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Alice: What is happiness?

The Mad Hatter: Tea? *He poured her some*

Alice: *Dreamily* No that's not it.

The Mad Hatter: Is it bread? Butter?

Alice: No, and no.

The Mad Hatter: Is it a grinning cat or annoying twin boys?

Alice: *Pondering* I don't believe it's any of those things.

The Made Hatter: Hmmm. I don't see why happiness is so important. Why not just live and be satisfied?

Alice: Sometimes satisfaction isn't enough. One needs something more to make it through.

The Mad Hatter *Raises a brow* Through what?

Alice: *Shakes her silly head laughing dismissively* Oh never mind. I suppose it doesn't matter.

The Mad Hatter: Oh, alright.

~ Minutes later ~

The Mad Hatter: Is it the sky? A poem? A growth elixir?

Alice: *Sighs heavily* No, no, and no. Why are you still guessing?

The Mad Hatter: I'm curious.

Alice: *Gaps at him startled, beginning to stutter in shock* Y-you're-what!

The Mad Hatter: Joking. I know that's your thing. Curiousity, I mean. This is quite fun. Can I try again?

Alice: It's not really something tangibleā€¦it's moreā€¦spiritual.

The Mad Hatter: Like a dream?

Alice: *Giggles* Not quite. But, I guess, when your asleep your at peace. At least, temporarily.

The Mad Hatter: *Jumps out of his seat and raises index finger triumphantly* I know! It's sharing a moment together with a special someone.

Alice: *Gazing at the Hatter with fondness and awe* You are correct. That's exactly right.

The Mad Hatter: It is? I am? I mean - of course. I knew all along I was right.

Alice: *Thinking* If a madman can figure it out - then why can't everyone?