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:Fun story, but characterization could use work. All of your characters speak like teenage american girls, with exclaimations like "oh my god", etc.
Also, you've fallen into the time travel trap that writers find themselves walking into when they haven't thought out their plot well enough. Harry knows what will happen (other than the events he changes and the butterfly effect those changes will cause). Some inaction makes no since. It is only after the first task, the Harry decides to deal with fake Moody. Dumbledore knows the truth. Harry has proven he is more powerful. Harry isn't waiting to stop fake moody until after Voldemort can return to life or any odd plan like that. So, what reason does Harry have to allow the cruel punishment of confined imprisonment continue for poor Moody? Harry would have to be a right b*** to let a conscious Moody live trapped in a truck for months on end, when he could free him anytime he wants. That's what we call a pothole. I'm going to go ahead and assume there will be tons ahead as well.

To this dear reader (who I can't name as he didn't sign a name) I say, the situation with Moody was resolved the very next chapter, and the reason he wasn't taken out straight away is because if he had been dealt with face to face, he could have warned Voldemort, which is something they don't want, as it could indeed change the timeline, this time not to their advantage. It also states that Moody is recovering in a safe house, with the imposter none the wiser. It also would take time for a plan like that to be put together. Not all magic is done instantly, eg Polyjuice Potion and Veritaserum.

On the language, quite a few of my mates say 'My God' quite a bit, as they're too polite to swear blatantly. I personally swear like a drunken sailor, however, I'd like to keep the language at a somewhat normal level.

Finally, what you just described is a plothole, though in this case, it isn't. A pothole is found in a road, not in a story, and hopefully certainly not in my story. I thank you for the review, however if you want to point out flaws you THINK you've found in a story, I ask that you at least have the decency to sign your name on the review.

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The Second Task: Take Two

The night before the Second Task was now upon the four champions, who were currently planning strategy with each other in the Room of Requirement, which now resembled a common room with a crackling fire and three comfortable armchairs (the room had decided that Fleur would be happier on Harry's lap, a sentiment Fleur shared). Or at least, the night had started out with the intention of strategizing, though it had tapered off into other conversation.

"So Viktor, you do realise that since you're technically a 24-year old man in the body of a 17-year old right?" asked Harry, grinning cheekily.

"Yes, vat is your point?" asked Viktor, feeling a bit uncomfortable from the smirk on Harry's face.

"You're going out with Luna, who is 13 years old... need I say more?" Harry finished, as Cedric burst into laughter.

"Krum is a pedo, Krum is a pedo!" sang Cedric, laughing at the poor young man, who was sputtering indignations.

"Yes Arry, but I am older than you, so does zat make you a, ow you say, coogar unter?" said Fleur mischievously, causing Harry to turn bright red as Viktor returned his smirk whilst Cedric fell to the floor clutching his ribs as he howled with laughter at his fellow champions.

"Let's not forget, Cedric died and is now alive in this timeline, so I vood think zat would mean technically his girlfriend, Miss Chang is committing necrophilia," retorted Viktor, which caused Cedric to stop laughing and glower at Viktor, while Harry and Fleur burst out laughing.

"So, in summary, I'm a cougar hunter, Fleur's a cougar, Viktor is a paedophile and Cho is into necrophilia. I do ever so like when we hang out and talk, it feels like we learn more and more about each other every time, even when I wish I hadn't" finished Harry, with all of them laughing loudly at themselves.

"Are we more or less done gossiping and strategising then team?" asked Cedric, getting nods from his fellow champions. "In that case, we should probably head off to bed, since the task is tomorrow and we should all be on time this time around, Harry," said Cedric, grinning pointedly at Harry, who gave him a bored look.

"I was getting my beauty sleep thank you very much, we can't all look nice by rubbing obscene amounts of gel into our hair to look nice," Harry retorted.

"I don't use that much gel, you specky git," said Cedric in mock anger.

"Please, I work vith male model's as celebrity, they point at you and comment on the amount of product in your hair," snorted Viktor.

"Just no winning with you people, is there?" asked Cedric in defeat, as Fleur giggled at the three of them. Cedric and Viktor slowly made their way to the exit, while Fleur and Harry stayed behind for a little while, using their sparse amount of time alone together to just enjoy the other's presence in their arms. Harry was absentmindedly running his fingers through Fleur's long silvery hair, when she spoke up.

"Arry, what are your plans for ze summer?" Fleur asked softly.

"I hadn't really thought about it," replied Harry honestly. He hadn't had the time, what with worrying for the future and making it through the second task in the tournament, and just generally trying not to reveal that he was from the future. He had already had a few slipups with Hermione. "I know Alicia, Angelina and Katie want to know too, but I haven't got any definite plans yet." True to their word, the Gryffindor Chasers had been taking their job of self-imposed sisters very seriously, and had been very protective of Harry as of late, and were writing home to their parents asking permission for Harry to stay with them, for which he was both embarrassed and immensely grateful for.

"If you have time on ze olidays, would you like to visit me in France for a while?" asked Fleur, the smallest trace of hesitance and hope in her voice.

"Of course, I'd love to Fleur," replied Harry easily, smiling gently at her, as he cupped her cheek and kissed her softly but deeply. Fleur melted into him, her eyes fluttering closed as her soft lips melded with his in a passionate embrace. Harry knew the reason she had thought he may not want to visit her. Bill had put off going to France for a long time, and had only consented at her insistence. Bill had not even tried to learn her native language and had been left out of conversations frequently, which had in turn angered the young redhead. It had been a major reason as to why they had settled in Shell Cottage, instead of in France or in another country. Fleur had resented the fact that she had tried to get to know his family (and had been widely rejected) and he had made almost no effort to get to know hers.

"C'mon Fleur, let's get to bed. I'd best make sure you get back to the carriage," said Harry, wrapping Fleur in his arms and carrying her towards the door out of the Room of Requirement.

"Arry's caught imself a cougar," Fleur sang sleepily, causing Harry to stumble.

"I won't ever live that down," muttered Harry, shaking his head as he closed the door behind them.

Harry woke early on the day of the Second Task, certainly a change from being poked awake by Dobby. He got changed into a wetsuit he had gotten Sirius to send him and put on his Hogwarts robes over it, whilst holstering his wand on a specially designed pouch on his arm. He planned to use the Weasley twins new Froggy Formula Mints to transform into a frog before using a Gravity Charm to cause himself to quickly sink to the bottom of the lake and then use a bit of wandless magic in order to free Ron. Though his friendship had more or less been terminated with the youngest male redhead, he would do his best to rescue him, if only for the points in the tournament. Harry passed numerous people on the way, most wishing him luck, including Neville and Madison, who both blushed profusely when Harry asked if they were counting watching the task together as a date. Everything was going very smoothly, until Harry reached the Champions table to sit with the others, when Harry noticed they all looked nervous and fidgety.

"What's wrong?" asked Harry, as they all turned to look at him.

"Arry, Ermione and Ron are sitting at the Gryffindor table," she said nervously, making Harry whirl around, to stare at Hermione, who was nervously biting her lip as she stared over at Harry, giving him a weak smile, while Ron sat at the other end of the table, shovelling large amounts of bacon and toast into his mouth, much to the disgust of those close by him.

"They should both be under the lake," breathed Harry. He looked over at the Ravenclaw table and saw Cho missing, which likely meant Cedric's captive hadn't changed. However his heart plummeted when he noticed someone else missing from the table of the house of knowledge.

"Luna is missing too," spoke Viktor unhappily, having realised he was now rescuing someone he had genuinely grown very fond of in a frighteningly short amount of time. Harry was desperately trying to think of who else they may have taken, when Professor McGonagall came to their table to escort the champions to the lake. Harry was walking nervously with the other champions when he saw a few of his friends coming from the castle. Hermione was walking with Jesse, who had his arm around her shoulders trying to calm her down, while Susan Bones and Hannah Abbott walked beside them, also seemingly trying to help Hermione prevent a panic attack. Neville and Madison walked together with their hands intertwined, though they were both obviously worried. Finally, Harry saw the twins walking down, looking surprisingly worried, along with Angelina, Katie and... Harry felt his heart stop when he realised who had been taken.

"Alicia's missing," Harry whispered in shock, as Fleur helped him walk into the tent, where Cedric was attempting to help Viktor keep from getting angry.

Harry shouldn't have found this surprising. Hermione was his closest friend and like a sister to him, but Alicia had already accepted him as her little brother and had been getting much closer to him throughout the school year. Of course, Katie and Angelina were also there, but Alicia was the first to tell him, and it made her stand out enough. Of course she would be the thing he would sorely miss.

"Calm down Arry, we will get er back, I promise," whispered Fleur, pressing her lips to his forehead as she hugged him tightly. Logically, Harry knew that nobody was in any danger. However, at the moment, all he could think about were the hostages down in the cold and darkness of the lake. One was as close as a sister to him; while another was very important to him for what she was to the woman he loved.

"Guess we won't be having our joke round this time," said Cedric, eliciting a chuckle from his fellow champions, weak as it was. Originally, they had planned for Fleur to wear the wetsuit and for the three boys to wear bikinis of varying modesty, for a laugh of course. However, desperate times called for desperate measures.

"Plan B?" asked Harry, getting quick agreements from the other three, just as they were called out to the lake.

"Ladies and gentlemen, students and teachers, we welcome each and every one of you to the Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament!" Bagman's amplified voice sounded throughout the stands around the lake. "We've hidden something from each of our Champions in the Black Lake, something they'll sorely miss, which they have one hour to find! Champions, on your marks!" announced Bagman, as Harry, Fleur, Cedric and Viktor stepped up onto the docks.

"Begin!" yelled Bagman, as his wand emitted a loud bang like a gunshot, as the Champions moved as one. Harry and Viktor quickly slapped their palms on the dock, causing a surge of blue light as the wood transformed into a large wooden ship, not unlike a pirate ship. Unseen by the shocked and awed crowd, Harry and Viktor had transmutation circles on slips of paper in their hands, which they had used for a quick one-time use of alchemy. Next, Fleur and Cedric wove a huge bubble of air, similar to an enlarged version of the Bubblehead Charm, before reinforcing the bubble, making it hard as rock while still retaining its bubble appearance. The Champions quickly boarded the boat before Viktor took the wheel whilst Harry took the lookout and Cedric and Fleur started using Acceleration spells to propel the boat through the water, submerging it deep into the lake. Plan B was to be used when deemed necessary, to make a show of international cooperation by completing one of the Tasks together as a team. Now however, they simply wanted to get the hostages out of the lake as soon as possible.

"We have incoming!" announced Harry from the crow's nest. "Three Grindylow's off the port stern!"

"I've got them!" yelled Cedric, racing off to the left of the ship as Fleur took care of propelling the ship through the lake. Cedric used the battle-based alchemy gloves that Harry had given him for Christmas to compress and freeze some of the water around the ship before vaporizing the water behind the makeshift torpedos to create shockwaves, blasting the torpedos at the Grindylow's, smashing into them and sending them far away from the ship. This continued a bit longer, as Cedric blasted several more torpedos at numerous groups of Grindylow's, Kappa's and what looked like a tiger shark.

"Merpeople village dead ahead!" shouted Viktor from the wheel.

"Prepare for ostage retrieval!" yelled Fleur, as Harry and Cedric lined up.

"Espada!" they yelled in unison holding up their wands, as a bright yellow energy glowed on their wands, shaping into a blade with their wands used like hilts and a guard made of the same energy jutting out the sides. Fleur stayed inside the ship with Viktor, making it ready to go at a moment's notice, as Harry and Cedric leapt off the ship, their bodies coated in human shaped bubbles for protection against the lack of oxygen and the crushing pressure, as they sliced through the ropes and warded off the mermen, who were advancing on the pair as they took hostages not their own. Harry grabbed hold of Gabrielle and Alicia in his arms and quickly took her towards the ship, while Cedric guarded his back with his sword which, when swung, caused nine other swords connected at the guard's to materialise from the first sword, increasing the range of attack and successfully warding off the mermen, as Harry took over for Cedric with his own sword, while Cedric recovered Cho and Luna. The second they had gotten back on the ship, Fleur had accelerated the ship as fast as she could, making them speed through the lake, leaving the merpeople in the dust. Meanwhile, the hostages were coming to, spluttering and shaking with cold, while Harry and Cedric cast Warming Charms on them and bundled them in blankets, just as the ship broke the surface of the lake. The four champions looked out into the crowd of silent, shocked students and teachers. Suddenly the cheering started, first from the champions' friends and families, then from everyone, until the stands were shaking with all the applause.

"Incredible! Ladies and gentlemen, this has to be the first time in the history of the Triwizard, that the champions have worked together to fulfil a Task, and these four champions have completed the Second Task in an unbelievable twelve minutes and forty seconds, obliterating the previous record of 41 minutes!" Bagman yelled in amazement, as the cheering got, if possible, even louder. The four champions looked to their individual hostages, as their ship was magically pulled to the shore. Gabrielle jumped into her sisters' arms hugging Fleur, who hugged her back tightly, closing her eyes and smiling in relief. Cedric and Cho embraced, as did Luna and Viktor, who kissed Luna more gently than many would assumed was possible for the intimidating looking man. Harry simply fell to his knees and hugged Alicia hard, as she hugged him back, stroking his hair and hugging the relieved boy. Eventually the boat was pulled in and the passengers disembarked. Madam Pomfrey quickly hustled everybody to the private stands and wrapped them all in warm blankets. No protests were heard, as the relief in having freed the passengers was still felt by the four. They all knew that the hostages would be safe no matter what, but each still felt horrible knowing they were down in the lake, and needed to rescue them as fast as was possible.

"The judges have an announcement to make," said Dumbledore, silence falling in the stands as his magically amplified voice rang out. "It has been decided that, due to the superb show of international cooperation the champions have shown thus far in the Tournament, most recently with the amazing display of teamwork and magic in accomplishing the Second Task, we have decided to award the champions with enough points each to put them on the exact same amount of points for the Third Task, so as it stands, all champions have a total of 94 points, with Miss Delacour and Mr Diggory receiving full marks, and Mr Krum and Mr Potter receiving 48 points!" announced Dumbledore, smiling widely at the champions, as the combined students of the three schools rocked the stands with their cheers and stamping and clapping.

The day done, the students began to head back inside, before – POP! Suddenly, students yelled out in surprise, as a cloud of smoke formed around the champions. Students all around gasped in surprise, before many roared with laughter, as the smoke cleared to reveal Cedric, Viktor and Harry had all turned into bright green frogs. A banner soon appeared above the group, emblazoned with the words 'Froggy Formula Mints, see the Triwizard Champions for details! Turn your friends into happy little amphibians for 5 minutes per mint, or until they receive a kiss from their prince (or princess)'. The Weasley twins were completely floored by this until Alicia held up a sign that had prices for them on it, at which point the twins broke into mock tears of joy as they praised the champions, imagining their pockets overflowing. As the school laughed at the display, Luna picked up Viktor-frog and kissed him, turning it back into a smiling Viktor in a cloud of green smoke. Cho did the same for Cedric-frog, but when Fleur went to pick up Harry-frog, Gabrielle beat her to it and kissed the frog, causing Harry to change back with Gabrielle blushing deeply in his arms while an amused Fleur looked on and the audience cheered at the display.

Later that night, a party was going on in the Beauxbatons carriage. Fleur's parents had graciously offered their room to the champions to use for a party, thought the champions had insisted on Fleur's parents being welcomed to the party along with the champions' friends and Gabrielle. Everywhere you looked people were laughing and having a good time, while green clouds of smoke erupted frequently, followed by laughs as people turned each other into frogs, whether on purpose or for a laugh. The Weasley twins had thanked the champions profusely, as their funds had risen exponentially when practically every student from all the schools (and even several teachers) had been flocking to them to buy huge orders of their Froggy Formula Mints. They were so flooded they had set aside all of their break times to continue making more for the excited crowds. Harry and the other champions had outright refused to take a percentage of the profits, despite the twin's protests, though they were more satisfied when Harry said they pay them back by doing him a favour (though they seemed quite surprised by it, they easily agreed to help him out). The party was winding down around 9pm, when people had seen Gabrielle falling asleep and started discreetly letting others know they would have to split for the night.

"Arry, could you come wiz me?" asked Fleur, tapping Harry on the shoulder, making Harry turn from his conversation with Viktor, Cedric, Neville and Dean (Quidditch or football, which was better?).

"Sure thing Fleur," Harry smiled at her, excusing himself from the boys, as Fleur led him over to her parents and sister, who was blushing and hiding behind her mother's leg.

"Mama, Papa this is my boyfriend, Arry. Arry, these are my parents, and I'm sure you remember my seester?" Fleur introduced, while Harry leant on one knee to smile at Gabrielle.

"How could I forget the beautiful princess who saved me from being a frog?" said Harry in amusement, which made Gabrielle laugh.

"Arry Potter, eet is so nice to meet you, Fleur as told us of nozzing else in er letters ome apart from er boyfriend, ze famous Arry Potter," said Fleur's mother, giving her daughter a wink, as Fleur blushed beet red.

"Enchantée, mademoiselle Delacour," said Harry, taking her hand and kissing the back of it.

"Apoline please Arry," she replied, smiling gently at him, before her smile became a bit more mischievous. "Or you can go ahead and call me mozzer," she laughed as both Harry and Fleur turned red in embarrassment while her husband laughed merrily. The rest of the meeting went well, with Harry being introduced to Fleur's father Jean, before Fleur and Harry wishing them goodnight, as Fleur walked Harry out.

"Bonne nuit, Mon amour," said Fleur softly at the carriage entrance.

"Bonne nuit, ma belle fleur," whispered Harry, as they embraced, their lips melding perfectly into one another's, as they shared a good night kiss. As Fleur floated away to her room, a blissful smile present on her face, Harry smiled to himself, as he walked back to Gryffindor Tower.

"Just one more left," murmured Harry quietly, as he vanished into the dark recesses of the ancient castle.

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Espada = Spanish for 'sword'

If I didn't do a very good job explaining it, Espada creates a sort of beam sword (think a lightsaber in the form of a Swiss longsword) which encompasses the wand, so the handle of the wand acts as the grip of the sword. The user can use this as a real sword and can utilise the Espada spells' special ability to create nine other swords to fight an opponent with. The limitations are that it requires constant powering to use, therefore is a draining spell, and the nine other swords have to be connected to the original sword in some way (so guard-to-guard-to-guard ect, or blade to handle to blade for a stabbing strike). If this is a bad description, look up Yoshi from Bleach.