~*The Mary Sue Zone*~

Chapter 2: Brooklyn Queen

Life isn't as always as it's cut out to be. Some are more fortunate than others, relaxing in pure riches while children are searching through trash cans for a decent meal. Everyone secretly holds a totally personalized fate, indecisive or controlled. Tonight ladies and gentlemen, we were brought here to witness a story of no other than Rose Abigail Harrison, a gorgeous girl forced to complete acts of profanity, crime and disrespect. Watch her walk the dangerous Brooklyn streets, giving anyone physical pleasure in return for money. Rose thought her drama filled life couldn't get any worse, that'd she live in a whore house forever, but this famous stripper/erotic dancer couldn't be anymore wrong.

This is the Mary Sue Zone.


Another twenty bill was roughly shoved in her panties as Rose slowly slid down the silver pole, trying to ignore the hungry gazes of perverts below. Bright lights flashed up and down the girl's body, earning louder encouraging shouts for more. It didn't occur to Rose that so many people would suddenly decide to show tonight. She is now sure that her boss, Mister Jerms will want her to sleep with a selected somebody if it meant a couple unexpected bucks. Sometimes Rose still regrets stepping foot into this whore house at age fourteen. Her mother always claimed that she could of created a rather large business company and later on become the wealthiest person on Earth. Those dreams are long gone, as her dear parents silently lay under the vile ground. Fiddling with her black and red hair playfully, the most well known stripper closed her act. Satisfied echoes bounced off these prisoner walls, painfully drowning Rose in her worst nightmare.

She tumbled down several stairs, searching for a peaceful escape. However they, as in the demanding people, had other plans for Rose. With one single finger tapping her bare shoulder, Miss Harrison jumped. Oh please don't let it be Mister Jerms...I need a break...When turned to investigate whoever disturbed her, a frown proudly replaced the blank expression on the woman's super model worthy face. Indeed it was Rose's employer standing in all his blazing glory, along beside him was a man you'd find in the back of a pick up truck. His hollow yellow teeth beamed towards Rose, sending her signals that she definitely won't be gaining any 'beauty' sleep soon.

Mister Jerms stated in a monotrous voice, "Mary Suekins, here's the man you'll be...entertaining tonight..." That was her stage name, although for reasons beyond knowledge, it managed to follow the shameful girl in her every day life. Said stranger practically roamed Rose's body with his nasty colored eyes, halting at her oversized chest.

"We're gonna have a good night...names Henry, beautiful." Nothing sounded as disturbing as his tone, she desired the urge to throw her pointy heels at his face and run away once and for all. That'd be wonderful. Of course Mister Jerms would somehow find her, punishing her like no tomorrow. It's not a wise choice to try to back out of a deal involving such sins, someone almost always gets harmed. The man still left unidentified by last name cockily strolled into her dressing room, like he owned the place. Rose sighed, vowing to simply get it over with. Before she could follow her new 'victim', Mister Jerms pulled her very long hair.

He deadly hissed, "Don't mess it up...or your sorry ass is out on the streets again. I'll collect the money once the job is done." Rose was released and pushed in, feeling even more disgusted than ever. Mister Jerms slammed the door shut, allowing her to be under firm captive of Henry. He smiled, running hands through her expensive hung up show clothes. Okay...come on, take your pants off. She began unzipping the little tub top that covered her womanhood, allowing it to carelessly fall to the floor in suspenseful slow motion. Those unfamiliar eye sockets widen in absolute surprise, hands ripping his shirt clean off. Ah, a beer belly man, lucky me.

Henry gradually approached Rose, promising 'comforting' sentences, "I'll be gentle...just on one condition...you have to do everything I say or you'll have to explain to your boss outside why exactly you came out empty handed."

She nodded, sealing a deal with the in disguise devil. Mocking grey shadows skipped around her, invisible laughter ringing in only Rose's ears. Closing those overly decorated eyes, she let the evil surrounding shallow her whole as Henry invaded her personal space bubble.


After fives minutes of displacement, Rose observed Henry gingerly rest fifty dollars on the clustered stand. She pretended to be deep asleep because frankly, she didn't feel like staring at his bulky frame snoring a thunder storm. Quietly leaving, her now spent customer probably went to greet Mister Jerms and congratulate him on his woman's service At least he'll give me a break NOW. Hopefully. Using her tiresome strength to pull herself up, Rose threw on a bed gown, awaiting Jerms grand entrance. Arrival shortly took action moments later.

"There's my girl! I must say I'm very impressed on your performance. Henry said you did anything he asked of you. THAT'S how you're supposed to go about it." Mister Jerms grasped the dirty money in his gold infested fingers.

Rose requested innocently, goals far from nice, "May I have my day off?"

He glanced at her through the slightly smeared and foggy mirror, "About that...not gonna happen. While you were busy in here, I scored a perfect arrangement down at the Brooklyn Docks. A fairly nice middle aged man will be patiently waiting for you in front of his brick house tomorrow morning. Succeed and I'm lookin' at three hundred green 'papers' rolled tightly held together by a rubber band!"

Disappointment was clearly tainting the sweaty air, choking her. I knew it, I knew it. Why does God hate me so much? Why can't someone save me? Rose wanted more than anything to reply 'No, I'm not going doing it.' Then again, his fists would slam into her face, possibly breaking her straight nose. Deep red blood poured out of the narrow nostrils as water falls would do to a random cave, or at least this happened in Rose's mind. There is no protest or argument about it, she'd do as she's commanded like the obedient slave she was trained to be.

Finally words both he and Rose needed to hear shot out, "Alright."

Mister Jerms's entire bone structure lifted, giving him the appearance of a porcelain cat, "Excellent,

get some rest because I'm pretty positive this guy's a biter."

He departed, leaving 'Mary Suekins' to her own clouded thoughts.


The sun rose over the crowded house's roof, a bird chirping somewhere close by. Days like these made Rose forget about the jobs she had to do, men who have no lives, life with no hope whatsoever and just the fact that no one will ever love her like her Father adored her Mother. Am I being over dramatic? People that reside in nice homes wouldn't understand why she would stay in a shelter like this. True, it's a terrible place to grow up in, but it's all that she got. They helped Rose form the perfect body, so beautiful that no human being could resist her. She's thankful despite everything else.

A knock upon her door brought the stripper back to cruel reality, "Mary Suekins, Mister Jerms is waiting to take you to Brooklyn Docks."

"Thank you Cherry. Tell him I'll be out in a second." Rose replied, showing gratefulness to one of her coworkers. The redhead left, not bothering to shut her door. Even though everyone around here is practically like a messed up family, it doesn't stop the gossip and fights.

She plastered black lipstick on her perfectly full lips, puckering them every so often. An outfit was already chosen for this special occasion. Black leather boots, long matching jacket, lacy red bra and a thong that could barely fit her. Mister Jerm's motto is, 'Small it is, faster you'll want to take them off.' Crude humor is famous in any sexual activity area. Show time.

Rose stalked out of her room, eyes focused on Mister Jerms who was currently drinking a beer. Only he would crack open the alcoholic drink at six in the morning. Yet, only she would get up this early to undergo intercourse for a huge wad of cash. Desperate times, desperate measures. Jerms soon took notice to the sexy leather, mouth parted. It was clear he, as any other man, would like to spend a whole day in the same room as her, without so much as a payment due.

"You look good. Now get going."

"I'm going to the docks by myself?-Wait, Cherry said you were going to take me there." Fear stroke Rose's already stressed heart. Surely a girl like her couldn't go trancing in barely any clothing around Brooklyn.

Mister Jerms shot Rose a bewildered expression, "Sorry, honey. I gotta do other things than make sure you're safe. You can handle whatever blocks your path...-" He hopped out of the bar chair, causing the jewelry he usually wore to swing back and forth, "-you're tough."

Cherry suddenly passed, a sly smile spreading across her completely pale lips, "Have fun!" Mary Suekins simply rolled her heavy eyeliner eyes and left the building. Outside newsboys stopped to stare, dropping any newspaper they had in their clutches. Rose chose to avoid walking past them, so she traveled the back alley way to the familiar murky docks. Mister Jerms had said her man would be standing near a brick building, giving her a valid point that there probably aren't many houses at all. Brooklyn Docks has a reputation of being haunted by demon spirits, things Rose did not believe.

Hours seem to fly, yet the stripper hadn't reached her destination. Every time she rounded a corner, a hobo laying on the curb would try to steal her jacket, unaware to what laid underneath. Frustration was only one of the emotions she was feeling right now, Rose also hoped that the man would have a heart attack doing the 'entertainment' so that she could leave early. Just when she didn't expect it, Rose ran straight into a brick wall, screaming in pain.

"Ow! What the hell-!"

She wasn't paying attention to where exactly she was walking. Great, I'm dirty so the guy won't want business from me. Rose desperately tried to brush unwanted grime off her ruffled leather jacket. A weird wet sensation dripped upon her head, resulting in Mary Suekins to glance up. There hanging about a few centimeters above her was a middle aged man, hanging from an upstairs window. His skin looked like someone tore it off, Rose felt her dinner slowly climb out of her throat. Now puke stained and horrified, the dancer considered going back. She just knew that the rotting corpse was the person she was supposed to meet today. Which means she's at the docks with nothing to do. Returning as Henry once said 'empty handed' would end up getting her killed too.

Movements from down below startled Rose. Footsteps pounded harshly on the shallow water, telling her everything she need to know. Someone's here, hopefully it's a guy seeking for a good time. Wrapping her leather jacket around her now shivering frame, Rose traveled into the lower level of the docks, dead body completely forgotten. She was shocked to come across a home like area, with a throne made out of sticks and branches. The woman with light soulful pink eyes explored such a scene cautiously.

"What are you doing here!" Shouted a strong, attractive male voice.

Rose spun around, nervous system going over the roof, "...I heard someone down here and decided to check it out...-" Her stare remained on the teenager who had caught her, taking note how blue his eyes were, "-What's your name, cutie?"

He replied darkly, "I am Spot Conlon, King of Brooklyn."

"You certainly are a big man...Spot. I'm Mary Suekins and I'm just looking for someone to love me." She cast him an adorable picture taking face, charms shining brightly in the shaded sun rays. Rose is determined to earn at least ten dollars.

Spot advanced towards Rose, "You are looking for a mate? As am I. Queens are very hard to come by in New York City." She laughed, thinking he was into some crazy role-playing. Strippers are born to act, born to be wild.

Mary Suekins shook herself free from the leather jacket, enjoying the King's reaction to her nakedness. Placing both hands on his shirtless chest, she whispered in his ear, "Take me, your royal highness." Spot smirked and tightly gripped her wrists.

"Okay, I will not destroy you, at last I have found my Queen." He leaned down, lips brushing against hers, "You are mine." They were firmly pressed on top of Rose's now, honestly Spot kissed better than any older man she's been with. Huge dollar signs exploded in her scheming head, he'd probably dish out large amounts because she played along with this game.

When they broke apart, Rose beamed.

"How much-AHHHHHHHH!"

Her screams could probably heard throughout the United States, for Spot went from a hot bod to a disfigured wrinkly creature before her very eyes. He gently rested a claw on her soft cheek, "You're just like me now, love." As if on cue, Rose felt her skin tear away, blood running out. What's happening to me? Horns quickly began to break out of her skull, those pretty fingernails transformed into curling yellow claws, that beloved hair betrayed Rose by replacing the color with an ugly grey. It is now she understands what's taking place. She's turning into the Queen of Brooklyn, who happens to be a monster. The creature who murdered the middle aged man was no other than Spot.

"We shall live forever..." Her newly monster husband stated gleefully.

As she at a loss for words, Spot picked her up bridal style, guiding his wife to their shared throne. Rose couldn't speak, she couldn't think, she wouldn't dare examine herself in a mirror for her amazing body was gone. Reflecting on what Spot informed her earlier, she realized she'll never see her 'friends' again.

Rose thought, "Forever...is like a REALLY long time..."


Alas now Rose Abigail Harrison, aka 'Mary Suekins' will never return to the pathetic excuse she called home. Mister Jerms will wonder what happened to his most loyal worker, however will move on just like everybody else. The world is has gotten rid of another stripper, maybe it's for the best that Rose found Spot. She truly has someone who loves her, someone who would do anything for her, even if that meant killing a few humans. Mrs. Harrison was indeed correct about her daughter being the wealthiest person on Earth after all, because they also steal money from the dead's wallets. Rose will sit upon the lap of Spot Conlon, Brooklyn King, for entirety in the Mary Sue Zone.

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