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JD | Monday: 06:05:15 AM

Jan Di groaned and stretched. It was a favorite past-time. Jan Di loved stretching after a fitful rest. It always made her feel so much better. Every muscle stretched and every tendon pulled. Bones popped and the body relaxed further. It gave her an extra few seconds to wake up and great the day instead of turning her back to it.

Monday. Everyone hated Mondy. It was a right of passage to hate Mondays. If you didn't hate Mondays you were simply not cool. And no, there was no amount of stretching that could make her truly happy to greet a Monday. It was near impossible.

Near impossible - Jan Di was still holding out on that one person who could get her to wake up happily on a Monday morning. Screw her, she still wanted a fairytale.

"Okay," she muttered as she blinked gently. Jan Di slowly sat up. Her hand came down heavily on the blaring alarm clock.

That was another thing. If you didn't hate alarm-clocks. You were an outcast. No other way around it. She didn't care if he could make her like Mondays, there was no way possible he would be able to get her to like alarm clocks.

"Mommy?" A tiny voice whispered from her left side.

Had Jan Di ever mentioned she no longer watched horror movies anymore. It was near impossible to go back to them - she had been a horror movie junky - after Rae Na had come into her room one night and whispered momma a couple times. After watching the movie called 'Mama' with Jae Na earlier that night. Yeah . . . Never again.

Jan Di smiled sweetly and held her arms open. It was too early to open her eyes. She would . . . Eventually. Just not this particular moment. But it was foreseen in the near future.

"Mommy is it time for school yet?" Rae Na whispered while crawling up on the bed next to her mother. Her nose scrunched sleepily.

Jan Di smiled and hummed in reply.

"Okay." Rae Na smiled. "Can I wear my new outfit?" Her eyes were wide and innocent.

"The one you got with JaeNa?" Jan Di questioned softly. There were quite a few new outfits that lined her daughters closet, Jan Di was going to need a little confirmation in the right direction if this new outfit was going to be school ready in a few minutes.

"Momma," Rae Na nodded and clapped her hands. "Can Jae Hoo come over for dinner one night?"

Jan Di grimaced out a smile. "I'm not sure. We will see." She wasn't entirely ready for her daughter to go anywhere near boys. Sure Jae Hoo seemed to just be a friend and nothing more. That didn't mean Jan Di was willing to risk anything. That and . . . Ji Hoo. She wasn't sure about that big question period. He seemed sweet, but . . .

Rae Na nodded, not pressing any further. "Could we see Jun?" Her dark eyes shined brightly as she stared imploringly at her mother.

She never did, something Jan Di was very thankful for. She smiled as she watched her daughter. There were times where she acted much older than she was. And what amazed her even more was the fact that Rae Na knew just when to switch subjects.

"Mommy! Do you know what happens in two weeks?" Rae Na's eyes widened, shimmering brightly. A slow smile grew on her petal pink lips, blinding anyone in view.

Such a beautiful smile. Jan Di pursed her lips while feigning innocence. "No." She tilted her head to the side. "Should I?" She let her index finger tap softly against her chin as she threw on a dramatic thinking face. "Nothing is coming to mind Sugar."

"WHAT!" Rae Na gasped in horror. "MOMMY!" Her lower lip quivered slightly. "How could you forget my birthday coming up!"

Jan Di chuckled. "Oooh, I didn't forget." She fought the smile. "I just thought we'd skip it this year." Jan Di blinked innocently and waited for her daughter's comical reaction.

"SKIP IT?" Rae Na shrieked in horror. She shook her head quickly. The black curls bounced and swayed. "No, no. We will not skip my birthday." Rae Na shook her head quickly. "I didn't agree to that momma, you can't make a de- di-" her brows furrowed slightly.

Ja Di grinned. "Decision."

"Decision like that without my say." Her dark brows orbs shimmered softly. "That's not nice. We have to be nice to people - momma, you said so." Rae Na heaved a small sigh. "Right?"

Jan Di laughed. "Okay! okay! No skipping." She hugged her daughter and kissed her forehead. "Come on, It's school time." She was such a precious little girl. Jan Di's smile stayed in place. The light of her life.

JP | Monday: 10:09:25 AM

Junpyo heaved a sigh and sipped at his black coffee. Before him, strung out across the rectangular table - off to the side of his penthouse office - were blueprints for every mall he owned.

"Dude? Did you even go home?" He heaved an exasperated sigh and tsked unhappily. "Not healthy man, not healthy at all - I would know." He grinned sweet-naturedy. "I've done it. All it did was set me back further when I finally got sick."

Junpyo shook his head. "No. I've been trying to get everything in order for Jan Di to look at." His dark eyes flitted over the papers and blue-prints on the long table to the left of his big desk. "It has to be perfect - if I need more than should be options, so be it." Junpyo took a deep breath. "I need her here."

"That doesn't mean you shouldn't sleep - at least a little." The male whistled and grinned cheekily as he took a seat across from the sleep-deprived Junpyo. "It's going to be fine. She's already agreed to look at blue-prints. You couldn't get more of a yes from a woman if you tried."

"Is there something you wanted?" Junpyo questioned. He raised an eyebrow in waiting. The dork was taking him away from his preparations.

He grinned. "I can't come just to visit a dear old friend?" He feigned a sad kicked puppy look. "Why not?"

"No, Woo Bin, you can't." Junpyo smirked. He laughed softly at the short squawk of indignation that greeted him in reply. Junpyo shrugged his shoulders and grinned easily. "If I have to be honest, on your behalf, so be it." His plump lips were pulled back in a cheeky smile.

Woo Bin heaved a sigh. "You wound me." He chuckled at the annoyed look the other shot him. "Okay, okay." He held his hands up in surrender. "I came with some news."


"That's up to interpretation." Woo Bin winced. His eyes squinted as he ran his hands up and down the top of his pant's legs. He shimmied somewhat in his seat before looking up at Junpyo. He hated giving the other bad news - the man had had enough bad news to last them all a lifetime.

Junpyo frowned. "What is it?"

"Some one has been looking into Rae Na's background." He paused while his lips pursed. "Well, someone is trying to look into her background - but considering Hye Su gave no information, tracking down has been iffy." Woo Bin shrugged easily. Brows furrowed unhappily as he glared down at the desk in front of him.

"Why do you say iffy?" JunPyo stopped, giving the other his full attention. Woo Bin didn't use words like iffy.

Woo Bin smiled. "I've ran into this hacker only once before." A whimsical look crossed his features, eyes glazing over for a tepid moment.

"Okay," Junpyo nodded absent-minded and continued to flip through the layouts on the table. He couldn't keep his complete attention of Woo Bin, he had to much to prepare for and the other continued to pause for long - unnecessary - moments.

"She beat me." Woo Bin shifted in his seat and slouched slightly as he looked anywhere but at Junpyo. He swallowed and kept his eyes lowered and away from his long time friend. It was a secret he had kept. It was rare one of the F4 was beaten. Even more rare that they didn't retaliate to the public shame. To bury it, away from prying eyes - now that was an occasion so rare the thought never came to mind.

Junpyo froze and turned - giving the other his full attention. That was impossible. "What?"

Woo Bin nodded. "She beat me. I fell into a trap I didn't even see coming and that never happens." He shook his head and chuckled. "I'm at the top. A Mafia Leader, who got his ass schooled by a girl he's never seen." He smiled tightly, brows furrowed in the middle. "I couldn't even trace her steps."

Junpyo chuckled. "Loosing your touch?" He smirked easily. He stepped away from the table and moved to sit in his leather rolling chair behind the desk - across from Woo Bin.

"No," Woo Bin snorted. "I didn't say that." His nose scrunched unhappily.

"So what are you going to do?" Junpyo inquired softly. It still pertained to his baby girl.

Woo Bin grinned like a child. "I'm going to put a couple bugs on her. About three decoys and a real one." He shrugged. "Let her do the work for me." His lips pursed as he paused. Woo Bin frowned. "As long as she doesn't realize - i'll probable set up a couple fall-back proofs for extra."

"yeah." Junpyo nodded. "Okay. That all?"

"I've been watching Hye Su." Woo Bin started. It was much easier to lead in with other news before starting with the witch - she was worse than the Dragon Lady, that was hard.

Junpyo's hands flexed as his jaw tightened. "Yeah?" Voice clipped and controlled as he waited.

"She's buying a new wardrobe." Woo Bin supplied.

"Geat." He grimaced. "She's not going to leave me alone is she?" He heaved a rough sigh and rubbed the back of his neck. "I should have known better than ever getting in bed with her." Junpyo groaned and shook his head. "I should have known something was off the moment she approached me."

Woo Bin shook his head. "Yeah, you should have man."

JD | Monday: 09:15:19 AM

Jan Di hummed softly to herself as she tapped her fingers against the steering wheel. She had just dropped Rae Na off at school, grabbed her morning breakfast of coffee with French vanilla creamer and an apple strudel, the music was happy and soothing, and finally everything seemed to fit into place. Maybe she was going to finally make her break and be able to take a couple vacations here or there. Jan Di wanted Rae Na to see the world.

Her daughter was happy. She was happy. Today was going to be a really good day. It had shaped up okay in the morning - and no, Jan Di was not going to jinx it with that phrase.

Jan Di smiled brightly as she waved to the outer secretary. "Hello, Sun Ah!" A gleaming smile covered her lips. Her eyes wide and bright - a cherry complexion over all.

Sunni beamed. "Hello! How are you this morning?" Her petal colored lips shimmered under the artificial lighting as she leaned over the reception desk to lean closer to the other woman.

"I am doing well." Her eyes sparkled. "I hope Bumpkin fairs the same?" The smile played with her soft colored lips.

Sunni nodded quickly. "He is feeling much better, thank you!"

"Again, I believe he gets sick all the time because you named him Bumpkin." Jae Na proclaimed. She cackled softly at the playful glare that greeted her.

Jan Di and Sun Ah stopped. They stared at the woman before them.

"Something is different." Jan Di murmured.

Sun Ah nodded in agreement.

"What?" Jae Na questioned with furrowed brows. She looked down at herself. She'd worn this dress before. Quite a few times actually. SHe looked behind her - well as far as her head would allow. Jae Na's nose scrunched, she turned in a circle. "I've worn this." Her eyes narrowed. "If this is your way of saying I should have put that popsicle down, or that you thought this dress was new." She pointed a freshly manicured nail that them. "I will hurt you both."

Jan Di pointed at her long time friend. Her smile widened - if possible. "I know!" She fanned the air. "You met a guy."

"What!" Sun Ah gasped before squealing and clapping happily. "Where? Who? When? How?"

Her dark eyes sparkled. "At the coffee shop." She swayed back and forth. A pair of four inch beige and white Chloe' Kasia' wedge sneakers adorned her feet. The dress was a soft neutral shaded beige that put a sophisticated spin on the polka dotted print. It was sleeveless with a trio of tear-drop cutouts along the slightly oval shaped neckline. A beige colored sash wrapped around the waist - causing the bottom of the dress to flare.

"That's why he said I'm next!" Jan Di exclaimed suddenly. She laughed at the strange looks she received. Ushering them towards her office - Jan Di continued. "I stopped to get coffee and breakfast." She waved the hidden apple strudel in the bag.

Sun Ah tsked. "We both know apple strudel is not breakfast."

Jan Di rolled her eyes. "Anyway, he said I was next. I had absolutely no clue what he meant." Her dark eyes sparkled. "But it makes since now. You walked out of the coffee shop with a guy - didn't you?"

Jae Na blushed and bobbed slightly. "More like they followed me out."

"THEY!?" The two girls shrieked, eyes wide in shock.

Her blush intensified. "Not like that!" She shook her head and waved her hands in front of her frantically. "Yah!" She pointed at the both. "Heathens! Minds out of the gutter!"

The other two giggled.

"Explain," Jan Di demanded, her eyes lit with mischief. She plopped down in her chair and ushered for the other two to take their seats. "Details!"

"A guy and . . . I think his little brother." Jae Na's brows furrowed as she recalled the memory to the fore-front. "At least I believe it was his little brother." She shrugged. "The little boy called him hyung not appa." Jae Na's lips puckered. "but they did look a lot alike."

"Wow!" Jan Di grinned. "If I had known you wanted a child - I would have let you borrow Rae Na a long time ago." She giggled at the glare she received. "What?"

Jae Na giggled. "That's not it and you know it!"

"So what's his name?"

Jae Na swooned. "Ji Hoo."

"Ji Hoo?" Jan Di frowned. That name sounded familiar. But why? She shook her head and focused on Jae Na once more.

JP | Monday: 10:45:49 AM

Junpyo let out a breath and stared at the blue prints once more. What if she didn't like them? What if she hated them? What if she backed out? Jan Di hadn't signed a contract yet, nothing was keeping her tied to him. He ran a hand through his hair, pulling at the inky locks. Junpyo was going to die before he got his little girl if they kept going at this rate.

"Sir?" Jae Ni smiled slightly while holding up a small saucer plate with a cup on it. "You looked like you needed something to help you relax." She smiled softly and stepped into the office.


Jae Ni giggled. "I came in here half an hour ago and handed you the Creedmen files." Her eyes sparkled. "You have to be working too hard not to notice a pretty woman."

"Pretty?" Junpyo smirked.

"Well," Jae Ni exclaimed while she grinned widely and batting her lashed. "I was being modest! We both know I'm beautiful."

Junpyo laughed once more. She was something else entirely. "Thank you." He had missed her while on his around the world business slash vacation trip. Jae Ni had always been able to make him smile.

"Dork." Jae Ni smiled. "It is no problem sir. Just make sure to drink it completely. It will keep you going."

He smiled. "I will." Junpyo replied. "Have you sent a call into Mperial Fashions?" His skin itched, thousands of little pins continuously picked at his body. He couldn't sit still. It was almost to much.

Jae Ni shook her head. "I was just about to though. You never gave me a meeting time."

"I thought you could read my mind?" Junpyo's eyes twinkled brightly. He loved hte constant little witty banter. She knew when to cutup and she kenw

She snorted unlady-like and waved him off. "Do not offend me." Jae Ni giggled softly. Her boss had been in a good-ish mood lately, she was loving it.

"Lunch." Junpyo supplied. "I want to have a calm setting - so it would be easier to do it over a lunch setting where we can sit back and relax."

Jae Ni nodded while jotting down a couple notes. "Is there anything in particular that you would like?"

"Choose." He waved her off. His personal secretary should know what he likes by now. If she didn't, Junpyo needed to find a new one. "Make sure it arrives a minutes before her. I don't want it cold."

Jae Ni nodded once more. "Alright. I will get right on it and let you know their answer."

"That is fine." Junpyo replied. His dark eyes glared at the blue prints in front of him.

It was hard to concentrate. All he could think about was his daughter. He wanted his baby-girl. He wanted a little girl that could be nick-named 'Daddy's Little Girl'.

Junpyo heaved a small sigh and leaned back in his chair - leaning away from the desk in front of him. He pulled his lower lip into his mouth and worried it. He pulled on the handle that opened the thin small drawer the rested on the underside of his desk - above his legs.

Geum Rae Na.

She was so beautiful.

He stared down at her picture. Junpyo smiled softly. Do you think of me ttal? Do you want a daddy?