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All I Need

By: Ellivia22


Paris, the city of romance and art. The place every couple should go for a romantic time. What a load a bull. Paris is nothing but pain and misery.

I lean against the railing of the S.S. Tipton staring bitterly into the waves. The waves crash against the ship hard as if it was angry. My eyes are shut tight, my thoughts are as dark as tonight's sky.

It's been a week since Bailey and I broke up. I'm no longer mad at her. I feel so lost without her. She was my whole world and now she's gone. I guess our relationship was doomed from the moment we came to Paris. I didn't trust her and she didn't trust me. I was angry and not thinking straight. I ended up saying things I didn't mean and ended up hurting her.

I know she hates me. She refuses to be in the same room as me, except for class. It hurts so much not being with her. I've lost her forever and it's all my fault.

A lone tear works it's way down my face. I wipe my hand cross my face. I'm so pathetic. I can't handle the break up like a man. No wonder Zack calls me a loser all the time. He hates me just as much as Bailey does, if not more. I'm an embarrassment to him. Does anybody care about me?

I place my foot on the railing and pull myself up. I swing my legs over the railing. I sit on the railing my body facing the water. Since it's so late I know nobody's going to see me. I won't get into trouble. The wind blows back my blonde hair. Sitting on the railing I can feel the boat moving. It takes a lot to keep holding on. The water looks inviting. Would I really do it? Would I really let go? My body starts to tremble as the answer repeats in my head. Yes.

If I let go everything will turn right. Bailey will find a guy who will treat her better. Zack will be an only child just like he wants to be. Nobody will miss the loser twin, the nerdy twin. As for me, the pain will finally be gone. I start to let go.

Suddenly I feel strong arms wrap around me tight. I struggle hard to pull myself forward and into the sea, but whoever grabbed me is way too strong. I fall backwards onto the ship. I land on top of whoever grabbed me from the clutches of death. Arms are still wrapped around me tight.

A harsh voice whispers in my ear. "What the hell do you think you're doing, Cody?" I'd recognize that voice anywhere. Zack.

I struggle hard against his grip but his hold on me is way too tight. His frightened voice pisses me off. He doesn't decide to care about me until he finds me about to kill myself. "What does it look like?" I snarl at my twin. "I'm offing myself. Now LET GO OF ME!"

I elbow Zack hard in the stomach. He gasps in surprise and lets go. I pull myself away from him. Before I can take two steps, Zack tackles me to the ground. He sits on my chest, his knees digging painfully into my ribs. His hands are pinning mine to the ground.

"LET GO OF ME!" I cry desperately. "LET GO OF ME! LET-."

I stop struggling. I stare wide eyed at my brother's face. Zack's face is as pale as a sheet. His body is shaking violently. Behind his blue-green eyes is so much pain I can't stand it. I watch in astonishment as a tear falls from his eyes and down his face, followed by another. Of the sixteen years that I've known him I've never seen him shed a tear. Not once. And now here he is standing over me, tears falling down his face. Guilt starts to seep through my veins, I try hard to push the feeling back down.

I'm not sure how long we stared at each other in a painful silence. The only sound I can hear is our pained breath. "Why would you do this, Cody?" Zack finally manages to choke out.

I avoid the question. "H-how did you know where I was?" I gasp in pain as Zack's knees dig deeper into my ribs.

"I didn't. I was just walking around when I saw my little brother about to become shark bait! Now answer me! Why would you do that?"

"To make the world better!" I cry, tears rolling down my face. "Bailey can find a guy who will treat her better than I did. You can be an only child just like you want to be! You'll never have to put up with your embarrassing brother anymore. Now LET GO OF ME!"

"What makes you think my life would be better without you?" Zack asks barely above a whisper.

I glare at him through my tears. I can't believe he's asking me that. "How many times have you told me you hated me? How many times have you told me you wished you were an only child? How many times have you told others that you have an embarrassing brother?" Guilt flashes in his eyes. "It's happened so many times that I've lost count and you know what? It hurts me every time you put me down! So YES I know your life would be better without me!"

"You don't think I care about you?"

I roll my eyes. "I KNOW you don't!"

Zack gets off my chest at last. Now I'm able to breathe properly again. He pulls me up to a sitting position, but keeps a firm hold on my wrists. He looks me straight in the eye. "For the first time in your life Cody, you're finally wrong. Despite of what you think I DO care about you. I care about you so much that I ate a whole goat! I care about you so much that I was willing to sacrifice my one and only A to you when I could've FINALLY beaten you at something. I care about you so much that I was willing to buy you a boring telescope with our birthday money. I care about you so much that I would gladly die for you!" He releases my hands and looks away from me.

This would be the perfect opportunity to run away from him, but I can't move. All I can do is stare at my brother as he sobs quietly. His words echo in my brain. I would gladly die for you. He's right. He has done so much for me and I've never really appreciated him. I've been so messed up from the break up with Bailey that I've forgotten all the good things. All I've done is focused on the bad and ended up hurting him. I'm such a bad brother.

My eyes lower to my wrists. They are slightly bruised from Zack's grip. I sigh deeply. "I've been so messed up from the break up with Bailey that I haven't been able to think straight. The pain has been so bad that I've forgotten about all the good things you've done for me and focused on the bad. I'm sorry, Zack. For everything."

Zack pulls me into his arms for a tight hug. I hug him back just as tightly. "I'm sorry too, little brother," he whispers stroking my back gently. "I'm sorry for hurting you with all my insults. I never mean them. From now on I'll try to be more supportive and there for you no matter what."

I smile at my brother, making him smile back. "And I promise that I'll come to you if I ever need anything."

Zack grabs my shoulders and looks at me seriously. "Promise me one more thing. Promise me you won't do anything stupid like that again. I love you so much, Cody and I'd go out of my mind if I lost you."

I smile happily. "I promise. I love you too, Zack."

We hug each other again. The agonizing pain inside me has finally dulled to oblivion. My brother is all I need and he'll always be here.

The End