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Chapter one: Much ado about Harry

Draco glanced across the Great Hall; Gryffindor table was in an uproar. The Malfoy heir raised one delicate eyebrow, normally he would be the first to brush off the crass comments and yelling for normal Gryffindork behavior but this time it was centered on Harry bloody Potter. The Gryffindor was standing nose to nose with one of his little fan club members, the Irish Mudblood if Draco wasn't mistaken. They were screaming at one another, it looked like they might come to blows.

"If they start fighting I'm putting my money on Potter." Blaise commented, stealing a piece of Draco's bacon.

"Hmm," Draco sighed noncommittally, "you do know there is more bacon in front of you yes?"

"Yours always tastes better, so anyone know why the Golden Boy is about to go fisticuffs with Finnegan?"

"I heard Finnegan thinks Potter fancies him and he's not too hot about the idea; of course Potter doesn't actually fancy the Mudblood so… my moneys on Potter." Pansy chimed in squeezing between Blaise and Draco.

"Whose money wouldn't be on Potter, no one will bet against you." Draco commented picking at his strawberries.

"That's true… oh look McGonagall is going to break it up, and just when it was getting good." Pansy pouted shifting her hair over her shoulder and stood to go gossip with the other Slytherin girls.

"So think Potters a fag?" Blaise asked, sipping his pumpkin juice.

"I have no idea, although why would Finnegan decide the Golden boy was bent if he hadn't at least hinted at it?" Draco moved to stand, hefting his bag up. "Come on Blaise lets go find a shady spot to study I need to get this Potions essay done." His black haired friend shrugged and moved to follow Draco out of the hall. As they left Draco couldn't help but glance at the Gryffindor table; he told himself it was not because he wanted to see Potter.

Harry fumed as he sat back next to Ron... Seamus was such an ass. Harry had come out to his dorm mates the night before, at the time all of the guys seemed fine with it. Then out of the blue that morning Seamus had attacked him for being a pervert. As if Harry would even sleep with Seamus if someone paid him.

"Don't listen to a thing he says mate, you know Seamus, he's full of it." Ron began throwing his arm around Harry's shoulders. "We all know that you have better taste in men."

"Ron's right Harry, you shouldn't have let him get a rise out of you; McGonagall was really upset, you're lucky you didn't get detention." Hermione chastised as she buttered some toast and shoved it at the sulking teen. "Eat, your too thin already, no need to skip meals."

Harry grabbed the toast with an exasperated sigh. "Yes mum." He teased placing a kipper on the toast, taking a huge bite.

Hermione reached over and smacked him over the head before returning to her own meal.

Draco glared at the rambunctious first years playing tag not too far from where he and Blaise had set up to study. "They are doing this on purpose." Draco groused, rolling on to his back he covered his face with his potions book.

"They are just playing, and we are outside where else are they supposed to do it?" Blaise asked popping his head up from behind his own book.

Draco rolled over and glared at his friend. "I don't Bloody well care where else they do it, as long as it's not directly in front of us."

"Oh is the Dragon angery?" Blaise teased hitting the blond in the head with a ball or parchment.

Draco huffed and pillowed his head on his arms, "Fine if I can't study I might as well get a nap and don't think I'm letting you get away with that attack on my person Zambini."

"I am so scared Draco, truly quivering."

Harry felt the wind whipping at his face as he and Ron flew over the lake, they had decided after the drama of breakfast flying would be a welcome reprieve. Ron zoomed by heading towards where Hermione had set up to study; Harry decided to just hang over the lake for a while. He dove down until he could touch the water with is bare toes. Somehow even flying wasn't making him feel any better, he hated being a freak. He was one in the Muggle world because of his magic, and now he was one in the magical world because of he liked blokes. The green eyed boy sighed; laying his body flat across his broom Harry reached his hands down and dipped his fingers in to the lake.

"Oy mate, you coming?" Ron yelled from the shady tree he and Hermione were seated under.

Harry looked up and smiled at his friends. "Yeah, I'm coming in!" He yelled, sitting up he turned his broom and headed back towards his friends.

Draco woke to the sound of snapping branches, starting he tried to jump but was stopped by something heavy landing on his chest. The blond glared down at the head of brown hair lying on his chest. "Bloody hell Potter!" Draco exclaimed pushing the Gryffindor off of him.

Blaise was snickering, still sitting where he had been all day. "Lucky I want attractive men to fall from the sky for me." Blaise commented moving to help Potter up. "You alright Potter?"

Potter glanced up from the ground blushing bright red. "Yeah, fine… I don't know what happened all of the sudden my broom just dove towards the ground…"

Granger and Weasley ran up just as Potter started to look for his aforementioned broom. "Harry are you alright? Oh we should get you to Madam Pomfrey." Hermione fussed, taking Potter's arm and helping him to stand. Weasly took the other side and together they lead Potter away.

"Okay so that was just strange."

"Blaise you are the master of the understatement." Draco shot back moving to stand himself, "Come on I want to go see Severus; I think Potter may have broken my arm,"

The spring night was cool, and the moon lay heavy in a cloudless sky. Harry wandered aimlessly through the Hogwarts Gardens; his Invisibility Cloak wrapped securely around his body. He couldn't deal with being around Seamus any longer; the Irish boy hadn't stopped talking about Harry's supposed "crush" all evening. The green eyed boy sighed and threw himself on to the ground behind a rose bush; he pushed the cloak off of his shoulders. Staring up at the glowing moon he allowed himself to relax.

Draco treaded quietly along the stone path, that lead to his favorite star gazing spot. The Malfoy heir had an awful day, so he drew upon what he knew and headed for the solitude of the gardens. His mother had always taken him to the manor garden as a child whenever his fathers associates had made impromptu calls. They would lie on the grass and she would tell him stories of the constellations, his favorite had always been about the great Grecian hero Hercules.

So now when he was troubled the first place he looked for salvation was that far off cluster of stars. Potter was quite like Hercules; Draco thought that were Potter an ancient Greek he too would have a constellation named for him. The Golden Child of Gryffindor had attained what Draco could only dream of, he was attractive, well liked and above all else powerful. Potter was the hero of the story playing out in the wizarding world; Draco knew that, if anything he himself was nothing more than a lackey to Potters counterpart.

Voldemort, now there was a subject that had been on Draco's mind for months. The reborn self proclaimed Lord had taken a particular liking to Draco upon meeting him and had insisted Lucius bring him to head quarters as much as he could. It was during those harrowing hours that Draco began to fathom exactly how insane the "Dark Lord" truly was.

Draco stopped walking as he entered the rose garden, this place always reminded him of home. The blond looked up at the full moon, he felt a tear streak down his cheek, he wondered if he would ever see his mother again. Draco spread his coat out on the ground; he flopped backwards allowing his head to fall in to the grass.

Harry's eyes widened as he saw an unmistakable head of blond hair hit the grass on the other side of his rose bush. When the brunette had heard footsteps, he had assumed it was a couple finding some privacy and hoped they would move on to the next clearing.

Then Malfoy laid his coat out and dropped down on top of it; Harry knew he was trapped, either he stayed and listened to whatever Malfoy was doing here, or he alerted the head boy and got detention for a week. The green eyed boy stayed perfectly still hoping against hope that Malfoy would leave, or do something noisy enough he could escape, but the blond just lay there quietly.

The Gryffindor was intrigued, he threw his cloak around himself as silently as possible and poked his head under the rose bush. Malfoy was lying on his back, staring at the stars over head, his pale skin shone bright under the light of the moon and his silver eyes were glistening with unshed tears. Harry couldn't reconcile this Malfoy to the brash boy that taunted them in school, although to be fair there hadn't been much taunting lately, from either side.

As the war loomed it seemed everyone was letting go of childish grudges and focusing on what was important, survival. Harry honestly couldn't remember the last time he had fought with Malfoy, it made him think maybe the blond wouldn't follow his father down the path to Voldemort, at least not if he was given another way.

Before Harry knew what he was doing, he dropped his invisibility cloak and stepped around the large bush separating him from Malfoy.

Draco looked up, startled as Potter came in to his line of sight; for a moment he did nothing, he just stared at the brunette. Potter had to be crazy; he could give the savior so many detentions for this that his grandchildren would be serving them. And yet Draco couldn't bring himself to utter a word, let alone chastise the brunette for being out after curfew.

"Malfoy," Harry moved to sit next to the blond, "it's beautiful out tonight isn't it?" he asked wondering where his words were coming from.

"Yeah, the stars remind me of fairy lights on nights like this." Harry was surprised that Malfoy was speaking to him and not up yelling about detentions by now, but he took it as a good sign.

"So what brings you out here so late?" Harry looked up at the moon and sighed.

"I just couldn't stand the common room any longer if you must know." Malfoy replied staring at Harry. "Why are you out here Potter, it's unlike you to break rules where others can see."

Harry laughed and turned his head to face the snarky blond. "Seamus is still being a prat, so I thought I would go star gazing. It's what I do at my relatives when life feels like too much."

Harry smiled as he saw Malfoy's eyes fill with confusion, but the blond didn't say anything.

"Malfoy, if you need a way out, I can give you one." Harry stated looking up at the sky once more. He heard the boy next to him gasp slightly and adjust to a sitting position.

"A way out of what Potter?"

Harry turned to Malfoy again, his face serious. "This war Malfoy, or at least from the losing side. Just know I'll help you, if you want it."

Draco stared at the man in front of him, how could Potter say something like that. The blond looked at the ground, and then slowly back at Potter. Maybe this strange, powerful man was not only the savior of a people, Draco thought glancing back towards the stars, maybe Potter was his Hercules.

"Please… I need help."

The common room was quiet when Harry returned from the gardens. A few students still lagged there caught by the warmth of the fire roaring in the giant hearth or by tantalizing conversation with their fellow house mates. The brunette glanced around briefly, his eyes landing on Hermione and Ron sitting in front of the hearth on two over stuffed lounge chairs. He smiled making his way over to his two best friends; Harry realized they must have waited up for him.

"Hey guys, you been waiting up for me?" He asked plopping himself down at Hermione's feet.

"Yes, although it hasn't been long since this one finished his charms essay." Hermione huffed gesturing towards Ron. "Where were you Harry? It's past midnight."

Harry looked around the common room, making sure that no one was eavesdropping. "I was out in the rose gardens, to night was so clear and I needed to think."

"Did you find the answers you were looking for?" Hermione queried placing her hand on to Harry's shoulder.

"Not the one's I went out there to find… but I did learn something new. I think I may have won us a valuable ally. You two aren't going to like who it is."

"Well Harry if you think this person is trustworthy, we will back you." Ron piped in, leaning forward to look in to his friends eyes.

"Ron… you're really not going to like it. It's Malfoy, we met in the garden… he is just as scared as we are." Harry looked up at his friends pleading with them to understand. "He hasn't done anything so unforgivable yet, I saw a chance to save someone from that monster… I couldn't just ignore it." Harry forced out as quickly as he could, he was sure Ron was going to be livid.

Ron stared up at him with an readable expression before taking a deep breath. "Harry if you think the ferret is being truthful about wanting out… well I'll trust your instincts mate." The red head gave Harry a blinding smile. "I mean it's not like you're asking us to except his father."

"I agree with Ron, I'm not saying we are going to become best friends with him, but I see no reason not to give Malfoy a chance." Hermione slid down to the ground and hugged the brunette to her chest.

"Thanks guys." Harry sighed leaning on Hermione. "Having you with me will make all of this a lot easier. I have no clue why I believe Malfoy but I do."

The trio sat like that for a while just enjoying one another's company, sometime around one thirty they all headed to bed with promises to meet in the morning and go speak with the Headmaster.

Draco woke the next morning to a relatively empty dorm. It seemed only he and Blaise had slept in that morning, which he was sure, had something to do with the dark haired boy. Sighing Draco pushed himself up out of bed, walked to Blaise's and threw himself down next to his friend.

"I did something you're not going to like." Draco stated staring up at the green canopy.

"What's new about that?" Blaise asked pillowing his hands behind his head.

"I asked Potter for help, I decided to change sides." Draco stopped breathing after his statement waiting for his best friend to respond.

"You never make anything easy on yourself Dray." Blaise sighed and turned to look at the blond. "So does this have anything to do with a messy haired savior?"

"A bit I suppose, he offered me his help. I couldn't turn it down Blaise. After what I saw last summer… I can't follow that thing. I'm not even sure I believe in what father preaches anymore; let alone the shit that spews from his 'Lords' mouth." Draco felt himself tearing up but he fought them back, it wouldn't do to cry in front of Blaise.

"I understand Dragon, why are you telling me this?"

"I want you to come with me and ask Potter to join his fight also. If you follow that thing you'll die Blaise… I don't think I could take fighting against you." Draco swallowed hard and ran a hand through his blond locks, turning to look at Blaise.

"Dray, the moment you told me you had decided to fight against the Dark Lord I knew I would follow. You're the closest thing to family I have left… I could never stand against you."

Draco smiled and turned to stare up at the canopy again, life may be confusing but it was nice to know that he could always count on Blaise.

Pansy stood just outside of the seventh year boy's dorm, her eyes were wide in shock as she listened to Draco's admission. How could he say those things about their Lord? The brunette stared at the slightly opened door, she was so confused; she loved Draco as though he was her own brother… but this was so unexpected. Did she pretend she didn't know anything, could she tell her parents knowing it would be the death of the blond? She felt her knees shake as tears came to her eyes, turning she silently fled to her own dorm to think.

Breakfast was a mostly silent affair for the Golden Trio; they sat as far from Seamus as possible to avoid conflict. As soon as Ron had finished devouring his last muffin the three of them headed to the Headmasters office.

"Malfoy wasn't at breakfast." Ron commented as they made their way through the hallways.

"I noticed, I'll send him an owl after we speak with the Headmaster." Harry replied coming to a stop in front of the gargoyle. "Acid pops." Harry spoke loudly; the three of them stepped forward and ascended the winding stair case.

"Ah Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasly, Ms. Granger, What can I do for the three of you?" The elderly man asked gesturing for the three of them to sit. "Please sit would you like a spot of tea, or a lemon drop?"

"No thank you Headmaster," Harry began, taking the seat directly in front of the wizened man. "I have something I need to speak with you about. It concerns Draco Malfoy and his allegiances."

"Harry I know of your dislike of Mr. Malfoy but truly he is still so young." The Headmaster began, defending the young blond.

"He wants to join our side professor, and I told him I would help him." Harry cut in, boldly leaning forward and looking in to the bespectacled eyes.

The Headmasters eyes widened in surprise. "That is quite an occurrence indeed Mr. Potter. Although you needn't worry I am quite pleased that the young Mr. Malfoy has chosen to turn from his father's path. Tell me Harry do you trust he is sincere?"

"Yes sir. I do… I don't know why but I am sure that he meant every word."

The Great Hall fell silent as an all too recognizable owl perched it's self on Draco's shoulder. The blond winced at the ineptitude of the man he had forsaken his family for. Across the hall Granger punched Potter on the arm; Draco rolled his eyes and opened the letter that accompanied the snowy bird.

"So we are following someone with this little tact?" Blaise whispered leaning over to read the letter.

Meet me at five tonight, same place.


"Was he trying to be cryptic? Because signing your name with a letter isn't so mysterious when you send your pet owl to deliver it." Blaise commented stealing a piece of Draco's bacon.

"He is a Gryffindor, what did you expect?" Draco asked turning to Blaise." Is my bacon never safe from your thieving hands?" The bond growled stealing a piece back.

"I love to eat your meat my dear friend." The brunette replied taking a particularly large bite.

"Blaise please, I don't need the visual. Will you come with me tonight?"

"Sure, it's not like I hang out with anyone else anyway."

Harry blushed under the stare of his best friend.

"What in the world were you think Harry? Sending Hedwig is tantamount to asking him to change sides in the middle of the great hall with a sonorous charm in place!" Hermione whispered franticly.

"Well… erm… I guess I didn't think so much as act…" The brunette replied giving Ron a pleading look.

"Come on Herm no harm no fowl right?" Ron came to Harry's rescue; Harry cringed at his choice in words.

"No harm Ronald? And what if someone follows Malfoy now? Or one of those Death Eaters in training runs off to tell Voldemort? Hmm Ronald what happens then?"

Harry smirked as Hermione tore in to Ron, I was nice to know even when his world was turning on it's head something's never changed.

The sun was beginning to set as Draco and Blaise arrived at the Rose Gardens. The Golden Trio were waiting for them already, Harry's smiled faltered for a moment when he noticed Blaise, but other than that no one reacted to the new addition.

"I hope you don't mind, Blaise is my best friend and where I go he goes." Draco began staring at Harry beseechingly.

"If he wants to join us, he's welcome." Harry replied moving to sit down on the blanket Hermione had set out. The other four teenagers followed suit, taking seats as near to Harry as possible.

"So Malfoy, Zambini, why do you want to join us exactly. I mean we know Voldemort is insane but what made you see it?" Hermione asked staring at Malfoy; surprisingly it was Zambini who answered.

"Draco saw things last summer when he was with the Dark lord at his home, they made him turn from the Dark Lord. I believe Draco, if he says we will die by staying on the dark side then I believe him."

"I never wanted to hurt anyone, Father always said the movement was to separate the societies so that our culture was preserved. But that's not what's happening at all… I'm not really sure what I want the wizarding world to be like. But it is not a world where innocent women and children are slaughtered for no reason." Draco stated looking straight in to Potters eyes.

Harry couldn't look away from the depths of blue he was staring in to. Malfoy was asking him for something, that much was obvious, but the question still eluded him. Harry hadn't noticed himself leaning forward until he was practically in Malfoy's lap, reaching out he placed his hand on Draco's shoulder.

"I don't know why I believe you Malfoy, by all rights I shouldn't… but I have a feeling about you. I try and listen to those so for now you're in." Harry stated looking in to Malfoy's baby blues. "Zambini too I suppose, but we will have to talk to the headmaster about this later in the week." Harry glanced over to Zambini throwing the darker boy a smile.

"Of course Potter." Draco replied

"It's Harry, if you're going to fight next to me call me by my name." Harry said leaning back to sit next to Ron.

"Well Harry, I'm Draco." Malfoy replied offering Harry his hand. Harry smiled and took it, it was then that he knew he had made the right choice.

Ron blinked as Harry leaned in to Malfoy, was it his imagination or was Harry… hitting on Malfoy. Ron blinked that was preposterous… wasn't it? The red head blinked again waching Harry place a hand on to Malfoy's shoulder. That look Harry gave the blond, it was the same look he gave Hermione when she was hurting and he couldn't help her. Harry… and Malfoy… there was no way, just no way. They were like night and day. Ron decided there was nothing going on between the two of them. Yet he couldn't help but notice the look Draco gave Harry as he pulled away, the same on he saw in Hermione's eyes every time he didn't kiss her.

Pansy looked down at the quill in her hand; she still wasn't sure about this. But if anyone found out she knew and didn't tell someone, her parents would kill her. She glanced to the full ink well above her length of parchment. This had to be done, she told herself, it was the only way to save Dray and Blaise from the Mudbloods and Blood traitors. She felt tears come to her eyes, Lucius was going to be lived when he received this missive… but it was the only way. Pansy finally put quill to parchment and wrote. Tears stained the paper, she knew this could get both of her friends killed, it was the only way, she told herself once again as she signed her name.

Lord Malfoy

Your son and the Zambini boy have fallen in with Harry Potter. The boy is having a bad influence on them. If it pleases you Lord Malfoy I have kept an eye on them and can report that they have joined the "wrong sort". It may not be too late if you act soon.


Pansy Parkson

The brunette turned her eyes away from the tear streaked letter and called her owl to her. She had decided, she loved her mother just a bit more then she loved her Dragon