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At least I'm going to Chicago Comic Con next week.

Also, I shall warn you that I'm not the best at action scenes so forgive me beforehand.


Edward was slightly nervous as Appa began to approach the Fire Nation air fleet. Not only would he have to deal with a portion of the battle in the air, which he still wasn't completely comfortable with, he would essentially be the only thing stopping a genocide of at least one nation of people if not two.

From their vantage point, the front lines against the Fire Navy were beginning to grow as more waterbenders and their ships approached and Katara's front line grew immensely. There were now giant pillars of ice and as the last of the ships approached, they created a second wall behind them in case the Fire Nation got through their first wall. Edward could almost pinpoint the second fleet in the distance in case things did not go to plan.

Off in the distance he could see a commotion to the east, but right now that wasn't the issue. The comet was now overhead and even he could feel something different in the air. He looked back to the air fleet and then turned to Mustang.

"Can you take Appa and Toph to the coast? Just direct Toph where to fire and she'll be on the mark. I also don't want Appa getting hurt. I'll work from here."

The Colonel nodded. "Taking your staff?"

"Nah, don't wanna break it. Just don't suffer a heart attack because of my amazing skills. I know you're old but seriously." Edward replied with a grin and Mustang rolled his eyes and Toph chuckled.

"Just hurry up and kick some Fire Nation butt, lead limbs." Toph said and the blond laughed.

"No problem there."

It took a good amount of his resolve, but after patting Appa on his head and thanking him for the ride, Edward leaped off of the sky bison. Mustang quickly looked over the side of the saddle where Edward was rapidly descending.

"That idiot is going to get himself killed. This was at least a thousand foot drop."

"Well, he gets a ten from me for bravery in the face of sheer stupidity." The Colonel's blind companion replied and Mustang grabbed the reigns and with a "yip yip", directed Appa to the Earth Kingdom lands.

Edward was mentally screaming about how he was a bit of a dumbass for jumping off a perfectly good sky bison as he was in his free fall towards the rapidly approaching water. With a deep breath, he pulled his arms from his sides and into a diving position. With a good amount of waterbending, the water came up to meet him gently as he dove into it and instantly created a bubble for him to breathe. From what he could make out, the air fleet was still headed towards the shores of the Earth Kingdom with no attacks yet or anything that suggested that the young Avatar was spotted.

After positioning himself correctly and waiting for the first airship to pass over him, Edward took a deep breath.


With that, he propelled himself quickly up and bended a waterspout to carry him up out of the water and began to shoot ice spears at the rotors of some of the air ships.

The battle of the comet had begun.

Sokka began shouting out orders to the Water Tribe fleets as Katara built up thick layers of ice in which to fight from. It wouldn't last long with the firebenders relying on the power of the comet but it would have to do something. The only good thing that could even out the odds even slightly was that as evening was approaching and the comet lit the sky in an orange glow, the full moon could still be seen.

"Thanks Yue." Katara whispered as she finished the large platform that was now starting to fill up with waterbenders of all ages. Yes, there were a good amount of males but she saw some females in the group as well which made her smile a bit. Just to think that a few months ago, the Northern Water tribe only had their women using waterbending for healing. Which, they still had plenty of in the ships behind them in case things went wrong.

The Fire Navy was rapidly approaching and Katara stood as the commander of the waterbenders while Sokka took care of the non-benders. Zuko would be helping out between the two. It was when there was a whistling noise that there were suddenly hundreds of fireball, extreme and powerful fireballs, hurtling at the defensive forces.

"Giant water wall! Now!" Katara shouted and with the power of at least three hundred benders including many masters, the tsunami of a water wall rose quickly and extinguished the attack. The Water Tribe ships and the giant sheet of ice holding all of the waterbenders shifted due to the sudden shift of water but held firm.

"Now- push it towards the Fire Nation! Ready? GO!" Katara cried out and the nearly two hundred foot wave crashed forward with a mighty roar and took out at least ten ships and damaged a good number of others as the Fire Navy attempted to plow forward.

"Again!" Katara yelled as another barrage of fireballs appeared and in greater number. They'd be able to hold out this defense/offense combo for a while but they'd have to fight the soldiers individually soon.

For now though, this is how it would be.

Roy watched in a certain kind of awe as Fullmetal took out at least five of the fifty balloons headed their way. Bending was looking to be more powerful than alchemy at least from a power standpoint since alchemy tended to use up part of a person's energy.

"So: how are we going to do this thing then?" Toph asked as she cracked her knuckles.

"You'd be able to tell from your earthbending sonar where and how high I would be pointing, correct?"

"You'd be correct in that assumption old man." Oh god, she was like Fullmetal.

"Then let's go with that. I'll attack first and aim my arms and hands in that direction. Basically: explosions are the things to go by."

"Explosions are always the things to go by!" Toph said with a grin as she earthbended two massive boulders up so they were floating next to her.

"I'd agree with you on that point. Now, let's go with something I've been itching to try…" Roy mused as he snapped with both hands and letting the air alchemy add fuel to his fire alchemy to create one of his largest explosions to date and taking out an entire half of an air ship with the other half burning as it collapsed into the ocean. Toph followed up by launching her boulders in the same general direction and damaging another ship.

"I'd say a little to your right and you'll take that one down." Mustang commented.

"Huh. So are we counting each ship as fifty points? First one to…a thousand or the closest wins?" Toph suggested as she sent another two boulders towards her newly pointed out target and the airship blew up.


Edward was doing his best to take down as many airships as he could, locate the Fire Lord (since he knew that the bastard had to be here) or Zuko's crazy sister, while also dodging the attacks of the Colonel and Toph because there had been some close calls already and he wasn't ready to reveal to the Fire Nation just yet that there was an Avatar back in play rather than just a powerful waterbender messing with them.

This was going well for the group so far and Edward was doing well with his water shields to keep the advanced firebending attacks from being directed towards his minuscule ground forces. It was only when he spotted a man in regal attire standing at the front of one of the airships that he knew he found his target.

Directing his water spout so he was in front of Fire Lord's ship he waited to see what the man would do.

"So this is what the universe gives me? A waterbender, an earthbender, and a traitor of a firebender who is likely to be my worthless waste of a son attempting to stop me?"

"Hey- first off: your son isn't worthless you asshat." Edward spat. "And that isn't him either so you can save your grandiose speeches about 'honor' and 'family' for later. Preferably after you've been defeated."

"And what makes you so sure that I will be that easily defeated?" Ozai asked, a smirk adorning his bearded face.

"For one, Aang might have been a pacifist but I am not. Two, I've been training for something like this for a while, and three: I'm the special forces." Edward said with a grin only for Ozai to hurl a fire whip at him which he redirected towards another airship, taking it down. Ozai's face betrayed utter shock.


"That's right~" Edward sang with a smirk and pulled off his bandanna letting his shoulder length golden hair fly free for the first time in half a year. "The Avatar is back since the universe isn't so keen on letting you win and thankfully for the universe, I agree completely."

And the battle has begun! This is gonna be a little different since Azula never got betrayed by Ty-Lee and Mai so she isn't batshit crazy and obviously Edward isn't completely against killing the bad guy for the greater good. Also, Toph and Mustang bonding makes me happy in this crazy world of ours. Enjoy~