A/N: Welcome to "I Lost My Hart," a piece of fanfiction that tells of romance, hurt, betrayal, and leads into an epic ranger battle that I'm sure you won't forget. As the story winds on, the deeper the plot becomes and the more entrancing it gets; but before we start, here's a few things we'll need to cover:

- This story is an AU. It follows the events of the series; but for the sake of my O.C. Molly, the time frame in which each season of Power Rangers has lengthened. So yes, this story does take place during the season of Dino Thunder, but everyone's ages have been altered to better fit this original idea of mine. If you can't accept that, you might as well click away now.

- I have switched Tommy's profession to history at this point because I am HORRIBLE at science & chemistry and felt that writing about history would be a lot easier. Plus, I think that studying dinosaurs and fossils leans more towards the history side of the educational world.

- Tommy x Kimberly are the main pairing of this story, but there are SEVERAL other pairings that will be used during the course of this story as well. For starters, Hayley and Tommy are a couple when this story begins. As with most romances, theirs is going to take a while to blossom. So don't expect things to be all "sunshine and rainbows" in the beginning.

- Although I edit this story frequently, I do tend to make a few mistakes. So if you spot them, KINDLY let me know and I will take care of the issue immediately. Insulting my intelligence or skills as a writer for such minor mistakes is not only rude, but I will not tolerate it.

- Most importantly, I have made this story a personal challenge for myself and have written it ENTIRELY in the present tense so it seems like the story is happening right before your very eyes. It has proven to be a difficult challenge, but fun nonetheless. So I hope you guys like it too.

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Dawn is just creeping over the horizon on a semi-warm morning in March. The birds begin chirping melodically from their spots in the trees, as cicadas quiet themselves for a day of rest. Lights flip on and cars pull out of driveways as the people of Angel Grove prepare for another day.

On the outskirts of the city is a small, one-storied house with a stucco exterior and clay tiled roof. An alarm clock can be heard blaring like a scoreboard through an opened window, while a seventeen-year-old girl snores loudly alongside it. After what seems like the tenth beep, the girl groans and slams her right palm down on the snooze button. She then snuggles deeper into her sheets to try and fall back into dreamland.

Before the teen can get too comfortable, there is a loud knock on the wooden door of her room. She squeezes her eyes shut and mentally begs for her mother to go away and let her sleep in peace, but her prayers go unanswered as the door swings open with a loud creak. Said mother walks into the room and sits down beside her daughter, the mattress sinking beneath her added weight, before she shakes her daughter's shoulder.

"It's time to get up Molly. Come on, it's your last day of school."

Molly Hart, the spitting image of her mother, groans before pulling the covers over her head. She had been hoping her mother was going to forget, but she should have known better. Her mother clicks her tongue in disapproval before yanking the covers off the teen, exposing Molly's bare legs to the coolness of her room. Molly yips before curling into a ball to preserve what little bit of heat she can. Her mother sighs before dropping the rainbow zebra-printed blanket to the floor.

"Molly, you have until the count of ten to get out of bed, or I'm getting the bucket."

Those words seem to wake the teen up; and before she knows it, Molly is sitting upright as she shakes her head quickly. "I'm up, okay? There's no need to dump a bucket of water on me."

Her mother giggles as Molly slides out of bed and heads out of her room into the bathroom across the hall. She can feel her mother's eyes on her back as she starts the shower tap and moves to the sink to brush her teeth. After her mother leaves to finish packing the boxes in the kitchen, Molly sheds her clothes and steps into the ceramic tiled shower. She sighs contentedly as she bathes in the water's warmth, the steam clearing out her nose and waking her up even more. She has to admit, morning showers are probably the only thing she actually looks forward to at the start of the day. In spite of this, Molly cannot seem to enjoy her quiet time as much as she usually does.

A frown settles on the teen's lips as she grabs her loofah and adds body wash to it. She and her mother are going to be leaving Angel Grove at the end of the day and Molly could not be more disappointed. She had lived in Angel Grove all her life. It is where she was born and raised, and it is where all of her friends are. Why her mother chose to take up a teaching in Reefside, California is beyond her.

Reefside is two hours away from Angel Grove; and going off the information Molly had found online, the town is a lot smaller than Angel Grove. Apparently, the town's high school population had increased enough for them to start their own gymnastics team; and when her mother had heard the news, she sent in an application right away. Back in her "glory days," Molly's mother had been a talented gymnast who even competed in the Pan Global Games her junior year of high school. She had placed gold and ever since then, her name was well recognized within the Angel Grove community. It should not be a surprise that the faculty at Reefside High School wanted to have her coach their youth.

"Molly, hurry up and finish your shower." her mother calls from the other side of the door, pulling the teen from her thoughts. "I don't want you to be late again."

"I'm finishing up now." she calls back before rinsing the suds off her body. The teen reaches for her shampoo bottle and squeezes a good amount into the palm of her hand before working the soap through her brown locks. No matter how she feels about moving, it is a done deal. Her mother is happy and ready for this change and Molly is going to stand by her no matter what.

By this time tomorrow, Molly would be attending Reefside High School with her mother Kimberly Ann Hart. Let the adventure begin.

A/N: And so our story begins. Molly is Kimberly's teenage daughter and they're about to start a new chapter of their lives in Reefside. Are you wondering what kind of obstacle they're going to face while there? I'm sure you do; but even if you know, I hope you'll read on to find out! Until next time guys!