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Harry ran up the stairs, shooting Stunning spells at the man in front of him and knocking out cold. He ascended the tower as fast as his legs could carry him and finally made it to the top.

"At last, I see that you have found me Potter," said the sneering figure of a man with a skull mask and black cloak, a sword sheathed at his waist.

"It ends here, Zaara," said Harry quietly, drawing his wand and raising his magical energies to their fullest, revealing his rage. "Because of you, fear has been instilled in the world once more, and because of you my friend has died," he continued, remembering how Hermione had given her life to save his. "And this time, I shall destroy you myself," he roared, shooting a blast of purple fire from his wand at Zaara. Zaara dodged it and tried to slice his head off with the blade. Harry put up a powerful Shield charm, but was shocked when the barrier only slowed the blade, as the barrier was shattered from the attack.

"Impressive, don't you think Potter?" sneered Zaara, channelling his magical reserves through the sword, transforming the blade into a glowing green halberd. "That is the power of the Sword of Slytherin, and it shall be your downfall," he screamed, charging at Harry, his weapon aimed to pierce his heart. Harry quickly stepped aside, allowing Zaara to pierce the wall instead, while he charged a spell to finish it.

"I'm sorry everyone, but I wasn't strong enough to save her. At least I can save you though," thought Harry, charging a ball of condensed space time energy on the tip of his wand.

"Say goodbye, Potter!" screamed Zaara, rushing at him again, just as Harry hit him with his spell.

"Reprimenda del cielo!" yelled Harry, a dense ball of glowing energy forming at the tip of his wand, which began to swell without leaving the wand.

"Alquilar de serpiente," shrieked Zaara, shooting a venomous line of green energy at the rapidly expanding ball of energy, but to no avail. The attack simply dissipated before hitting the ball, which continued to swell, crushing Zaara and killing him instantly, The ball refused to shrink however, and soon Harry found that he was being pulled into the ball too.

"Well, at least he's gone. Now everybody can finally be safe," thought Harry, closing his eyes and allowing him to be swallowed by the energy. "It's just a pity that I couldn't see everybody one last time, but then again, so many people have died. I think it all started back in fourth year, during the Triwizard Tournament," thought Harry, as he felt the energy hit him. Suddenly, a flash came from his wand and pictures of His fourth year at Hogwarts filled his head, mainly the faces of his three fellow champions, Cedric, Krum and Fleur. Suddenly, the energy focused into a funnel and he felt a jerk somewhere behind his navel, as he suddenly began to zoom through the funnel. Colours flashed by his eyes, and after what seemed like hours he had the feeling of falling of a roof and back into his body, as he woke up in an all too familiar place.

"Dad could've got promotion anytime… he just likes it where he is," said a very familiar voice somewhere above Harry. Harry's heart pounded with shock, as he recognised the voice. But it was the next voice that really made Harry excited.

"Of course he does. Don't let Malfoy get to you Ron," came a quiet voice, a voice that Harry never thought he would hear again. Yet, something seemed a bit off with both voices.

"Him! Get to me! As if!" shouted the first voice, and Harry heard the sound of pastry being squished. Finally overcoming his shock, he began raising his head slowly and almost cried out loud in relief, as he saw his two best friends in the world sitting across from him. Ron, irritated and grumpy looking and Hermione – alive and in Harry's opinion, never looking better. As he looked at his friends more closely, he realised that they looked far younger than they should. At least 6 years younger. Then, Harry noticed where they were, and realisation hit him like a Bat Bogey Hex. They were on the Hogwarts Express, riding towards the magical school for their fourth year. He, Harry Potter, had travelled back in time. And having realised that he had indeed travelled into the past, he did the only sensible thing.

"Oh my bloody god," he whispered, before fainting on the seat.

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Translations: Reprimenda del cielo = Heaven's Rebuke

Alquilar de serpiente = Serpent Rend