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Azula smirked as the residual smoke rose from her pointed fingers as the Avatar plummeted to the ground as the peasant Water Tribe girl created a giant wave to attempt to escape. The underground city woke from its trance-like state as the Dai Li suddenly sprang into action while her Uncle covered the Water Tribe girl, the Avatar, and Zu-Zu's escape. It wasn't that she was surprised at the betrayal of her Uncle and brother, in fact, she would be more surprised if Zuko had actually joined her side in an attempt to regain his so called 'honor'. Uncle was a lost cause anyway.

She didn't even care if they escaped. No, that was a precise hit with her lightning straight to the Avatar's heart. Azula mused as Iroh was apprehended that she could truly call herself the true killer of the last Airbender. The Avatar-slayer.

No matter.

There was the pesky business of the reincarnation cycle of the Avatar but the Fire Nation really had needed more of a public rallying cry towards annihilating the Water Tribe and looking for the new born Avatar could easily be arranged. Perhaps they could be the next to go in an increasingly Fire Nation world. Zhao had nearly eliminated the moon until her stupid brother and the Avatar ruined that advantage and the Tribe would most likely be guarding their spirits more closely.


Nothing like a good old-fashioned invasion, right?

High above the skies of the Earth Kingdom, the Earth King, three teenagers, a flying lemur, and an air bison mourned the loss of the world's last chance of hope whom had passed peacefully as his badly damaged heart finally gave out.

Meanwhile, in a completely different universe, a different tragedy was occurring in the belly of the beast, well: a belly of a homunculus more precisely.

"Long time no see. I always thought I would never open the Gate of my own free will but here we are again." A blond teen murmured as he gazed down at the all-seeing eye of the fabric of the universe. He and his all black attire were coated in massive amounts of blood. Not that it was a completely unusual occurrence. The Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric, was used to narrow escapes with his life. This time however he was thinking that his lucky breaks were finally running out.

First things first however: getting his companions out of here…even if one of them really wouldn't be much of a loss…

"Ling- jump now!"

"I guess I'll have to trust you this time Alchemist!" The Xingese prince shouted over the roar of the Gate's raw power. "See you on the other side!" Ed merely nodded as his friend jumped and began to disintegrate as he passed through the void space. Envy followed soon after in his monstrous form and Edward smiled sadly as one of the souls attached to the other homunculus let out a whisper of 'thank you' as it was eaten up by the cosmic energy.

'The body and soul are connected by the mind. I left a part of my body in front of the Gate' Edward pondered as his own body was dissolving around him and being swept away into the fibers of the universe towards his ultimate goal.' So, as long as I don't struggle, I can follow the mind flow with the energy, to the Gate!'

Instantly, Edward found himself standing in front of the familiar stone slab doors adorned with the designs that haunted his nightmares since his greatest mistake so many years ago.

"So Mister Alchemist. You've come back to me yet again. You humans never truly learn no matter how much knowledge is given to you." Edward turned around to face The Truth. He finally was able to face the eternal being without much fear.

"One must face the truth at one point or another. I just happen to have the…honor…of doing so more than once."

The being grinned widely and was about to speak once more before suddenly another enormous stone doorway appeared behind it adorned in four rings each containing a natural element. The materialization of the other doorway caught the being off guard.

It opened slowly and a bald headed kid fell out clutching at his chest and breathing heavily, gasping for whatever breath he could.

"It seems that human children are going to be keeping me busy today, aren't they?" The being commented slyly as Edward merely stared at the kid in the weird orange robes. This couldn't happen normally, right?

The kid finally regained some sort of composure as he slowly got up, using the still open doorway as an aid and finally looking around at his surroundings.

"This isn't the Spirit World, is it?" The kid asked and the being cocked his head to the side until it cackled.

"Oh, this is going to be a great day isn't it?! I haven't had one of your kind in over a thousand years! You must be the Avatar then, killed while in your Avatar state." The Being exclaimed and laughed as the boy drooped his head in shame. "Come now, it's not like it hasn't happened before. The universe has created loopholes for this kind of spiritual conundrum."

The bald headed kid interrupted; "But then what am I supposed to do to get back to the natural world?! The Fire Nation is about to take over Ba Sing Se while I'm stuck here in the Spirit World?!"

"You? You do nothing." The Truth replied and the kid began to grow angry. Edward merely stood there, bewildered by the turn of events and not willing to draw too much attention to himself.

"How can I just do nothing and let my friends and the world die?"

"Well, you're already dead and the cycle is currently halted. Think of a rock stuck in gear. The rock is the spiritual block, which is this place and myself."

"And who exactly are you?" The kid asked. The being grinned widely in response.

"I am everything. I am nothing. I am all. I am one. And I am you." The kid went wide-eyed and didn't respond, trying to take everything in. Edward couldn't help but feel bad for the guy.

"If anything, it's The Truth. The being that is the universe." Edward added and the boy whipped around as if he hadn't noticed the blond before.

"And who are you?"

"Edward Elric. The always lucky recipient of this thing's attention." He shrugged as the being grinned.

"It's not like you make it hard for me. If anything, I may have the perfect solution for both of you." Edward stared at the thing in surprise.

"What do you mean solution?!"

"Well, with that last stunt you pulled the cost of moving both the Xing prince and a homunculus across my boundary would cost you your entire being. If you fill in as replacement for the Avatar here then I'll let you live. You'll exchange your alchemy for something new since where you'd be going has no alchemy. The plus: you'd still be alive with some perks unlike your new friend here and I'd win because I'd solve this multi-universe problem quickly before things start to get messy and Mr. Avatar here wins because he'd have a replacement that could save his world and his friends and allies." The Truth grinned at the two humans as they contemplated the offer.

Honestly, neither of them had any power to refuse.

"But what about Alphonse?" Edward pressingly asked and the being shrugged.

"If you save this world and bring peace to it then you get Alphonse and his body back. I mean, equivalent exchange for the fact that you'll be in a completely different world."

Ed exchanged glances with Aang who looked like he'd be miserable no matter what the outcome would be.

"Fine. I'll do it."

The Truth beamed. "Great!" Edward's Gate began to disintegrate and the remains drifted into the palm of the being's hand. "You'll get your side of the deal on the other side of the doorway. You remember that perk, right Edward?"

Ed glared before turning sharply, dragging the bald kid by the arm into the open doorway that slammed promptly shut behind them. The being simply sat down and smiled up at the eternally white sky that blended so well with the entire existence of the universal plane.

"This is going to be so much fun Mr. Alchemist. Well, Mr. Avatar now…"

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