A/N: Please excuse the dreariness of this fic. I have issues…

Disclaimer: I don't own Alice in Wonderland.

Charcoal leaves drift from above.

Dropping under a stormy sky.

Gray flower litter the earth.

Half dead and dehydrated.

No rain has come. No rain will come.

Silence reigns all around.

This place once Heaven, now becomes Hell.

All residents have fled, it's now barren, deserted.

Empty and bare, sad and desolate.

People have forgotten, their hearts dark. Of a world so wonderful, so gay.

Life is different now than is was then. No ones friendly, things are hard.

Innocents and peace are nowhere to be found. Bitterness and hatred surround the wretched.

Wonderland dies, cold and forgotten. Will no one ever believe again…?