A/N: This is a little bit AU. BB are married. Let's just assume they got together in season 2, not long after Sully sailed off into the sunset. Everything else that happened on the show still holds true. If you really must know I'd say this story is set some time in late season 4, after Mayhem on the Cross.

This storyline or something similar has probably been done before, I'm not sure. But if there are here's my take on it, and in no way has been copied from anyone else. All the ideas come straight from my head! And maybe a little comment made by Stephen Nathan some time ago. I'm not sure if it was meant to be spoiler-ish.

If you don't know by now, I'm a big BB fan, and a Booth fan, so this fic is Booth-centric. It isn't meant to contain spoilers for the new season, but if it turns out there're similarities, then it's just a weird coinky dink!

And before I start, I'd like to say thank you to all who read my last fic and put me on author alert.

Booth kept his eyes on the road, the headlights of the other cars stinging his already tired eyes. The partners had just wrapped up a case in Greensboro and they were on the drive back home. They had thought they would get home before night fall but a giant pile up involving a truck, an SUV and a station wagon a couple of hours ago had set them back considerably.

The bright green light on the SUV's dash read 4:47am, reminding Booth of how late, or rather early the hour was, and how he really shouldn't have been driving. His eyelids grew heavy. Another half hour or so and they would be back in DC. He just had to keep himself awake a little longer. One minute he was thinking of the report he was going to have to write and the next he heard the loud blaring of a car horn.

Booth swerved just in time to avoid a head-on collision with another car traveling in the opposite direction. Awakened by the commotion Brennan sat up, eyes still heavy with sleep. She looked over at her husband, who was sitting upright with his eyes wide open.

Booth took a few deep breaths in an attempt to clam his pounding heart. The adrenaline coursing through his body made him feel very awake.

"You fell asleep at the wheel?"

"No." He looked over at his wife who returned his look with an I-know-you're-lying glare.

"Alright fine, I might have shut my eyes for a second."

"We should pull up to a motel. Or I could take the wheel."

"What? No. I'm fine. Besides another hour or two tops and we'll be home."


"I'm fine honey, I won't kill us, don't worry."

"Fine then I'll talk to you to keep you awake."

"Go back to sleep you're tired. You've been working hard and you've got an entire day ahead of you. Don't forget we gotta pick Matt from your Dad's in the afternoon."

The thought of their sixteen month old son brought a smile to her face. Matthew Booth was a handful, bounding with energy and ever since he learnt how to walk and talk. He was a blur of non-stop activity from the moment he woke in the morning to the time he went to bed.

"I wonder how he's doing." Brennan mused.

"I'm sure Matt's fine. Max would have called if something he couldn't handle happened. Besides we told Max to take him to daycare."

"It's not Matthew I'm worried about."

Booth laughed. He missed his younger son already.

"If you're worried you could call Max in the morning. Or we could swing by your Dad's before we head home, make sure both of them are still alive."

"I'll call Dad when we reach DC."

She snaked a hand to massage the nape of Booth's neck, working on the knots of tension she found there.

"Mmmm… that feels really good. Maybe tonight you could work on my back."

"If I'm not too tired." Brennan teased. She let her hand fall to his lap, gently caressing his inner thigh. "If I'm not too tired, I could work on some other parts of your anatomy too."

"Bones getting me turned on isn't gonna help me concentrate on driving."

Brennan laughed, brushing her hand over his growing arousal. "We haven't made love in almost two weeks. This is the first time we've gone so long without it, not counting the time I had Matthew."

"There was the time you went to Australia for three weeks."

"That doesn't count Booth we were physically apart."

Booth groaned. "There's no need to remind me how long its has been, I think my body's doing a great job of doing that already."

Booth took her hand in his and brushed his lips over her knuckles. He returned her hand to her lap. "Tonight. After Matt goes to bed."

"And if we don't have another case."

"Bones! Now you've jinxed it. We've worked three cases straight now."

"I'm not superstitious."

"Just, get some sleep ok? We'll be back at the Jeffersonian soon." Booth feigned annoyance.

Brennan smiled wanting to stay awake to keep Booth company, but her tiredness soon lulled her back to sleep. She woken what seemed like minutes later by the ringing of Booth's cellphone.

It was now light and the sun was rising, telling her that it had been more than a couple of minutes that had passed. She listened as Booth talked to who she assumed to be Cam on the line.

"Yeah we'll be there in an hour."

Booth snapped his cell shut.

"Told you." He grumbled.

"We have a case?"

"Yeah. Metro police fished a car out of the Potomac. Looks like suicide but the remains are too decomposed for them to be absolutely sure. Plus they would like you to help ID the remains."

Brennan sighed. "I guess I'd better call Dad. Looks like he's gonna have to keep Matt a little longer."

An hour later Booth pulled up along the banks of the river. He yawned as he climbed out of the car.

"Welcome home guys." Cam greeted them.

Ending her conversation on her cell, Brennan climbed out and joined Booth beside Cam. "Matt's fine, Dad is taking him to daycare now."

"Good to know." Booth smiled. "So Camile, do you really need us here or did you miss us?"

"See for yourself."

Brennan was already examining the skeleton still in the driver's seat of the car. She had been married to Booth for almost two years now and they had managed to keep their personal and professional lives separate. Her mind had switched from mother to forensic anthropologist in an instant. Gloves on, she stuck her head into the driver's side window.

"Dentition shows our victim to be in his sixties. Caucasian, female who has given birth."

"That's it?" Booth asked glancing up from his little black notebook.

"You aren't expecting cause of death right now are you?"

"I'd like to know if the victim was murdered, so I can go home, shower and head back to the Hoover Building."

"From the extent of decom and condition of the skeleton, plus there seem to be some bones missing, I can't say for sure till we - "

"Right, ship everything back to the Jeffersonian."

"Yes." Brennan agreed.

Booth rolled his eyes and sighed. "There goes my shower. You're lucky I love you."

"If you two love birds are done here, I think we should be heading back. Hodgins should be arriving shortly to collect soil samples from the area." Cam smiled. It was good to have the dynamic duo back.

Five hours later. Booth was napping on Brennan's couch in her office when Angela walked in.

"Hey Bren, I'm done with the facial reconstruction, you guys should take a look."

"Ok, Cam is comparing dental records so we should be able to ID the victim soon."

Booth sat up, rubbing his face with his hands, trying to rub the sleep away. "So we're certain our victim didn't commit suicide?"

"Cam didn't find any diatoms in the marrow, so our victim didn't drown. I would imagine it would be hard to be dead them drive yourself into a river."

Angela laughed and Booth smirked. "Hey look at that! You made a joke Bones!"

Booth got up and made his way to Brennan, wrapping his arm round her shoulder. "Looks like I'm rubbing off on you huh?"

"Yes being married to you for some time has certainly made me catch on to some of your traits."

Angela cleared her throat. "I know you guys are cute together but, the face. You guys still wanna look at it?"

The trio made their way to Angela's office, Angela leading the way and Booth bringing up the rear his hand at the small of Brennan's back.

The image on Angela's screen showed a woman, looking to be in her sixties as Brennan had first concluded.

Brennan felt Booth's hand drop from her back, then realized he was no longer right behind her.

"That can't be right."

"What?" Brennan turned to look at Booth, whose face had gone slightly pale.

"There has to be some sort of mistake, the face, that can't be right."

"It looks to be rather accurate to me." Brennan replied, unsure what her husband's concern was.

"Questioning my skills Booth?" Angela joked.

Booth shook his head. "There has to be a mistake."

He turned and stormed out of the room, leaving Brennan and Angela to stare at each other, puzzled.

So this chapter was just the introduction, setting the scene, there's more to come. Soon.

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