The Great Fox was still tracting down Star Wolf was Krystal still keep blasting farts upon farts on jolly ol' Slippy Toad. Peppy Hare and Falco Lombardi placed a special container over Slippy's pod, so that they wouldn't be able to hear Krystal's thunderous butt.

"What are you planning for this Saturday?" Peppy asked as he sipped some coffee, sighing heavenly.

Falco shrugged, biting off a piece of bread as he pressed some buttons on one of the computer's self calculators. "I don't know. I was thinking of doing some sparring matches. That is, if we get close to Zebes."

"...Why would you want to go to Zebes?" Peppy asked as he stared oddly at Falco.

Falco sneered at Peppy, pointing at the old grayish rabbit. "Hey, you're the one who asked me, okay?"

Peppy shrugged as he continued sipping his coffee. Sighing, he looked up, leaning back on his chair as he stated to Falco, "I was going to head to Corneria to help get my generation of old folks back on their knees. But from the looks of how things are right now, I may have to postpone it."

Falco shrugged his arms as he closed his eyes, smirking deviously. "If only we dropped these two idiots, we'd be able to do our duties."

Peppy got back up, somewhat appalled by Falco. "Lombardi! Just because Krystal is having a bad gas problem, and just because Slippy is acting even crazier and more unusual than before," He muttered quickly as he coughed several times, "Doesn't mean we should drop them! They are part of the team, and without them, I wouldn't know what to do."

Falco rolled his eyes as he placed his arms behind his head. "Suit yourself, old man. But you have yourself to blame if things go haywire."

Peppy sighed as he drank some more of his coffee, knowing what Falco said was true as he leaned back in his chair.