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~!~ JunPyo ~!~
Wednesday: 1:15 PM

Junpyo's lips pursed. His brows furrowed. Did he regret finding his daughter? His ttal? His little girl? "Never."

JaeMin nodded once more. "What are you going to do sir?"

He heaved a loud sigh. "At this moment . . .?" His shoulders slumped. "I don't know. I want me little girl." His brows furrowed.

Jae Min smiled. "But you're not as heartless as you pretend to be?"

Junpyo smiled. "You know me a little to well, JaeMin."

The elderly man chuckled. "That is my job sir."

"Take me home JaeMin."

"Yes sir."

Junpyo's lips pursed. "What's on the itinerary for tomorrow?"

Jae Min glanced at the young master in the rear-view mirror. "Meetings. You pushed most of them back to spend the time with Jan Di. So you have meetings, sir."

Junpyo blew out a long sigh. "Araseo...take me home. I'm going to bed early. Tomorrow will be long."

"Yes sir."

~!~ Jan Di ~!~
Wednesday: 01:25:58 PM

Jan Di giggled as Rae Na sang along to the song on the radio. It was her new favorite - Stand Up by J-Min.

The two sang along - off key and laughing.

"Mommy! What's for dinner?"

Jan Di glanced at the clock. "Isn't it a bit early for dinner?"

Rae Na giggled. "I want Kimchi!"

Jan Di smiled. A laugh playing on the tip of her lips. "What type of Kimchi do you want this time?"

Rae Na's lips pursed. "Spicy?"

Jan Di nodded.

!~! Junpyo !~!
Wednesday: 08:01:03 PM

His lips were pursed as he listened to the sound of the ticking clock. The clock was on the far wall hidden from his sight. Junpyo let out a breath and drummed his fingers on the arm of the couch.


Junpyo turned his head to the smile and sent a fleeting glance to the newcomer. He twisted back around and stared at his comrade. "What Jaemin?" He whispered.

Speaking normally would break the ambiance that surrounded him. An ambiance, he wasn't sure he wanted to break.

"I though you were going to bed early?"

Junpyo heaved another long sigh. So did he.

"Would you like some company tonight?" The elderly man questioned softly. He took could feel the heavy atmosphere that surrounded them.

Junpyo heaved a sigh. Did he want company? His eyes shut. Images and sounds filled his head. He could picture it. A little girl giggling as she played with her dolls. A Umma/Wife sitting on the couch next to him; nestled up against his side with a protruding belly - a son. Both smiling as they watched their daughter happily.

Junpyo shook his head. The images getting jumbled in the process. "Not the company you can give Jaemin."

The elderly man smiled softly. "I'm sorry Master...I wish I could do more..."

Junpyo waved him off. "Go home to your wife and grandchildren. Go home and cherish them."Because one day...they might just leave.

~!~ Jan Di ~!~
Wednesday 09:01:52 PM

"You ready or bed honey?"

Rae Na shook her head stubbornly.

Jan Di pouted. I wonder which birth parent she gets her stubbornness from. "Baby, it's time to go to sleep."

"Just a few more minutes."


Rae Na whined cutely and pouted. Her full lips pursing softly.

Jan Di bit her lower lip to hold back the smile that threatened to cover her lips. "Come on." She held out her arms and easily lifted her daughter into the safety of her arms.

"Sing me my lullaby Umma?"

She looked down at her happily smiling daughter, sleep slowly beginning to set in.

She stood still for a moment and began to sway back and forth. It was slow, sweet and soft.

As The World Falls Down by David Bowie - it was her new favorite. Rae Na had recently seen the movie The Labyrinth; she'd fallen in love with the Goblin King.

Jan Di hummed softly and bouncing Rae Na slightly. "I'll be there for yoo-oo-oo~"

Rae Na sang along, falling in and out of sleep.

Jan Di softly pushed the door to Rae Na's bedroom open. She continued to hum softly as she pulled the covers back and placed her into bed. She pulled the covers back over the sleeping girl. Jan Di leaned down and kissed Rae Na's forehead. She smiled softly. Sleep well baby. Jan Di paused at the door frame and leaned against it; she watched her daughter sleep. Who would ever want to give you up? Who in their right mind would give up someone so prescious as Rae Na?

.!. Ji Hoo .!.

He held the short glass to his lips and sipped slowly.

"Hyung! Did you hear about Junpyo?"

Jihoo twisted in his rolling leather chair. He nodded. "I saw him..." He let the words trail off slightly; his thoughts slipped to earlier. Beautiful. She was so beautiful.

His brows furrowed. "What's troubling big brother?" His head cocked to the side cutely.

Ji Hoo smiled softly at his nephew. The seven year old - Jae Hoo - was very smart for his age. "Hyung is okay...just tired."

Jae Hoo cocked his head to the side. "Are you sure?"

Ji Hoo chuckled and nodded. A forced smile appeared on his lips. "Hyung is fine. Hyung also thinks Jae Hoo should be in bed."

Jae Hoo smiled impishly. "I think Hyung should stop talking about himself in third person."

Ji Hoo scowled playfully. He placed the drink on the desk and stood from his chair. "Hyung thinks Jae Hoo's going to sleep upside down in the tree out back."

Jae Hoo's eyes widened. He shrieked as Ji Hoo roared.

Ji Hoo chuckled and began his chase.

Laughter and roars filled the once silent house.

Jae Hoo whined and pounded on his hyung's back from his upside down position on Ji Hoo's shoulder.

"It's bedtime." Ji Hoo responded and he patted Jae Hoo's bottom.

"No~" The younger whined. Minutes later he squeaked as he was thrown onto the bed.

Ji Hoo smiled as the younger giggled childishly.


"Mhmm?" Ji Hoo hummed in questioned while pulling the covers up over the little boy.

"When is Umma comin back for me?"

Ji Hoo stilled. His lips pursed in displeasure as he sat down on the side of the bed. Ji Hoo finished tucking the younger in before petting his head. "I'm no sure when JaeHye Noona is coming back."

Jae Hoo's eyes shimmered slightly under the dim glow of the night light. "Umma loves Jae Hoo, right?"

Ji Hoo's teeth clenched as he tried to keep his anger in check. He stared down at the upset boy. Ji Hoo leaned down and pulled the younger into his arms. "Of course Umma loves her adul."


Ji Hoo squeezed the boy tighter. "I promise your mother loves you."

Jae Hoo smiled softly and nodded. "Night Hyung."

"Night Jae Hoo." Ji Hoo heaved a small sigh as he pulled the door to. He glanced at the family photo across from Jae Hoo's door. Where are you Jae Hye Noona? Jae Hoo needs you. He needs a mother.

Ji Hoo shook his head and walked back towards his study. Images of Jan Di slowly taking over. I bet she'd be a great Umma for Jae Hoo . . .

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