Full Summary: After some unexpected events after Mana's death, Allen ends up living with the Noahs and is raised by them. Allen ends up loving his new family a whole lot and they are his treasure, but when he discovers something that is unexpected... what will he do?

A/N: well. the story's name just came to me after some hard thinking and I decided to just go with the name because... i have waited long enough to post my story... I was gonna post it sooner, but I couldn't think of a name for this story.. and yes... Allen is going to become a Noah later... and he's gonna be pretty twisted and sorta evil? I mean.. what do you expect from a child who was raised by the Noahs? :P I personally LOVE the Noahs... and I love the Noah Allen~!

Oh yeah, one more thing before I stop 'talking', I am not really going to focus on the descriptions of a character's appearance, because you all probably already know what they look like! I will prob only focus on the descriptions if I have an OC... which i prob won't? not sure. :) actually I will. But I will limit the amount coz a lotta people don't like OCs and I personally don't like having them playing a big part in a story I guess?

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Chapter 1: The Unexpected

A white-haired, scrawny looking boy was wandering on the dark run-down street searching for something. He was feeling very hungry and cold, inside and outside, he had just turned his own father, Mana, into an akuma after being led to believe that he could bring Mana back to life by a unique-sized man who called himself the Millennium Earl. The boy didn't hate or blame the Millennium Earl, after all, it was his own childish dreams and stupidity that led him to make such a decision.

-an hour or so ago-

"Hello boy, would you like to bring this person back to life?" a voice asked the white-haired boy that was grieving in front of a grave. The boy looked up and found a rounded man with a top hat holding a pumpkin-topped umbrella in his hands looking at him with a wide and creepy grin. The grin sent shivers down the boy's back, but he took no notice of it.

"Who are you?" The boy asked with all traces of grief gone from his face and instead hope shined in the boy's eyes.

"I am the Millennium Earl. What's your name boy?" the Earl asked with slight interest. 'This boy is... is... hm.. what's the word for it,' the Earl thought in his head.

"My name is Allen Walker, sir," Allen replied politely. He was raised to be polite and have good manners at all times. He had learned that people only like polite boys, and he wanted to be liked.

'So polite,' the Earl thought.

"Allen dear, who is this you are grieving for?" the Earl asked with an even wider grin causing another shiver down Allen's back.

"Mana, he's my foster father." A sparkle of grief shown in Allen's eyes, but it was quickly erased when he remembered what the Earl had asked when he appeared and so he added, "Is it true that Mana can come back to life?"

"Yes. But I would need your help with that. Would you still like to bring him back to life?" the Earl replied with slight uneasiness, he felt a little sorry for the adorable boy.

'Sorry?' the Earl thought and chuckled when he realized what had happened, 'He is pretty adorable. Sort of like Tyki-pon and my dear Road.' He tried justifying himself, but even he wasn't convinced.

The boy looked confused for a little while when the Earl chuckled, but the thought of Mana coming back to life quickly took over and without hesitation, he requested, "Can you please bring Mana back to life then? I would do anything."

"Alright, boy," the Earl replied and instantly, their surroundings changed. Their surroundings were now purple and in front of Allen, a skeleton with the name Mana written on it was hung on a pole, much like what they do with prisoners that were about to be hung, except without the string and with handcuffs instead.

"I-is that Mana?" the boy asked with slight hesitation. He had a hard time believing that such a skeleton was his beloved Mana.

"No, not yet. But he will be soon once you have done what you need to." The Earl replied looking at the boy's face, especially his eyes.

"W-what do I have to do?" Allen asked looking at the Earl and a hint of red was shown on his cheek when he noticed the Earl was looking at him.

"All you have to do is call you father's name," the Earl instructed carefully.

"Really? That's simple." The boy was a little surprised at how little he needed to do.

"Yes. Are you ready?"

"Yes," Allen replied and then sucking in a breath, he opened his mouth and shouted with all he had, "MANA! MANA!"

Suddenly, the skeleton started moving like it had just woken up and transformed in a brownish-red creature with yellow cat-like eyes and long limbs and arms. It stretched and suddenly caught sight of the boy who had 'resurrected' him. "ALLEN!' the creature roared.

"Mana!" Allen exclaimed with surprise and joy. Even though the voice had changed a little, Allen could still recognize it clearly, it was his beloved Mana.

"What have you done?" the Mana-creature roared in anger causing Allen to take a step back with slight panic.

"W-what do you mean? I brought you back to life. I am so happy that you are back, Mana." Allen stammered with wide eyes at first, but when he thought of all the things that he can do with Mana once again, his voice changed to one of excitement.

The Earl was watching this in the shadows with interest. He silently ordered with slight grief, "Kill him, akuma." He liked the boy, he was adorable and interesting, but this was his nature, and he cannot defy his own nature.

"ALLEN," Mana shouted with spite, but his eyes shone tenderly with love at the sight and voice of the happy boy.

Allen was completely ignorant of the spite in Mana's voice. "Yes, Mana? Oh I am so excited with all—"

"You turned me into an AKUMA!" Mana accused with as much hatred as he could.

"An a-aku-akuma?" Allen asked with horrified eyes, he had finally recognized the hatred in Mana's voice and was terrified, he had never seen Mana sounding so angry.

"Yes, an akuma! A demon!" Mana shouted taking another step towards the frightened boy and glared at the boy.

"Mana! Wh-what are you saying? That's impossible! There's no such thing as an akuma!" The boy exclaimed in disbelief.

"Well you better believe it. Because there is one standing in front of you right now." Mana took another step forward causing Allen to take another step back, but stumbles and lands on the floor with a thud.

"W-what are you going to do?" Allen asked trying to move as far away from Mana as possible.

"What do you think?" Mana shouted baring his teeth and jumped, closing the distance between Allen and him.

"Y-you are not Mana. Mana would never do such a thing." Allen said frantically shaking his head like crazy. It was more like he was trying to persuade himself of that rather than replying. He kept repeated that over and over again.

Then noticing the creature that called himself Mana leaning down, he cried, "Please don't, Mana! STOP, NO MA―" His cry was cut off as Mana sliced through his left eye causing Allen to scream in pain. Allen's hand immediately flew towards his left eye and clutched it in pain. Blood began surfacing and the boy's hands were soon covered in blood.

"Allen... I love you." Mana whispered to the boy and Allen's eyes opened instantly in shock and surprise.

"Mana... I lo—" Allen was interrupted when Mana leaned back and his two hands flew down about to slam into Allen, but then suddenly, Allen's left hand shone brightly with a greenish light and defended Allen against Mana's incoming attack.

"Wh-what?" Allen stammered in shock when the impact between Allen's left hand and Mana's hands caused Mana to fall back a little. The Millennium Earl stared in shock and interest while Mana bristled with disbelief and narrowed his eyes.

When Allen saw Mana's reaction, he whispered with widened eyes, "You are not the Mana that I know anymore."

'Mana' just laughed cold-heartedly looking at Allen in the eye and said in a cruel voice, "How smart of you, boy."

Then, without hesitation, 'Mana' pounced onto the boy and lifted his hand, ready to attack. But then a cry of pain escaped from Mana's mouth and 'Mana' looked down at his chest. A red hand had cut through his chest and it was beginning to pull back revealing a claw-like hand. Allen's panicked eyes followed the movement of Mana's and gasped in shock when he saw his own hand coming out of Mana's chest.

"Ma-Mana?" Allen cried out in grief. He was confused and shocked, his hand had moved without him knowing. "What happened?" his thought to himself.

"Live on" Mana whispered with a smile and suddenly dispersed into tiny sparkles of dust that rained down like snow.

"MANA!" Allen cried out in anguish once again, unable to grasp what had just happened. He was still staring at his hand in disbelief when his hand turned back into its original deformed form.

"What a sudden turn of events!" The Earl exclaimed with surprise in the shadow. The Earl chuckled, "What an interesting boy." And in the blink of an eye, there was nothing where the Earl was a moment ago. As a result, the surroundings turned back to that of a cemetery with Allen sitting in front of Mana's grave in distraught and grief once again.

-back to present time-

Allen had remembered what he promised Mana. Mana had made him promise to always keep moving forward on the path that he chose for himself and to never give up. So after pulling himself together, Allen decided he must find himself some food and a place to rest.

After walking a little while, Allen spotted a black-colored box with its lid open on a wooden bench a foot or so away. He walked towards the box as quickly as possible, but he was tired and hungry. When he reached the box, he saw a blanket-like sheet in it with a few pieces of clothing. Using the pieces of clothing as bedding, Allen climbed in and wrapped the blanket around him. Settling in after closing the lid, Allen's tiredness quickly drifted him off to sleep.

A few minutes later, a man with black curly hair and weird looking glasses in tattered-looking clothing with his hands filled with food walked towards the bench. When he reached the bench and placed his food down next to the box, the first thing that popped up in his head was, "Wasn't the suitcase open when I left? I guess it must have been the wind...whatever."

He zipped the suitcase up and settled down to eat. When he was halfway done with his food, a message suddenly popped up in his head.

"Tyki...where are you?"

"Crap" Tyki muttered, he thought, 'That was Road, wasn't it... I totally forgot...'

The voice in his head sighed. "Tyki... I knew it."

"It really is Road. Sorry, Road. I will come after I finish eating," Tyki thought in his head knowing Road can hear him.

Road said in an unhappy voice, "Alright, I will tell the Earl."

"Thanks," Tyki thought. To Tyki, it was apparent that Road said that with a pout and he was going to be in slight trouble when he got to the Earl's mansion. "I will just have to eat while I still can," Tyki muttered and went back to eating.

When Tyki was finished, he threw everything into a nearby trashcan and brushed himself off a little in case any food stuck to him.

He picks up the suitcase off the bench and muttered, "I guess I better get—WHOA"

Tyki nearly drops the suitcase due to its sudden increase in weight and catches it just in time. "That was dangerous... was the suitcase always this heavy? I guess I didn't notice..." He wondered to himself.

About to open the suitcase to examine it, Road's urgent voice in Tyki's head calling his name caused him to stop and he muttered, "Crap, better get going." With that, he placed the suitcase back into a standing position.

Pulling out the handle bar of the suitcase, Tyki holds on to it and starts off towards the direction of the Earl's mansion pulling the suitcase with him.

After arriving at the Earl's mansion, a dark-skinned teenage girl with spiky dark blue hair and seven stigmatas on her forehead had tackled Tyki and dragged him towards Tyki's room.

When she released Tyki, Tyki walked towards his bed and placed his suitcase beside his bed, forgetting about the increase of weight entirely.

Turning around, he was startled to see the Earl standing next to the girl with his usual grin.

"Hey Tyki-pon," the Earl greeted.

"Good evening." Tyki replied.

"If you wouldn't mind, Tyki-pon, please change your clothing before further discussion," the Earl requested.

"All right then," Tyki said with a sigh and headed towards his closet grabbing some clothing. He trotted off into the bathroom and closed the door.

"Hey Road, how have you been?" The Earl asked looking at the girl with affection.

"Millennie... you just saw me—" Road was interrupted when the bathroom door open and the man that stepped out was as different from the man that went in as day and night.

"Greetings, Joyd-pon," The Earl exclaimed with a smile when he saw the man.

"Don't call me Joyd. Only call me by Tyki," Tyki said putting an emphasis on don't and only and glared at the Earl. This Tyki had his haired slightly pulled back making the seven cross-shaped stigmata on his forehead stand out, golden eyes with gray skin tone and dressed in white-collared shirt with black pants.

"Fine." The Earl pouted.

"Tyki~ What have you been up to~?" Road asked as he bounced up to Tyki with open arms, "I terribly missed you."

"Sorry, Road. I missed you too," Tyki said as he embraced Road.

"Aw... Road and Tyki, so cute and adorable together!" The Earl exclaimed with affection as he clasped his two hands together. "Speaking of which—"

The Earl was interrupted when the sound of a yawn and some rustling was projected into the room. The Earl, Tyki and Road widened their eyes and started looking around the room to find the source of the sound, but found nothing suspicious.

"D-did you hear that?" asked Tyki hesitantly. He wasn't sure if it was just him or what.

"Yup~ loud and clear~" Road replied, relieved that she wasn't the only one. She and Tyki then looked at the Earl and it was apparent that he heard it too.

"Anyways, as I was saying... today I went to another poor person's grave and found this totally ADORABLE child in front of the grave," The Earl exclaimed with an even wider grin, as if it was possible. Tyki and Road just looked at him with a surprised look, the Earl has never taken such an interest in a mere child, well, except for the people within the Noah family.

The Earl continued, "And so I did my usual and guess what? This child—"

Again, the Earl was interrupted, but this time, it was very clear where the noise came from. Everyone in the room turned to look at the suitcase once-standing beside Tyki's bed. The suitcase was thrashing and moving by itself and a muffled voice could be heard from it. It finally topples over and lands with a thud on the ground. Road, Tyki and the Earl just stared at the suitcase in shocked silence.

"What the—" Tyki starts.

"Let me out, let me out!" the muffled voice coming from the suitcase was easier to decipher now and it was clearly shouting in frantic.

"Tyki—" Road begins with hesitation, but Tyki already rushed over to the suitcase and started to unzip it.

When Tyki opened the suitcase, there was white hair sticking out of the blanket and then suddenly, the head that belonged to the white hair pops out looking frantically around him and Tyki soon finds a pair of silver scared eyes staring at him. Tyki and everyone else was shocked.

"Tyki-pon... what have you been doing?" Even the Earl was surprised, and he rarely shows such emotions.

"Uh..." Tyki himself was at a loss for words. He was staring at the white-haired kid who was now looking at his surroundings with curiosity.

Suddenly, a shrill of joy was heard and every head in the room turns to look at Road who was now running towards the kid with happiness on every inch of her face. When she reached the kid, she starts hugging him with such affection that Tyki could do nothing but stare with a slightly open mouth. As far as Tyki knows, Road rarely hugged just anyone like that, and now she's hugging a human kid that she just met in such an affectionate way? 'This world has gone mad,' Tyki thought.

The kid was at first surprised, but soon his expression turned into one of enjoyment and happiness.

"You are a boy, right~?" Road asks still hugging the kid.

"Yeah," The boy answered with a nod.

Then the boy's eyes widen in shock when he sees the Earl and whispers, "It's you..."

Road and Tyki turn around to look at the Earl, who suddenly had a look of recognition on his face. "It's you...boy."

Clearly, they somehow knew each other, but Tyki had a hard time understanding how. 'WAIT... could it be?' Tyki thought.

Hey it's me again... :) well. How do you like this story so far? and yes.. the Earl is actually gonna be pretty nice in this story.. well at least to his family. :) I really believe that the Noahs are really close with each other and would almost NEVER betray each other. This story IS going to have OCC-ness, and it's how I visualize what Allen and the rest of the characters would be like if they were living in this 'alternate universe' of mine. I am not sure whether the story is gonna follow the anime & manga later on or not, but... it's gonna sorta follow it, i guess.