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Chapter One | I'm A Father




"Sir," Jae Ni paused just outside of the meeting room. "I just received a call from downstairs." She shuffled back and forth in her stance trying to hide her grimace. "Hye Su is on her way up."

Junpyo heaved a small sigh and shook his head. She always appeared at the most in opportune times. He squeezed his eyes closed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Tell her she can leave a message with you. I do not want to see her." Junpyo frowned deeply. "I do not have time for childish idiocy."

"Yes sir." Jae Ni nodded. "But I make no promises. She does not listen well - to anyone." Her nose scrunched unhappily.

Junpyo grimaced and heaved a frustrated sigh. "Call down to security and have two of them come up here incase she decides not to listen to my orders and wait with the security."

"Right away sir." Jae Ni bowed slightly. "Enjoy your meeting."

He cracked a wry grin. "Have I ever enjoyed any of these meetings?" A dry chuckle left his throat. "Take a long lunch - you will need it." He smiled apologetically. "It will be an even longer evening I suppose." He ran a hand through his hair - a stress habit he had long ago gotten from his late father. "I fear that damned woman is going to run this company into the ground."

"Yes sir." Jae Ni smiled, eyes sparkling softly. "Should I bring something back for you?" Her head tilted to the side. "I will depart for lunch after your meeting - so if there is something you would like me to bring you, just let me know."

Junpyo nodded. "Okay, that will be fine."


Junpyo kept his emotions in check as he stood before the circular table filled with board members. "I know it has been a while since I have called a meeting of such a wide manner. But there seems to be a few things that need to be straightened out." He glanced at the elder men surrounding him. "My father ran this company - well I might add. Very well." Junpyo smiled at the nods he received. "I do not plan to change much - his ways have worked, still thriving - therefore I see no need to change them." His features hardened.

"That is good." One of the members spoke. His voice deep and gravelly. "That was a concern of ours."

Junpyo nodded - that much he understood. "However, it does seem apparent that a few of you have forgotten who actually signs your checks." He took his seat at the head of the circular table - leaning back in the leather rolling chair. "My advice? You should all take a look at the signing name before cashing your next check." Junpyo waited a beat for opening the folder on his desk. "Now, the merger with Creedman . . ."

His voice droned on as he moved directly into business. He glanced up - covering his smirk as he saw them shuffling to open their folders.

"I have a meeting to attend next door." Junpyo spoke firmly as he stood. He had been going over the new installments for the last 30 minutes. "See which ones will be the easiest to implement first - the harder ones can be dealt with later. "I will not be available for the next two hours or so - I have a merger to finish." He bowed slightly before taking his exit.

"Hello sir." Jae Ni smiled. "The Hye Su problem has been put on hold." Her eyes sparkled. "I was able to get a couple of the girls in the elevator to mention a out of office lunching."

Junpyo chuckled. "Wonder Woman my lovely Jae Ni." He placed a kiss on her left hand. "Is she returns . . . she will be detained and shown to the exit."

"Yes, I will do my best, your last security were just switched." Jae Ni grinned. "Everything should be back on track."

Junpyo bobbed his head. "Thank You."


The room and hall were silent. No one dared speak. Eyes were wide and jaws were open. But no one dared speak. Breath was caught in the back of throats. But no one dared speak. Brain function had ceased. But no one dared speak. Minds short circuited. But no one dared speak. No nervous laughter. No one dared to make a sound. No unnecessary clearing of throats. No one dared to make a sound. No awkward silence breaking coughs. No one dared to make a sound.

The clock was the only sound that dared. It ticked on through the silence.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

The silence was tangible. A pregnant pause. Suspension building.

"Oppa?" She broke the silence when no one else would. "Speak to me." Her arms crossed over her chest, purse dangling from her left wrist. She didn't care what the stupid secretary had said. Hye Su did as she please, nothing would change that.

He cleared his throat while keep his mouth shut, his jaw flexed before tightening. "Put her in my office." His dark eyes flickered over to the two security men that had followed her in.

Why they couldn't have stopped her, before she made it this far, was a subject he would be having with his security later.

Her eyes widened as her jaw dropped in shock. "What!?" She screeched indignantly. Her arms flailed as the two men lifted her and pulled out out of the office meeting.

He stood from his desk and bowed deeply to the men he was in deep discussion with only moments ago. "My humblest apologies," his english was slow, but with perfect clarity. "Deepest apologies."

"It's fine Junpyo," the elderly man laughed out. "She seems to be a feisty one, a bit clingy too."

Junpyo strangled out a laugh. "She's unable to let go." His smile was tight

Another man tsked. "I remember that. Back in my day . . . I couldn't keep them away."

"Bryan, in your day, the girls ran from you." Another piped in.

Bryan scowled.

Junpyo chuckled softly. "I am still sorry, this is highly inappropriate timing, Mr. Yamamoto." He bowed once more before sitting.

The first man waved him off. "Nonsense. Life in Russia is like that. All the women are feisty." He smiled. "That's what makes catching them have the fun."

Junpyo smiled and nodded. "True Mr. Smyrnov."

He shook his head and waved the him off. "Being in league with each other go by fist names. Vicktor."

The second man nodded. "I agree. If that's how you handle sudden interruptions - calm, in control, and firmly . . . we will be fine. Call me Rhyuu."

Bryan smiled. "Call me Bob." He grinned cheekily.

The others laughed.

Junpyo stood. "I am truly glad you have agreed to join Shinhwa Corp."

Rhyuu grinned. "Boy, be honest. You would have taken our groups if we didn't agree."

Junpyo grinned wickedly. His plump lips twisted devilishly, while his dark brown eyes gleamed dangerously. "Yes. I would have. You can give me what I want and make it easy on yourself. Or I can take what I want and drag you through hell doing so." He paused for effect. "But you may choose your path, not I."

Rhyuu laughed joyfully. "You are a true business man. You will run Tenshi Group very well."

Junpyo bowed. "Yes. I will." He smiled and gathered the papers that had once covered And as I have stated in each of your contracts. The name of your business will stay, you will just have Shinhwa Corp tacked on. And you can stay in you current position, but you will take orders from me if I see something needs changing."

Each man nodded as small murmurs of understanding fell from their lips.

"Good Day gentlemen. It was a pleasure."

"I'm sure," Rhyuu prodded. "You are now making triple the money you were."

Junpyo laughed. "Fatheralways said a smart man was a rich man."

"Indeed, indeed." Rhyuu murmured.

"May your travels home be safe." Junpyo bowed once more before leaving the meeting room.

"Sir," Jae Ni smiled and bowed respectively. "I am truly sorry, I had stepped to the ladies room when she must have slipped by." Jae Ni bowed slightly, chewing on her lower lip.

"Where is she?" His voice was cold and laced with malice. He wasn't in the mood to play, let alone be nice.

"W-where you asked her to be put." Jae Ni bit her lower lip and nodded towards her office.

"How did she go?" Junpyo questioned.

"None to quietly sir. She didn't like to be man handled." Jae Ni replied to his question.

Junpyo nodded. "And normally I agree, a woman should never be man handled."

Jae Ni smiled. "Sir . . . it was fun to watch." Her eyes were alight with mirth.

Junpyo shook his head but couldn't stop the smile that split his lips. "I want to know the names of all the security men she passed on the way to this floor. I also want to know the name of the person who specifically told her what room I was in."

She nodded. "Right away sir." She bowed slightly before scurrying back to her desk.

Junpyo nodded and stalked towards his office just down the hall - the office penthouse suit. He took a deep breath before opening the door. "Was that necessary?" Junpyo hissed as he slammed the door to his office behind him.

She jumped. Her eyes were still wide in shock. "O-oppa?"

"I had the head of the Shields Corp, the Tenshi Group, and Smyrnov Industries in there!" He growled out in a quietly, there was no need to yell - his anger was visible.

She bit her lower lip as her eyes shimmered. "Y-you wouldn't see me," she whispered softly.

Junpyo snorted. "You brought this on yourself." He pointed one slender index finger at her. Junpyo's eyes narrowed. "You did this. Not me." He growled. "You left me. Not the other way around!" He laughed mirthlessly. "You left me Hye Su," his voice cracked as he broke once again. His ground together. He thought he was done. Done crying over her. Done feeling broken. Done.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. Hye Su's eyes shimmered as she stared at the man before her. "I had to."

Junpyo's brows furrowed. "Had to?" His head cocked to the side. "You had to leave in the middle of the night? Never contact me once while you were gone? Oh, and you have to disappear for over 10 months?" Junpyo squeezed his eyes shut. "10 months. You were gone. No word. No nothing."

"I was pregnant. . ." She whispered.

Junpyo's head shot up. At the age of 23, Junpyo had been accustomed that anything was possible. But this, this stuned him. He stood frozen with shock in his steps. "Y-you . . . What?" is face contorted with shock then disbelief, before turning to anger. "How . . ." his voice rose in anger, "COULD YOU?"

Hye Su flinched away in fear. He had never raised his voice at her. "Jun . . . I-I had too," she stuttered out with a great deal of difficulty. "Please, if there was any other way . . . I would have done it."

He stood stock still, which only made her cower in more fear. The boy who had once stood before her was no more.

Again Hye Su made a plea. "Please, Junpyo . . ."

He shook his head angrily at her soft please, "NO! No, Hye Su. No you didn't."

"Your mom . . . made me." Tears began to fall down her face.

Junpyo shook his head."Don't blame this on her. All you had to do was tell me! I would have protected you." He heaved a frustrated sigh. He roughly ran a hand through his straight brown locks. His voice barely above a whisper as he continued, "you could have told me."

Again Hye Su pleaded. "Junpyo . . . I had to."

He scoffed. "NO! No, you didn't. You didn't Hye Su."

Tears brimmed over. One after another began to fall down her cheeks. "The baby is safe." Her head lowered softly as more tears fell. Trails of dark inky mascara tears made its way down her face.

Again the man before her scoffed. "Safe?" His face contorted in anger and confusion. "The baby would be safer here," he gestured to himself as his voice rose in volume, "with me!"

She exhaled softly. Her body shook gently in fear. "I . . . I . . . I promise, I would never have left the baby if it wasn't safe." Hye Su wiped at her tears, which just smeared the black lines more. "I put her up for adoption. She's safe." More tears fell.

He stood frozen in place. It was a girl! I have a daughter! He shook his head angrily. He exhaled harshly before turning to leave. HIs hand gripped the door handle.

Hye Su ran forward and wrapped her arms around his waist. Her head rested on his back. Tears fell faster. Hye Su's voice was rough and watery, "please . . . don't . . . go."

Both hearts shattered all together as they stood in that position.

His hands covered hers, resting for a moment before moving to pull them away.

Hye Su's hands tightened their grips around his upper torso as she realized his intent.

His grip tightened around her hands. Yanking, he felt her hands loosen. Junpyo pulled them apart. He flinched slightly as he heard her yelp. He felt her begin to try and wrap her arms around him again. Junpyo took a step forward and opened the door before snapping his fingers. Two guards came to his aid quickly. Prying her from him, he began walking.

Hye Su's arms flailed around in the air. "JUNPYO . . . DON'T DO THIS." She screamed after him. "Junpyoooooooooooo." She fought the men that held her in place. "WAIT! DON'T GO!" Again Hye Su struggled with the men, but to no avail.

Goo Jun Pyo held his head high while walking to the elevator.


Pressing "1", he waited for the elevator to start. His mind raced at a frantic pace. What does she look like? Where is she? Who is she with? Are they good people? How do I find her?

A ding was heard. He sighed softly as he walked out of the Shinhwa Corp.

I will find her.

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