around a user's arm to act as a powerful club), and surrounding objects with dark energy. This led to the Alliance assigning melee weapons such as swords to Form Manipulators. Form Manipulators are able to surround the blade with Dark Energy allowing it to cut through Barriers and armor with no resistance. This makes Form Manipulators extremely deadly at close range.