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Infernal Blossom here. Well, here's my third Bleach story. And I've chosen to write this one in first person point-of-view, seeing as how I'm the main character.

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~Infernal Blossom

I still didn't fully understand exactly what was going on. I mean, just a while ago, I was safe in my room and about to fall asleep. And then, SOMEHOW, I ended up here – with a sword at my neck, a girl assuming I was the enemy and an evil bastard trying to use me! How in the hell does that happen to someone who doesn't even know what's going on herself?

I know what you're thinking right now – What the hell is this insane girl blabbering about? And who is she, anyway? Alright. Before I start rambling, let me introduce myself and attempt to tell you what's going on so that if you can make any sense of this, you can explain to me how this all happened.

My name's Jo. I'm seventeen years old and a senior in high school. I'm a shorty – five foot three – and I have brown eyes and extremely curly dark brown hair. I've been into the anime scene ever since I first watched Sailor Moon in second grade – even though I didn't know precisely what anime was. It caught my interest right away: Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Dragon Ball Z, and Bleach. ESPECIALLY Bleach. Ever since its premiere in 2006, I haven't missed a single episode. My mother thinks I'm obsessed, but I tell her I'm just a very intrigued fan.

...So before we start to get off subject here, let me go all the way back to the beginning so I can tell you how I ended up in my current situation. It all started Sunday night...

Aw man, I really hate Sunday nights in the middle of the school year. It's the last day you can relax before you're thrown back into the hellhole known as school. Then you're expected to survive five long, straight days of listening to your teachers complain about 'how none of you idiots will ever accomplish anything in life'. Then you go home, only to be sucked into a family dividing conflict that just makes you feel worse.

Oh well. I'm just glad I had an easy solution for that – anime. I reached into my bookbag and pulled out a black hard covered sketch book, along with my drafting pencil and eraser. I opened to the first page of the book and stared down at the picture on the paper. It was a drawing of Ichigo and Aizen fighting, fully colored and filled with detail down to the last little tear in Ichigo's sleeve. I flipped through the book, carefully observing each drawing: the ten Espada, the ten remaining Captains, the thirteen Lieutenants, Aizen and his gang, Kisuke and Yoruichi, Tia Halibel and her fraccion, my OCs, my original zanpakutos... The sketchbook was almost completely filled with full color pictures of the cast of Bleach. I only had three pages left. Damn, I'd need to get a new one soon.

By now, it was getting late and I was growing bored. Seeing as it was Sunday night and Bleach wasn't on, I went straight to the On Demand channel and right for my favorite anime. There were a few old episodes available, but hey, at least there WERE episodes airing. I chose one at random and let my mind get sucked into the awesome battle that had commenced...

Correction – I was about to let my mind get sucked into the awesome battle between Grimmjow and Ichigo, but my cable box suddenly decided it would be hilarious to reset on me. Great, just great. I was just about to start drawing my Grimmy shooting his elbow bombs at Carrot Top. Now what was I supposed to use for a reference? My laptop was dead, so I couldn't look online. "Hmm..." I closed my sketch book and put it back in my book bag, and began to contemplate what I could do now. "Let's see..." I mumbled to myself. "I could draw one of my Bleach OCs...nah, already did that." I got up from my bed and paced around my tiny room for a bit, until my eyes fell on Kasou. Ah, Kasou. It was a mysterious katana that just caught my interest right away. The scabbard and cord wrapping around the hilt were storm cloud gray. The guard was a plain onyx circle, nothing special. But the katana in general was...different. There was something strange about Kasou. What it was, I couldn't pinpoint. Either way, I was drawn to the sword like a yaoi fangirl to...well, any anime or video game, really.

I grabbed Kasou and unsheathed it, staring at the beautiful carbon steel blade. A thought shot into my mind. "If I can't draw Bleach, I can at least act it out a bit," I told myself. There we go. A back-up plan to relieve my boredom. I decided to use one of my created swords, since I couldn't decide between Ichigo and Kenpachi. But which one should I do? I had Shainingu Hagane, Kaichou, Munesanzun, Genshuku and Kasou to choose from. The moonlight coming into my room through the window hit Kasou's blade, making it glow a bit. A sign from Tite Kubo, perhaps? Possibly.

Well, Kasou it was. I'm glad I'd already come up with a shikai release command for my 'zanpakuto'. I only wish I'd created a stance, too. Oh well. I'll just have to wing it. "Maybe if I swing it over my head...nah, that's stupid." I tried out several other stances, but none of them looked right. "Damned imagination block..." Sighing heavily, I grabbed the scabbard from against the wall and sheathed my weapon.

I never should've had my back to the television.

The moment I heard the classic snapping noise of a katana being sheathed, I felt something behind me. It was almost as if someone was towering over me and breathing down my neck. Alright, here's where things get really freaky. When I turned around to see who was behind me – slowly, of course, to add suspense – I caught sight of a giant Hollow. Okay, I know what you're thinking: It's nighttime, I'm tired and bored, so I must be imagining things. Right? That's what I thought.

The Hollow looked vaguely similar to the ones I'd seen Ichigo fight in the beginning of the series. Its bone-encased, hexagon-shaped head nearly brushed against the ceiling. Yellow eyes stared back at me, as if they belonged to a vulture who was watching their prey. Its body looked like that of a scorpion mixed with some kind of dinosaur, horns, tail and all. It even had a pair of giant pincers. I thought about it for a second, but unfortunately couldn't think of a name that matched his description. So I decided to call it Fred.

"Uhmm..." I started, not sure what to say at first. I mean, really. What would be your first words to a Hollow that eyed you like a delicious cheeseburger? ...Besides whatever perverted thoughts are running through your mind right now. "Am I in a position where I can shout rape or something?" I finally asked.

Fred let out a maniacal chuckle. "Well well well...what do we have here? My midnight snack seems to have an immense reiatsu." Wait. Did it just say...I have reiatsu?

I just stood there, staring at Fred for a few seconds, before bursting out laughing. "Woah. Hold on a second there, buddy." I wiped a tear from my eye and regained my self control. "You -" I pointed to him, - "just told me - " then to myself - "that I have reiatsu?" I laughed some more. "That's priceless! Alright, I'm going to say this slow so that you fully understand. I am a human from the real world. You are a Hollow from the anime Bleach. In the real world, people don't have reiatsu. So you can try to 'eat me' or do whatever you Hollows do, but it won't work."

Fred chuckled again. I guess what I said was somehow funny to it. "I knew humans were stupid to begin with, but you're the most stupid one I've ever encountered." It pulled back one of its pincers. "Perhaps you need me to show you how very real I am."

"Pfft." I swatted my hand at him. "Please, as if you could really-" I was cut off when I suddenly felt a sharp pain hit my torso. Looking down, I saw a slash going right across my stomach. My eyes went straight onto Fred's pincer, which was now on the opposite side it was before.

Holy. Fucking. Shit. If I'm dreaming, I should REALLY wake up now. You know, before I get killed.

"Do you see the truth now, human?" Fred drew closer to me, pulling its other pincer back. He was going for a second one. I frantically backed against the wall and held my hand to my wound, both confused and scared shitless of what was happening.

Okay, I thought to myself. Just relax for a to make sense of what's going on. First, your cable box reset just as a Bleach episode was loading. Then, while you weren't looking, it turned back on and SOMEHOW, a huge ass Hollow must've crawled out of your television. That...didn't really make much sense, but I'll buy it anyway.

My thoughts were interrupted when I felt Kasou bump against my back. I quickly grabbed it and pulled the blade out from its scabbard. I wasn't really sure what I was doing, but it sure was a hell of a lot better than letting Fred dice me up and turn me into finger food. As expected, the Hollow went for me again. Luckily, I knew what to expect this time. It tried to grab me, but I rolled out of the way and sliced at its pincer. Surprisingly, I made contact! Good, now I kind of knew what to do! Fred and I clashed a few more times before he backed up a few spaces, obviously shocked that I was winning.

The Hollow let out a hiss. "You want to play rough? Fine!"

Fred asked me if I wanted to play rough. That's what she said, I thought. I couldn't help but to laugh at that one...which I shouldn't have done. It took my focus off the battle, giving Fred a chance to grab me. Damn my perverted mind! Its unharmed pincer caught and slammed me into the wall. Yeah, that head trauma would definitely come back to haunt me in the morning. I tried cutting into the Hollow to free myself, but it threw me against the wall a few times. Okay, now my head was really starting to hurt...and I think I had a gash right at my hairline. I reached a hand up to my head. Yup, I was now bleeding from a second injury. Whoopdee flippin' do. And now I was starting to feel dizzy, Even better.

Fred saw I was worn down and turned toward the television, holding me right in front of the flashing screen. "I see you've chosen to give up finally. A wise choice." The scorpion-like creature laughed again, this time being distracted by his glory of catching me. I took this opportunity to have one last shot at freeing myself. Panting heavily, I raised Kasou above my head and cut off Fred's arm. Fred let out an ear-shattering roar as I fell backward. But strangely, I didn't hit the floor. Wait...if I didn't hit the floor...

I forced my eyes open to see exactly where I was falling. It turns out that I had, in fact, been sucked into my television. Brights lights flashing inside the 'TV portal' made my eyes close again. What sounded like extremely loud thunder made me lose my hearing. I couldn't see or hear anything. There was nothing around for me to grab onto and possibly save myself from whatever the hell was going on.

I remember feeling a painful jolt hit me at the back of my neck. After that...nothing.