~*The Mary Sue Zone*~

Chapter 1: Hotel Massacre

A girl the age of fifteen tied her long beautiful black hair into a ponytail, causing several men walking past her to gape in pure admiration. Bright irish eyes gleamed dangerously as if this girl actually enjoyed the attention she was getting from random strangers upon the New York streets. As Romeo had quoted many years ago to his dear Juliet, Miss Mystery to thousands, is like the sun, guiding anyone's way to happiness. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however the girl we focus on today has the appearance Aphrodite would envy and intelligence greater than Albert Einstein. Let's follow her destiny into the unknown, for here anything can happen.

This is the Mary Sue Zone.


"Please Sir, do tell me the directions to the Newsboy Hotel?" Elizabeth Marie Ann Jone Rachel Ashley kindly asked a simple worker at the well populated Tibby's.

His grey slicked back hair and matching mustache seemed to perk up ever so slightly after laying dark brown eyes on the foreign angel, "Ya need directions there?-Nah, I could take ya! If I send ya off on your own, ya might get pulled inta an alley way. Perverts practically live unda sewas just ta see unda goil's dresses." Something tells Elizabeth that she picked the wrong, uneducated advisor to seek aid from.

She smiled, nevertheless, deciding to lead him on, "Oh really? I assume Newsboy Hotel also is infested with filthy scum? Whatever it is-." Elizabeth glanced at the man's almost faded name tag, "-Gerard, I think I can handle it." One hundred percent truthful, this Irish girl had taken years of Martial Arts despite the judgmental forces that usually claim women are only good for cooking, cleaning and taking care of the kin. When Gerard noticeably looked completely taken back, he made Elizabeth smile even more in mere triumph.

"Are ya honestly tellin me ya don't know? For goodness sake, goil, Newsboy Hotel is probably the most feared louging area in all New York City! Even da strongest men wouldn't dare set foot into that place...ya be better off in my bed tonight!" Gerard blandly pointed out an ancient looking lodging house, a sign plastered above in huge letters; NEWSBOY HOTEL. The window panels were long from falling apart, a suspicious fog surrounded it's gates, but only that.

Elizabeth thought not slightly concerned, "Come on...it doesn't look bad at all! Is everyone here afraid of their own shadow? I bet I'll be the only person who can stay there a whole night without running out with embarrassing spoiled pants!"

Out loud, she chuckled quietly at Gerard's petty fears, "Ah! Yes! Thank you for pointing it out for me! I must be going, it has been a pleasure meeting you and prehaps I will take up that bed offer!" Elizabeth plucked up her small suitcase, strolling down the busy street. The black haired woman did not need to look back because she knew Gerard is just another man to worship her at her dancer feet.

It wasn't till moments later that Elizabeth realized her crowd of fans have multiplied since her pit stop. Their sighs and dreamy stares gave Miss Ashley confidence nobody could describe. Swaying her naturally curvy hips and toned buttocks, she pranced to the fog filled gated and gracefully opened it. As if the whole entire world had gone silent, watching Elizabeth bravely walk up to the front door of the Newsboy Hotel. Some fans began crying, admitting they would never see their angel again, others felt the urge to stalk after her, only to be restrained by the wiser ones. God himself shed a few tears for the girl who most likely will never be seen or heard from then on. Slowly but surely, everything returned back to normal, leaving Elizabeth in the dust. Although, our subject this evening did not notice nor care. She is currently on a mission to prove to herself, most importantly to every single citizen in New York that she can go where no one else has gone before. It shall be in the papers, phones will be ringing off the hook to get an interview with the green eyed beauty.

Knock, knock.

Just by an innocent tap, the door flew open, as if they were expecting someone. Elizabeth braced herself to meet another ugly pathetic being, however when the carpet space was indeed empty, she didn't hesitate to step in. The atmosphere was nothing like she imagined it to be, before Miss Ashley was a rather large brown wooden front desk. Candles, dusty random old pictures in frames, a pair of round glasses, hats Elizabeth has seen boys wear while selling newspapers and a shiny golden bell rested on the table. Where is everybody? These words flashed across her high IQ mind like wildfire. Approaching it courageously, Elizabeth brought her slender hand on top of the bell. Ring! The sound echoed the hotel's creaky hallways, undeniably sending a shiver down her spine.

An old man jumped up from under the desk, friendly grinning, "How may I help you?"

"I'd like to rent a room here, Mister...?" Elizabeth leaned her carefully washed elbows onto the front desk. She's considered a flirt, so it doesn't matter how old someone is to get a treatment.

He ignored her attempts, grabbing his spectacles, "The names Kloppman. I owe Newsboy Hotel, also the boys who reside and work within the walls."

Her mood drastically changed, "Boys? This trip got even better.", she stated inside her head gratefully. While Kloppman was stumbling over the list of available rooms, Elizabeth let her eyes wander yet again, this time to the stairs beside them. They were pretty average, no special significance or remarkable structure. However, during those new discoveries, a small boy dragging a bucket full of unknown substance climbed down the stairs. She smirked lightly towards him, expecting some sort of response back. None returned, leaving Elizabeth baffled. Is there something wrong with me? The boy supported lifeless brown eyes and hair that probably hasn't been washed in weeks.

Kloppman glanced up, sensing the girl's discomfort, "What-?" He noticed said boy standing there, "-Les! There you are! Did you clean the toilets on the third floor?" He simply nodded, never taking his soul breaking eyes off of Elizabeth.

She didn't say a word. For some odd reason beyond her, Elizabeth did not like the attention being brought upon from Les. This is possibly the first time ever she wanted to blend into the wall, hoping to turn invisible.

"Good, good. I'm sure your brother David will need help with the bodies-excuse me, I mean folding clothes." The old man bashfully glared down at the list, hating how he revealed such information. Elizabeth hadn't been listening, her green orbed gaze focused on the young boy. Finally, he slumped off, accidentally spilling a bit of the liquid in his bucket on the hard wooden floor. It was red. Probably just a new cleaning product. Out of sight, out of mind. Elizabeth pushed away any humanly possible doubts of entering Newsboy Hotel, hand outstretched for her room key. Kloppman quickly checked off a number, shoving a key that used to hang from a board towards her direction. His eyes did not meet hers, his movements were strangely nervous.

"Have...a nice stay."

Elizabeth nodded, dashing up the same stairs Les came from, "You bet I will!" She stopped short, staring at the man with glasses, "Oh, and please no wake up calls. I like to sleep in a little..." With one swift motion, Miss Ashley whipped her black ponytail out, gorgeous locks tumbling against her bare shoulders.

As the new visitor adventured upstairs, Kloppman whispered to mainly himself, "Don't worry...you'll be in a deep sleep by the end of your visit..."


Seconds after running up the stairs like a mad woman, but a crazily attractive one, Elizabeth found herself in the middle of a wallpaper pealing hallway. There was an odor, a mixture of moth balls and stinky loafers. No one was in sight, giving her disappointment. She was hoping to have people witness her casually walk into her room, thus the gossiping would unfold. Skipping/borrowing for her room, Elizabeth passed a large mirror. It's been hours since she last checked what her appearance looked like, so she quietly walked backwards, critically checking herself out. Too busy into the moment, Elizabeth failed to be aware Les appearing what seemed like out of thin air. Raising his 'cleaning product' stained hand, he placed it on Elizabeth's shoulder.

"Argh! Oh, hello Les."

He drawn on, "Your room is over there." The slightly creepy child gestured towards a door with a silver knob. Elizabeth suddenly felt more special than usual, she was meant for that room. Stealing one last glance, she allowed Les to carry her suitcase and lead her to the door.

Elizabeth commented, shoving the key into it's rightful place, "I don't get why people claim this place is so bad. The people are nice, it's clean and look at you! Cutest thing I ever seen in my life." Lying is the only way to melt a person's protective heart. Les didn't react to her compliment, just threw her stuff on the bed and quickly left without so much of a goodbye.

Well that was strange...

Proceeding to throw her materials, clothes, and shoes into drawers, she heard a small giggle behind her. Did Les come back while I wasn't looking? Spinning around, Elizabeth was ready to scream 'Aha!', however in front of her wasn't a boy, but a smaller girl. Had she always been there? Dropping anything in her hand at the moment, Miss Ashley edged towards the queen sized bed. The girl stared up at her with big yellow eyes, pale fingers playing with the hems of her burned dress.

"Who are you?"

"I am nothing like I seem, I am everything you are, I am a baby Mary Sue, I was murdered in this very household." The girl twirled her curly hair a bit before dissolving. Elizabeth was at lost for words, so she simply fell on her bed. What's a Mary Sue? Was she a ghost? She was murdered here? Flashbacks of what Gerard had warned to her earlier suddenly felt connected. This was the reason no one dared to stay at the Newsboy Hotel, it was also the reason why Les was carrying that thick red liquid, it was blood. They're going to murder her, she knows it. Not even bothering to collect her things, Elizabeth flew open the door only to be surprised to find Les grinning evilly at with another, older boy, family resemblance obvious.

Les laughed, "Leaving so soon? We haven't even given you a back rub yet!"

"Go away! Go away! Let me through! Help me!" Elizabeth shouted, vocals bouncing around the scary, spiraling four floral walls. She tripped, hissing in pain, feeling cornered. Les and his brother slowly advanced towards her, weapons in hand. They kept nearing until Elizabeth could no longer see light, but the face of the now blood plastered carpet.


When her fans have not seen sight of Elizabeth since the unlucky day she journeyed towards Newsboy Hotel, most of them put up posters with her angelic face on it. Gerard sighed deeply, watching the boys and girls do so, full aware the murderers of New York's scariest hotel had gotten the only girl who would have considered sleeping with him. Today was depressing. Weeks, months, and years flew by, no sign of our unqiue irish girl. Eventually everyone gave up searching for her and dedicated a whole newspaper about her unexpected disappearance. Some say she committed suicide, some are certain she never existed in the first place, just a figment of their imagination, no woman could be as amazing as she once was.

Rumors are just rumors, we all know that. It is true, Miss Elizabeth Marie Ann Jone Rachel Ashley is no more. No matter how many people 'figure' out how she died, they will never know what really happened in her hotel room. Maybe if Elizabeth heeded Gerard's pleads to stay with him, she would have been here right now, however there is no redo button on life. The girl age of fifteen with beautiful black hair ignorantly plunged head first into the Mary Sue Zone.

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