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Finding Draco Malfoy

Chapter Fourteen

For though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

The world hurt. It had been naive she supposed to assume oblivion would be painless. The stories of the afterlife seemed to explain a peaceful existence but after the last few days she really shouldn't have expected anything to go as planned. Pansy tried desperately to open her eyes.

Why do I even still have eyes to be heavy? She wondered idly. The pain in her chest intensified and she felt as if she would be crushed. Is this hell? Have I been damned for taking my own life. She supposed that could be the case most of the stories she heard about hell had included pain. I suppose I may have been better off alive if the pain is just going to follow me.

Voices began to filter in to her foggy mind.

"Is she…"

"I do."


The disjointed flashes of sound hurt her head and she began t wish for the eerie silence to resume. At least when there was nothing I could pretend I was sleeping.

Then sensations other than pain returned. She was being carried. There were so many hands, she couldn't count them all. Desperately she struggled to regain consciousness. Not again please, can hell really be reliving my rape all over again? Her mind whirred shoving her consciousness towards the terrible sounds and disturbing feeling.

Finally she reached the forefront of her mind clawing and screaming pushing past the heaviness, the pain she emerged in to a bright, wet, cold world.



Draco woke to a warm solid body pressed in to his own. Harry. He realized and smiled to himself. The larger frame of the savior wrapped protectively around him like a living cloak.

The blond snuggled deeper in to the warmth offered and began to fall back in to his dreams when the noise that had woken him again jarred his sleepy brain.

"Shut up Snape they need to sleep, obviously!"

"Well we need them. So wake the lazy louts Weasley!"

"They aren't lazy and if you take one more step I'll hex your balls off!"

The shouted words filtered through the heavy door. It took a moment before Draco could comprehend what exactly was taking place. Weasley is defending me against… Severus? That thought made Draco chuckle helplessly. What has my life come to?

His shaking laughter soon woke the sleeping man below him. The blond watched as sleepy green eyes peered up at him from beneath messy black hair.

"What is so bloody funny?" Harry asked his voice soft and sleep stained.

"Weasley is defending me from Severus." He managed to get out breathlessly.

The other man raised an eyebrow but otherwise made no comment.

"What time is it?" He asked reaching for something on the bedside table.

"I don't rightly know. I only just woke as well." Draco explained glancing around trying to find where his wand had gotten to.

The other man hmmed and slid the top half of his body off the bed, obviously intending to peer beneath it.

This left Draco in the position to openly ogle the perfect behind that belonged to one Harry Potter. The trousers he wore clung fast to his muscular posterior and chiseled thighs. Draco sighed and slowly his hand, without his conscious permission. Reached forwards and stroked the proffered cotton swathed flash,

An eep came from under the bed. The sound sent Draco's brain in to panic mode. He threw himself away from the other man only to fall unceremoniously off the other side.

A loud thump echoed in the room for a moment before Harry's bespectacled face leaned over the edge of the mattress to peer down at Draco's pink stained face.

"Did you just stroke me?" He asked his voice sounding confused.

"Well… Kind of?" Draco offered feeling like a fool.

For a moment they stared at one another in complete silence. Then Harry nodded.

"I thought so." His face disappeared from Draco's site and the sound of feet hitting the floor on the other side of the room reached Draco's mortified ears.

"I'm going to go stop the bloodshed, feel free to join yeah?" He called.

Draco stared at the sock clad feet of the man he was in love with as they disappeared from site.

What the bloody hell?


Harry smiled to Ron as he opened the door to the hall. He and Snape were standing nose to nose not three feet from him.

"Good morning you two!" He chirped stepping out and closing the door to allow Draco some privacy.

"What's got you so chipper this morning Mate?" Ron asked looking taken aback.

Harry shrugged. "Dunno just feels like today is going to be a good day is all." He replied looking as the dour older man who had yet to say a word. "So what to you all need me for? I am at you beck and call as always Mr. Snape."

Using the honorific was completely worth it if only because of the rather unpleasant look that crossed the older man's face.

"What I need you for Mr. Potter is the near drowning of Miss. Parkinson." His voice ws just as acerbic as ever but Harry couldn't seem to let it bother him.

"Well good thing you've got me then isn't it? Lead the way then, what can I do to help?" He asked, noting the bemused expression on his best friends face.

"Bloody hell Mate did you get lucky last night?" Ron asked loudly.

Harry laughed and threw his arm about the red head. "Oh no nothing of the sort, but this morning Draco stroked me." He told him conspiratorially.

The look on the red head face was worth the mild embarrassment.


The make shift infirmary was in a tizzy twenty minutes later when Harry walked in next to the stretcher of an unconscious Parkinson. Poppy and Narcissa immediately swarmed around them checking her vitals and assuring themselves that the lifesaving measures taken no the scene were enough that she had no permanent brain damage.

Harry sighed and sat next to one of the sleeping victims as the two women hurried around the room.

How did I let them talk me in to this? He wondered pushing his hair from his face in frustration. Oh yeah I am haplessly in love with a very underhanded blond man that appealed to my humanity. He watched as Snape and Draco lifted the pale woman from the streacher whispering to one another.

Suddenly she began to thrash her lithe body becoming a weapon. Harry was on high altert waiting for the wrong thing to happen.

"Nooooooo!" the shriek filled the room as the obviously frightened brunette opened her eyes trying to fight her way out of her resuers grasps.

"Pansy, bloody hell Pansy you're safe! You're safe!" Draco yelled trying to force her down on to the cot.

Just as suddenly as the attack began it stopped leaving a bruised Snape and a befuddled Draco standing over a now sleeping Pansy.

Harry stood and walked hesitantly over to the two confused men.

"What in Merlin's name just happened?" He asked sharply.

"I have no idea." Draco murmured turning his worried eyes towards Harry slowly.

Inside Harry melted; he wanted to make Draco stop hurting. "Come one Draco; let's let Poppy and Narcissa look her over. We need to speak with Liam." He whispered ushering the blond from the room.

They met Ron and Hermione just outside of the door to the infirmary. Hermione looked as though she had been sprinting her face was flushed and her breaths were coming in panting gasps.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked reaching out to help steady his friend.

"Voldemort or Lucifer of whoever the hell he is has taken Hogwarts. The professors that stayed behind are dead." Hermione told him her voice sounding small and scared. "His followers are in the ministry. They are calling it a new regime."

Harry stared unbelieving for a moment. "How… if everyone is dead how do we know all this?" He asked quietly.

"The prophet Harry, he had the prophet run the story." She thrust a crumpled piece of newspaper in to his hands.

He slowly opened the wrinkled paper and stared at the picture that met him.

There in back in white was Lucifer in all his glory. He no longer hid behind the ugly guise of Voldemort although he still inhabited Ton Riddles human body. Standing with him were his most loyal death eaters and in their hands were pikes, atop which were mounted the heads of the teachers in charge of defending the school in their absence.

Harry felt his knees giving out, his head began to swim and all he could think was how. How could we have been so naïve as to believe he would let it end with the ministry?


"We have to make retaking the school our main priority!" Minerva said for the hundredth time. The dark kitchen reverberated wih the approval and disapproval of the other Order members.

Harry glared at her not comprehending how she could be so single minded.

"Taking back the school is important but we have to be in control of the government for this is work. The muggles will suffer terribly if that's not our first priority." Harry explained yet again remembering the screams of the little girl.

"How is he even this powerful Harry? It's like we never trapped him! As though he has recharged." Hermione commented looking to him for answers.

"I can explain that." Liam's voice ran out over the din of the order.

Harry turned and looked to the blond Nephlim.

"So what's going on then?"

"He has eaten the souls of the Lord's chosen. Those without power unto themselves." He explained walking to stand near Harry.

"Bloody hell what does that even mean?" Ron asked standing and stepping towards the other man.

"Those without powers unto themselves…Muggles?" Hermione asked grabbing Ron's arm.

Harry felt his heat race, he broke out in a cold sweat. No his mind felt broken by the revelation. No this can't be. He stared at his hands remembering the blood, the frightened screams. Fuck. "He's eating muggle children's' souls." Harry finally bit out his voice bereft of inflection.

"Exactly right." The room was silent in the wake of this confirmation.

"But if that's what he needs… how do we stop him? If he can go munch on some kid and gain all his powers back how the bloody hell do we stop him?" Harry cried after some moments. "There are six billion people in the world! We can't protect anywhere near the amount of children there must be." He whispered the last words his voice a broken sob.

He felt Draco's hand grasp his shoulder and suddenly he was engulfed by the blonde's warm presence.

"We call in back up Mr. Potter." Liam's voice sounded far away. "We call in back up."

End chapter fourteen

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