Krystal's Farting Problem

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, again, I was requested to do this, so here it is. Granted, I'm not gonna have this baby be a one-shot, you know why? Because this is something cool, like Spider Man. But this isn't fucking Spider Man - this is Star Fox.

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Nintendo.

The Star Fox team, oddly missing Fox McCloud on this rather peaceful night, was in outer space, around the perimeter of the planet Corneria. Peppy Hare and Slippy Toad were conversing with each other as they were on the track for Star Wolf, as Wolf O' Donnell stole Slippy's Frosted Flakes.

"Gee, it sure is boring around here." Slippy complained as he stretched his arms, rolling his eyes as he let out a faint yawn.

Peppy was sipping some lemonade as he placed his cup down, turning to Slippy and raising his right index finger, proclaiming loudly, "Slippy, mah boi, this peace is what all true warriors do a barrel roll for!"

Slippy groaned as he slammed his head on his chair. "I just wonder what Krystal's up to..."

As if magically summoned, Krystal The Fox suddenly walked in, wearing a very appealing blue tightsuit. "Hello, boys. Anything interesting happening?" She asked kindly in her soft British tone.

Peppy sighed as he took a brief look at the scanner, turning back to face Krystal and shaking his head with disappointment. "I'm afraid nothing of interest has occurred yet, Krystal. We're tracking Star Wolf, but we haven't gotten reports back yet."

Krystal frowned as she rubbed her face with her right hand. "Oh, what a pity. I do wish we get them soon."

"Why? You're just going to be flirting with that idiot cat again." Muttered a similar, Brooklyn accent, a blue humanoid falcon walking in onto the scene.

Krystal pouted as she glared at the bird. "Oh Falco, don't denounce Panther like that. He's a good guy."

Falco scoffed as he rolled his eyes, moving his left wing as he laughed. "Yeah, one who's deluded by your looks."

Krystal murmured as she crossed her arms together, getting somewhat annoyed by Falco's bitterness. "Falco, has it been obvious that I'm considered pretty around males?"

Falco rubbed his beck as he stared at Krystal. "Heh. Really? I didn't notice." He shrugged as he shook his head, closing his eyes. "Nor do I care."

This was enough to make Krystal angry. "Ooh Falco, I wish I could just teach you a lesson!" She stopped pouting as her stomach growled, giving her an idea as an evil smirk came across her face. "In fact... who's hungry?"

Slipper sheepishly rubbed the back of his head as he looked down. "I don't know, Krystal. Shouldn't we be focusing on getting Star Wolf?"

Falco raised his left eyebrow as he was impressed by Slippy's statement. "Well, what do you know. Frog boy finally grew some brains."

"Zip it, bread groper!" Slippy snarked back as he tossed his right shoe at Falco, much to the blue falcon's disgust as Slippy fell back into his chair, laughing.

Falco growled as he tossed the shoe off of him, getting easily angered. "That's it. Now you're mine-"

Shockingly, before Falco could go give Slippy the pounding he deserved, Krystal grabbed him and stuffed his face into her butt, farting as loud and gross as possible. Slippy and Peppy dropped their jaws in awe as Falco was released, collapsed on the ground, gagging for air, while Krystal chuckled evilly, folding her arms.

"Well, Falco, that should teach you a thing or two," Krystal stated as she giggled, patting her butt, which let out a cute little poot.

Slippy and Peppy simply stared at each other, as the two were literally shocked to the bone. Krystal simply giggled as she bent over Falco, letting out another loud fart as the blue falcon remained motionless, having been humiliated beyond belief.