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Chapter 23 - 80 years later

I lay on my bed at camp, heaving, exhausted and without being able to move any muscle. And that was just from going up to the big house and back, asking Chiron to summon Hades.

Next to me lay a woman, once a pinnacle of beauty, now an old woman on her death bed. She was injured greatly from a surprise attack on camp. It wasn't a deep wound, the hellhound didn't scratch her much before one of the younger demigods killed it, but I knew that we were old, and our meeting with the 3 Judges of the Underworld was near.

A knock came from outside and a man entered, bringing a feeling of despair with him. I sat up, straining in doing so, and greeted the Lord of the Dead with as much respect as I could muster. He smiled and placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Do not strain yourself Perseus," he said in an icy tone but one that meant comfort coming from him.

"I apologize for not being able to greet you better, but my life is at an end, and so is my wife's," I said tiredly.

"Your children are here, waiting in the big house. So is everyone else. Should I call them forth?" he asked

I nodded "If you please my Lord"

He nodded and the room was filled with people. From our children, to grandchildren, to gods, friends, both human and demigods, to satyrs and centaurs.

I smiled at all of them, knowing full well that behind their smiles lie a broken heart and tears that want to spill. They knew what I had asked Hades to do and though they were against it, they accepted it.

My father came to me and placed a hand softly on my frail shoulder. "I will ask one last time. Are you sure my son?"

I nodded and said in a quiet voice "I won't live even a day without her dad." I turned to my children "And I hope you understand. My life is soon over anyways." I took a deep breath.

Suddenly a cry came from the room. Everyone looked at my youngest daughter's daughter, Lily. She came to me and hugged me, filling my heart with sorrow and pain. She was so young, 10 years if memory serves me, but she knew what was going on.

I sat on my bed, my other grandchildren coming also. They were not as strong as the others, tears and puzzled faces all over. I hugged each and every one of them, some crying like Lily, and younger ones hugging me in a delightful way, completely blissfully ignorant of what is happening.

I only wished I could be here for them, watching them grow into great demigods. But at least my mind was put at rest knowing that my children, as well as Chiron and some gods would be there to watch over them, making sure they live their life like they should be.

My only wish was that all my friends were here.

It's been too long since they died; the memory of it brings only pain and sorrow to my heart.


We just finished cleaning up from a previous attack that left us with 3 demigods dead, which wasn't that much, only these demigods where very precious to us. Forever more will we feel the pain from the loss of Malcolm, Selena and Beckendorf.

Bianca couldn't stop crying. I mean come on! How cruel can the fates be? They were just married for a year, being the first of the 3 couples to be married, at 28 years old. Ever since they died, the camp lost its happiness. Malcolm was an amazing warrior and a great strategist, rivalling my own Wise girl's plans.

Selena and Beckendorf...my heart cries at the loss.

**Flashback** (A/N : Yes, a flashback within a flashback...flashception?)

When the horn was sounded that an attack was occurring, Selena was with Annabeth and I waiting for Charles to come back from the forges so we could go on our double date. Thalia and Nico decided to sit it out, probably to go at it again in their cabin.

When we heard it, we instantly went to get our gear and readied ourselves for battle when suddenly, an explosion was heard. I was with Selena at her cabin

"Where was that?" she asked, knowing full well where the explosion came from.

My heart tightened because even I knew where it came from.

"He'll be all right," I told her trying to calm her down. I knew that demigods who rush into battle might end up killed and to lose Selena would be a great loss.

She nodded and wiped away the already forming tears.

Together, we rushed to the area from which the explosion came...the Forges.

Many demigods, including my fiancé, her brother and some others were battling against some frost giants. I was confused for a moment because these were peaceful giants who lived in the North...for them to venture so far south, something big must have happened.

Selena sprinted to the remains of the forges, yelling for Beckendorf. Cursing, I rushed after her because I knew she wouldn't be able to fend off the giants on her own.

I spent what looked like hours battling giants, taking down 4 at least on my own by freezing their already frozen body and shattering their neck. My strength, I knew, was at its limit because my control over water was wavering. To turn water into ice requires a great deal of concentration and strength from my part.

Suddenly, another explosion from the forges happened and everyone was pushed away slightly, even the giants.

From the burning ruins, I saw I man, bloodied, slowly crawling away. My heart skipped a beat as I recognized him to be Beckendorf.

Along with Selena and I came Malcolm and Annabeth, who saw the demigod crawling for his life.

Our primary mission was to get him away from the fire as soon as possible. Beckendorf wasn't the lightest of demigods so it took the strength of all of us to lift him up.

But of course, nothing is easy for a demigod.

A giant rushed towards us and, with just one swing of his club, threw the lot of us towards the burning wreckage. We landed in the middle near the anvil, flying in through the large hole in the ceiling that ventilates the room. Also, none of us hit any anvils or the forge itself, so I guess for unlucky demigods, we can be lucky sometimes.

But I knew that luck had a way of turning against us at the worst possible time.

I started to check my surroundings, hoping to find some small exit we can take and run for our lives before the whole place explodes or comes on top of us. I rarely come to the forges, but I knew that they kept a very tightly sealed supply of gas for welding some armour. The case in which it is kept was made to be fireproof, but I doubt it was made to be inferno proof.

Everyone huddled around Beckendorf and Selena, who was crying over his charred body. He was smiling...probably because he knew he was drawing his last breaths.

Malcolm, Annabeth and I wanted to just give them their needed privacy, but the situation couldn't afford such pleasantries.

"Ok, let's pick him up. Selena, Annabeth, you guys help Malcolm carry Beckendorf. I'll make a path and we'll bust out of here," I ordered.

It was a very risky plan. A small part inside of me whispered "Let him die...it's no use risking your life for him.." but I immediately banished the thought. As if I'd ever let a friend die while I can still do something.

When everyone was ready, we started slugging our way through the forge.

I must admit, it didn't look much from the outside, but it was huge!

As we started walking, I noticed that not much of the infrastructure had caved in, making a path outside easier for us. We were on the opposite side of where the explosion had occurred.

Suddenly, a loud moaning sound was heard.

Followed by one hell of an explosion.

The first thing that I realized was that I was underwater.

Feeling the strength of the sea rushing through my veins, I studied my surroundings.

Annabeth was sinking not 5 meters away. With all the strength I could muster, I swam to her side and quickly created a big bubble around us. She wasn't breathing, so I gave her the best CPR I could do at that time. Luckily, it was enough, for she started to cough some water along with some blood, then relaxed, breathing deeply.

She looked at me and sighed, a small tear falling on my lap.

I smiled, enjoying the silence.

And that's when it hit me.

There shouldn't be silence! There should be yelling and screaming!

Willing the bubble to rise, all thoughts of death and destruction came to my mind. When we surfaced, the scene which greeted us made me cry.

The forge was completely decimated, flat, destroyed, not a trace remained. I also noticed that it started to rain. I guess Mr. D let in the rain to help with the fire problems.

Most demigods where crying, others huddled up in groups around the crying ones. Chiron was there, impassively looking at the damage, sword dripping blood and a few light gashes around his body.

I quickly lifted Annabeth on my back and trudged towards the shore. The explosion had thrown us a long way into the sea.

When people noticed us, some yelled to Chiron. Immediately, he turned to us and came galloping at full speed.

"Are you all right?" he asked, voice filled with worry.

I nodded. "I'm fine, Annabeth might have punctured a lung or broken a rib because she coughed some blood back then."

He sighed and nodded "Thank the gods." Annabeth climbed down from my back and rested against my chest.

I was about to ask how where the others when it hit me.

"Chiron! Where are Selena, Beckendorf and Malcolm?"

His face turned from relief to grim.

"No...no..." where the only words Annabeth could muster before breaking out crying in my shirt.

I couldn't believe it...three of our best demigods...gone in flames...

If I wasn't so tired I swear I could've caused a tsunami. My anger boiled, tears flowed freely, my heart shattered.

I held Annabeth firmly, tears falling on her face, mixing with hers.

They were the first I had befriended in this camp...now they're gone.

Remembering Malcolm, I was reminded of Bianca.

"Oh gods, Chiron, where's Bianca?" I said, my voice breaking.

"She's over there," he said sadly, pointing towards a girl, head between her knees, a blooded sword next to her.

Annabeth and I walked slowly towards her and sat on both sides. I placed my arm around her and she immediately fell into my hug, crying her eyes out. Lee Fletcher came over to us and said "Annabeth, Chiron said you needed some healing. Let's go to the Big House so I'll patch you up."

She was about to protest when I said "Annabeth, go, I'll be over soon with Bianca."

In reality, wanted to stay with me because I couldn't handle these situations, but I knew she was injured, so her health comes before anything.

Knowing this as well, she sighed and nodded, standing up.

Lee put her arms around her and helped her to the infirmary. Under normal circumstances, I would've carried Annabeth there myself, but these were far from normal.

Looking down on Bianca, who was still crying, I got up and picked her up as well.

Wiping away her tears, she asked, voice broken "Can you take me *sniff* to my *sniff* cabin?"

I nodded but then asked "You're not hurt are you? Physically.."

She shook her head and I started walking.

When I got to her cabin, I found Nico and Thalia sprinting out of it.

When they saw us, all bloody and tired, they freaked.

"Percy what happened here?" yelled Thalia.

"Dude, what the hell?" Nico asked, also noticing Bianca and freaking out more "Bianca are you ok?"

She nodded quietly.

I remembered that they weren't here, so they couldn't have known about the attack. If memory serves me, they were out to see some place in New York they were going to buy.

"Guys come in, I've got some things to tell you," I said sadly. They nodded and opened the door for me, but as I was about to take my first step, I nearly fell. I was beyond dead tired.

Nico quickly took his sister and placed her inside, Thalia quickly helped me get inside.

Immediately, Bianca fell asleep, her fatigue getting the better of her, which I was glad for.

"Percy. What happened?" asked Nico calmly this time, sitting next to his sister and probably noticing his tears.

I sighed "We were attacked by some frost giants and they destroyed the forge completely."

"And?" asked Thalia, probably knowing that that wasn't everything.

"And...we lost some people..."

"Who?" asked Nico quickly getting up agitated, not letting me finish.

Tears started to fall once again. Steeling myself I said "Malcolm..Selena...and Beckendorf"

Their faces froze; I knew they weren't breathing because after a few seconds I heard them release their breath. Tears were like waterfalls.

Nico went to his girl and hugged her as she started crying harder.

I felt awkward here, so I decided to leave.

"I'm going to the infirmary, Annabeth's there and.." I didn't even finish when Thalia turned and yelled "What happened to her?"

"Nothing nothing, don't worry just a broken rib or something, nothing major."

She sighed out of relief and said "I'm coming with you." Turning to her man she said "Nico, take care of your sister she must be devastated."

He nodded and went to her side as Thalia and I left.

Slowly we made it to the infirmary. The inside was filled and some where even in the common room we use to hold war meetings or play ping pong.

In the corner was a bandaged Annabeth on a couch next to Chiron who was in his wheelchair.

Thalia went to her and hugged her fiercely, probably hurting her. "Are you ok?" she asked.

Annabeth nodded silently. When she saw me, she came to me silently, pulled me to the couch, made me sit and sat on my lap, snuggling against my neck. She also started crying silently because I felt her warm tears on my neck.

This was my strong wise girl, who wouldn't allow anyone to see her tears.

The girl who cried only to me.

The girl who just lost a brother she grew up with.

I held her and the others gave us some privacy. They knew they couldn't help much, even Thalia. So they went to check on the others.

But I still couldn't believe they were gone.

I couldn't help feeling useless...all those years of mastering my element and I couldn't save them.

My tears soon joined Annabeth's as we silently said our last goodbyes to our fallen friends.

***End of BOTH Flashbacks!***

Now, I know I'm close to seeing them once again, and that's the one thing that brings me joy. I had decided to follow my dear Annabeth to the Underworld and for that, I will gladly give my life up. I knew that I would probably live another few years or so, according to Apollo anyways. But I didn't want those years. I wanted her.

I sat on the bed next to my dear as she opened her eyes and sat up with great pain. I tried to talk her out of it, but she just pushed me away "Come now...I'm not dying just yet."

"Will you follow me," she asked slowly. I nodded and slowly, hand in hand, I let her pull me wherever she wanted. I knew that Hades was helping her right now, as well as Apollo, for an old lady such as herself along with those wounds wouldn't be able to sit, let alone walk. I was greatly thankful.

She took me to the quay, which was connected to my cabin and there we sat in silence.

"Do you remember what happened here?" she asked quietly.

I smiled and nodded. If I could, I would've blushed as well, but my blood system isn't as it was before.

Many years ago, in the time of our youth, this was a place of romance, as well as a place of new beginnings.


It was middle of summer, just the day before my 30th birthday.

Annabeth and I sat on the quay that I had built which connects to my cabin, courtesy of the Hephaestus cabin. We were together for a long time, so now I thought about making the next step.

It was nearly midnight when she asked me "So Percy, what do you actually want for your birthday?"

I looked at her confused and pretended to think about it for a moment. The perfect birthday present was in my pocket and only needed one word from her.

"Let me see..." I continued to stall.

She lightly punched my chest "Come on I'm serious!"

I laughed a bit and said "Well what are you going to give me?"

She bit her lip and blushed a bit. Oh? This is interesting.

Kissing her ear softly I whispered "I want one thing. You."

She shuddered and when I was about to kiss her, fireworks erupted from the lake which spelled "Happy Birthday Percy!"

I was very surprised and she looked quite happy with herself.

"You organized that?" I asked her surprise evident in my voice

She nodded smilingly "The guys wanted to help me give you something in the name of the whole camp, and I thought you'd enjoy some fireworks. So happy birthday sea weed brain! You're officially 30!"

I laughed and kissed her. She really knew how to make a great present. And now..

"So, where's my present?" I asked jokingly.

"Well..." she started, blushing a bit once again.

"Oooh..." I said faking surprise. "Are you going to wear some frilly lingerie now?"

She slapped me lightly "Pervert."

I laughed a bit and then she said "No. I'm already wearing it."

That got me curious. "Oh really? Well then, let's go unwrap it shall we?"

Her blush was evident now as she got up first and started for my room when I caught her hand and stopped her.

She turned around, confused, and that's when she gasped and put her hands on her mouth.

In front of her, I knelt, box in hand.

"Annabeth, you know I'm not good with words, so I'll try to make this as simple as possible. I love you. More than anything or any girl in the world. So will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?"

I barely ended the word 'wife' when she tackled me and screamed "Yes yes oh gods yes!"

After a short kiss, I opened the box and slid the ring on her finger. Tears of joy where streaming down her face and I wiped them away with my thumb.

"This is officially one of the best birthdays ever," I said, smiling like an idiot.

"Want to make it better?" she asked with a seducing smile and a look in her eyes that promised many, many things.

"You bet," I said as I picked her up bridal style and took her to my room.

To all the guys out there wondering... I can just about say... Heaven really is a place on Earth!

***End of Flashback***

"How can I forget," I said "You barely let me finish my proposal."

She smiled at the memory.

"Sometimes I wonder how my life would be if we hadn't met..." she said "and how bad I would be right now."

She continued "This is something I never told you, when I should have said it long ago." Turning to face me, she slowly smiled and said "Thank you Percy. For everything."

Slowly, she closed her eyes and as she drew her last breath, she said my name one last time.

I wanted to cry so badly but I couldn't. My heart couldn't break much more. It was already shattered into a million pieces.

From behind me, I heard Hades say "She's already in Elysium. The Judges know her well and have all agreed long ago to give her what she deserves. So, are you joining her or are you staying?"

Looking back at my family who were watching us, I smiled and waved, blowing them a kiss.

Turning to the Lord of the Dead, I said "Hades, Thank you. You may take me away."

He nodded and actually smiled "May your eternity be as you deserve good man."

And with that, I felt the cold hands of death taking away my soul, leaving forever the mortal planes and heading towards the Underworld.

Darkness engulfed my sight and soon, nothingness surrounded me.

The first thing to greet me was a loud door opening.

As my sight returned, I quickly walked inside and there, I saw the most spectacular of sights.

Trees grew as far as the eye can see, grass was growing everywhere, flowers of all colours blossomed in every nook and cranny.

As I took my first steps, I was greeted by 3 men, The Judges of the Underworld.

"Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon," said the first.

"We are here to personally greet you," said the second.

"To Elysium, the afterlife of those who deserve it!" said the third.

In unison they said "You have lived a life that all men should live. Now, enjoy the afterlife as you see fit."

Before they left, the second man came to me and said "Your wife has passed through here not long ago. She has left to greet your friends. You should do the same."

The first came to me and said "This paradise will be your home forever. Take your time...you have plenty"

Finally the third came to me and said "Also, your body will take the form of whichever part of your life you wish. It is yours to change as you see fit. As a small hint, your wife took the form of when you proposed to her."

I nodded and remembered that memory. Slowly, my body changed, my muscles strengthened and once again, I was the Percy Jackson, 30 years old.

Bowing to the Judges I said "Thank you for everything, My Lords."

They smiled and disappeared, also bowing their heads slightly.

Wandering through the meadows, I looked for my friends.

And then I saw them.

Tears came to my eyes as they saw me as well. Annabeth was confused to see me though.

After the hugs, the laughs and the tears, we all settled down. Annabeth came to me and said "I thought you weren't going to die soon! What happened?"

I smiled and took her face in my hands, kissing her softly and said "Do you actually think I'd live a day without you?"

Smiling she kissed me back, more forcefully this time.

Here we were, in paradise. Perfection, Happiness, everything we wanted in our life was now given to us for eternity.

Can't wait to start my eternal relaxing!

Just me, my friends, and my lovely Annabeth.



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