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Chapter 13 – The Beginning

"That person is an Akuma. An enemy of you and them."

"A-An Akuma?" Krory was in disbelief.

"Yes. An Akuma. Now that you know the truth… do you still love her or are you disgusted by her?" Allen confirmed with a nod as he began walking towards Krory and Eliade once again.

"What are you trying to do, Allen?" Lavi questioned, unsure of the boy's motives.

"Trying to see if his love is real or false. Trying to decide their fate. If he chooses wrong, both their lives will be lost, but if he chooses right, I will spare them both and leave them alone, which I suggest you to do the same." Allen watched Krory's changing expressions closely. "So… what do you choose, Arystar Krory?"

'Wh-what should I do? Whatever my choice is, it will affect both Eliade's and my fate… Do I still love Eliade? Yes. Do I mind that she lied to me? Sort of. But why did she lie to me? I don't know,' Krory thought as he looked at Eliade's face. "Eliade. Why did you lie to me? Did you really love me?"

Eliade's sight flew to a space behind Krory. 'Why did I do what I did? Perhaps it was because I finally found a man that was strong enough to be in my presence. All I ever wanted was to have the beauty that someone in love has. Because no matter how "beautiful" or "cute" I was to those men, my beauty would never compare to that of a woman in love. I wanted to finally have that beauty.'

"So Eliade, was your love all a farce or was it something that you wanted to be real?" Allen asked with a smirk. He already knew the answer. He knew the thoughts of this woman and how real she wanted the love between her and the vampire to be, but was her want enough? "You better be truthful, my lady."

'When I met Arystar, I instantly got the feeling that he could destroy me and I wouldn't mind it if he was the one who ended me. But… now… do I want to be destroyed or do I want to live with him maybe for the rest of eternity? Just him… and me. Yes… that is something I want, even more than all the clothes and make-up I can get.'

"Eliade?" Krory spoke up, he was feeling afraid of what was about to be said. Would it be something that would break his heart or would it be something that would allow him the happiness that would make him happy for the rest of his life?

"I… I wanted to love you, Arystar," Eliade told him truthfully.

Krory gave a grim smile. "Maybe that is enough for me."

"So what's your decision then, Krory?" Allen questioned while exchanging a look with Tyki. Tyki knew exactly what Allen has planned and gave Allen a nod of support.

"I… I still love her. I still want to be with her," Krory answered while looking at Allen and taking Eliade's hand into his.

A contented smile appeared on Allen's face and slowly, claps rung in the air. "Good job, Krory. You have made the wise decision. I would hate to have killed you both." Allen turned to look at Lavi and Daisya before continuing, "Now, exorcists, I have a recommendation for you."

"What is it?" It was Lavi who spoke up.

"Well, I guess it's not as much of a recommendation as it is a threat. I suggest that you tell the Order to stop trying to recruit Krory because he is now under my protection and unless he wants to, you are not allowed to force him to join the Order," Allen demanded with a frosty stare.

"But we must at least bring Krory back to the Order once to see how synchronized Krory is with his Innocence," Lavi protested.

"Fair enough, but only if you insure that Krory will safely return to this castle straight away. I will make sure my threat is carried out if not," Allen compromised.

"I will. I swear on my life," Lavi promised with a nod. He wouldn't want the Clan of Noahs to go after him. Even if he's supposed to stay neutral, the Noahs and Allen are just spiking his interest more and more.

"I will hold you to it then," Allen said with a slightly threatening smile before gesturing for Tyki to follow him. "Now, we must go. Our goal here is completed. Farewell, Exorcists."

With that, Allen hopped onto a nearby window's hedge with the help of his Innocence and left the hall. Tyki, using his Noah abilities, levitated himself out of the room as well.

"I guess they are gone then," Lavi remarked. "He only stays until he wants to leave and then he's gone like the wind."

"Who were those two, Lavi?" Daisya questioned with a curious look.

"That was the Destroyer of Time, Allen Walker, and a Noah named Tyki Mikk," Lavi replied, his eyes still glued to the window that Allen had left through.

"The Destroyer of Time? A Noah?" Daisya was confused.

"Hevlaska had prophesized a Destroyer of Time when she sensed a point breaker. And soon, it was concluded that Allen was that point breaker. Yes, Allen is an Innocence Accommodator, a strong one too. He might very well be the Heart we've been looking for."

Daisya was shocked and his face showed exactly that. "Th-Then why isn't he an Exorcist?

"Because humanity has done him wrong and he has no desire to help humanity. Instead, he wants to help destroy it," Lavi said with a wistful look.

"Then why isn't he a Fallen One?"

"That, I have no idea. As for a Noah, they are the allies of the Millennium Earl, they each have a special power."

"Do-Does th-that mean Allen is working with the E-Earl then, if a Noah was with him?" Daisya questioned as another wave of shock came over him.

"Yes, in fact, they would most likely do anything Allen wants because they love him above everything else. I imagine that if Allen wanted to save humanity, the Noahs would help him, but unfortunately, humanity has done Allen wrong and they will eventually perish because of that."

"You don't believe the Order can save humanity?" Daisya asked, slightly disbelieving.

"No. The Order is only trying to save itself, not humanity. They might say that, but have they really been saving lives? Aren't they destroying lives as well? And anyways, if the Noahs really wanted, they can probably destroy the Order completely anytime they want. There are thousands of Akumas with 13 super humans along with an Innocence Accommodator on the general level against 20 or so Exorcists. Who will win in the end? Noahs or humanity?"

"You are correct. If the Earl really wanted, there's no way the Order would still exist. And judging from what you said, the only hope you had of beating the Noahs and the Earl would have been that boy," Eliade inputted as she got up and dusted off her skirt. She had been listening to the two Exorcists' conversation the entire time but chose to stay silent.

"Is there really no way to escape the fate of doom?" Daisya questioned, searching the two's eyes for the answer he wanted, but there was nothing.

"I think you already know the answer, do you not?" Eliade began walking towards the exit of the hall.

Finally noticing the baron's absence, Lavi questioned, "Hey, where's Krory?"

"While you guys were talking, Arystar decided to go ahead and clean himself up before leaving with you guys, if you like, you can go clean yourself up as well. I'd show you the way." Eliade paused right in front of the doors and looked back, waiting for an answer.

"That'd be nice, thank you!" Lavi responded, reverting back to his happy-go-lucky self, and ran over to Eliade.

"Hey! Wait up, Lavi! Don't leave me here with those man-eating plants!" Daisya called out as he raced to catch up, avoiding the plants in his path.

"Catch me if you can Dai~sya~!" Lavi called back with a laugh as he opened the doors and dragged Eliade with him.

"I will definitely get you!"

Later… on the train…

"Man! That was so tiring! Krory is like a little naïve child going out onto the streets for the first time!" Lavi plopped himself onto the train's stuffed seating.

"Well, technically, he is." Daisya was tired as well. Krory had been very curious and was all over the place while they were in a nearby town. He had practically wanted to buy everything and it didn't help that he easily believed what people said. Just now, he had give all his clothes, with the exception of his boxers, to a flower selling girl who told him a sob story of how she had to feed her sick 10,000-years-old grandpa and 2,000 little brothers. Anyone with even an ounce of common sense would have known it was nonsense immediately, but Krory had believed it through and through. Who has even heard of a 10,000-years-old grandpa?

"Whatever!" Lavi placed his hand over his eyes. "He couldn't possibly get lost on a straight line..."

"Let's hope so…"

Three hours later…

"I take that back, he did get lost on a straight line. How is that even possible?" Lavi whined, throwing his hands up in the air and got up.

"I dunno. But let's go look for him. We don't want him to be in deeper trouble than he probably is in already."

"Agreed. Let's go."

Before long, Lavi and Daisya were able to locate Krory and the sight before them was surprising. Krory had lost all of his clothing once again, but this time, he had lost them in what looked to be a game of strip poker.

"What the heck is going on?" Lavi blurted out without thinking, his eyes were locked on the deck of cards sitting innocently on the ground.

"Eh?" A man with curly, dark-colored hair and swirly glasses that hid his eyes was sitting in front of Krory with the deck of cards in between them. "Sorry, this area is currently off limits to young boys." Then looking back at Krory, he asked, "So how about it? Let's play one more round."

"N-No… but… that…" Krory stuttered, looking at the cards with a reluctant expression.

"What are you doing, Krory?" Lavi questioned, his eyes switching back and forth between the cards, the curly-haired man, and Krory.

"Th-These men invited me to play poker. And then before I knew it, I ended up like this," Krory replied and he ended it with a sneeze.

Both Daisya and Lavi had a 'Crap!' expressions on their face, they both thought, 'He got hustled…'

"Hey hey, don't run away," the curly-haired man scolded as both he and another brown-haired man leaned towards Krory, with Krory slightly backing up. "You challenged us to this duel. If you are a man, see it through to the end."

"B-But…" Krory didn't know what to say, he didn't have anything more to lose.

"We will play for him instead," Lavi intervened.

"Eh? But! But!" Daisya protested with wide eyes, looking at the cards with nervousness. Sure, he knew how to play poker, but he doesn't know how to cheat like these men do, there's no way he can win against them!

"No buts! It can't be helped. Do you wanna see a nude Krory? I sure don't!" Lavi retorted and Daisya shivered at that mental image. "Plus, I promised to insure Krory's safety. I don't want my still blooming life to end yet!"

"Alright then, boys. Who's playing first and what are you guys betting with?" Tyki said with a shrug. He didn't mind having a switch of player, it just meant more winnings for him and his buds.

"I will go first," Daisya volunteered as he began taking off his coat. "I will bet this and all of Krory's clothes. The decorations on this coat are made of silver."

"Good luck, Daisya!" Lavi wished with a pat on Daisya's back.

"I sure will need it."

Not before long, Daisya ended up in the same condition as Krory, freezing cold and almost-naked. Seeing his partner's lost, Lavi took over, but even though he fared better than Daisya, he still was no match to the experienced players.

'Crap. What are we going to do now? We don't have anything else to bet on!' Lavi thought. But before he could fret any further, a distinctively familiar voice interrupted his thoughts.

"My my, you guys have already ran into trouble?" A certain white-haired boy questioned with an amused shake of his head as he leaned against the cabin door's frame. He had opened the door without any of the Exorcist's noticing because they were all too deep into their thoughts.

Surprised, Lavi, Daisya, and Krory look up. 'When did he get in here? And how the heck did he get in without us noticing?' Lavi thought as he carefully watched Allen.

Without minding the others, Allen walked towards Tyki until he stood right next to the sitting form of Lavi. From his pants pocket, Allen took out five gold coins and took off his dress coat. "How about I use these as my wager to get back these poor fellows' clothes? This coat is made of the finest silk and wool. Would you like to challenge me?"

The eyes of Tyki's friends widened in shock while a smirk appeared on Tyki's face.

"Sure, why not? Just don't blame me if you lose," Tyki said with a shrug and a challenging spark in his eyes.

"As if that would happen." Allen folded the cuff of his sleeves up and sat down once Lavi moved away.

Sure enough, Allen didn't lose a single game and kept on surprising the miners with his hand of cards. Soon, the three miners were down to their boxers.

In shock, Lavi and Daisya exclaimed, "H-How?"

Allen just smirked in reply as he continued giving Tyki a taunting look. Tyki's eyes narrowed behind his glasses. 'If only I can use my Noah powers right now or wipe that smug smirk of his face. But even so, he would still beat me. Maybe I shouldn't have taught him how to play and cheat at poker.'

Allen just gave them an innocent smile and said, "I think we are done here, gentlemen. I am afraid it's time for me to go. I will leave your clothes to those two, they can do whatever they want with the clothes."

As Allen got up, Tyki mocked, "Are you afraid to start losing to us?"

Allen placed his coat back on and looked at them. "No, I am just afraid that you guys don't have anything left to lose. Goodbye, my friends."

"Hold on, Allen!" Lavi called out as he scrambled to get up, but when Lavi opened the door after Allen stepped out of the train cabin and closed the door, there wasn't a single trace of Allen left.

'How the heck did he disappear so fast?' Lavi thought as he turned back.

"The next stop is Berg Mines. The next stop is Berg Mines," a male announcer came on.

"Oh, I guess it's our stop now," Tyki remarked as he got up and dusted off nonexistent dirt.

"Sure is," the one with a cap on agreed and got up as well.

As the group of miners exited the train, they were met with the sight of a disguised Allen waiting for them, leaning against a nearby pole. He had on a brown-haired wig with long, layered bangs that covered up his left eye's scar and shaggy, but not totally dirty clothing. He also had on a bag slung across his back.

"There you are, Nel. I was beginning to wonder where you were," Tyki greeted with a small secretive smile.

"I just got lost while looking for the bathroom," Allen replied with a fake sheepish smile while everyone except for Tyki sweat-dropped, thinking, 'How can he get lost on a train,' but Tyki knew better.

"You are as hopeless as ever, Nel," Tyki commented with a shake of his head.

"Hey!" a cheerful voice called out, catching the attention of Tyki and Allen.

Tyki turned back and questioned, "Yes?"

"Here are you guys' clothes," Lavi informed as he tossed the group their luggage baskets back.

The miners fumbled to catch the luggage. Tyki, watching his fellow friends looking through their luggage in the corner of his eyes, raised his eyebrow at the exorcist.

"We already got our clothes back thanks to Allen, we don't need yours. It's tough to be naked in this season, isn't it?" Lavi responded at the unasked question.

Tyki nodded while Allen let out a small chuckle and commented, "I guess you guys got your butts kicked pretty bad, huh."

Tyki glared in response and put back on his clothes. Soon, the train's whistle was heard, signaling the departure of the train.

From his pants pocket, Allen pulled out a pack of cards with checkered background. "Hey, Lavi!" At the sound of his name, Lavi looked in the direction of Allen, catching something that came his way. "Here's a souvenir for playing cards with my friends and a token of our apology."

"Huh?" Lavi was examining the cards.

"They had it coming." Allen smirked towards Tyki and his friends' direction, causing Tyki an annoyed look and the other miners a sheepish look.

As the train began to pull away, Lavi shot Allen one of his signature smile and thanked him for the cards.

Suddenly, Lavi had a random thought, 'How the heck does that boy know my name? I never told him and his friends never mentioned it. Oh well… No use worrying about it.'

Back at the train station, Allen and the miners were watching as the train disappeared into the tunnel.

"Tyki, Nel, Iizu! Let's go! Let's say hello to the guys at the mine, then we can get some food," the man with the brown-colored knit hat said.

"Right!" Tyki agreed as they began to turn around. Suddenly, the train station's public phone rang.

Both Tyki and Allen looked at the phone's direction with surprise. Tyki went to pick it up. Allen remarked, "I guess we will have to leave you now, it seems as though another job just came in."

"Huh? One of you guys' secret part-time job? You've been getting a lot of those lately!" the one with the brown straightened hair commented, looking over at Tyki.

"Yeah." Allen was looking over at Tyki, trying to use his heightened sense of hearing to hear the conversation, but it was to no avail.

"It can't be helped then. All right, we are going. See you guys later," the knit hat one replied.

The rest of them bided farewell before disappearing from Allen's sight range.

Once Tyki finished his phone call, Allen asked, "I guess that was Millennie?"

"Yes. Let's go," Tyki confirmed as he headed towards the tunnel that the tracks led to, gesturing Allen to follow him.

"Alright then. Off we go." Allen ran to catch up to Tyki's long strides.

Later that night… at the Ark…

"I am full. Now comes dessert," the Earl concluded as everyone else finished their eating and an Akuma maid comes over, serving the parfait to the Earl.

"I want to eat too! ~relo!"

"Earl-sama, you didn't gather us here just for a meal, did you?" Tyki questioned, folding his hands on top of the table as he and Allen exchanged a knowing look.

"The great story that we have been playing out is about to start a new chapter. It is now time for all of you to appear," the Earl began and both Allen and Road grinned at the last part. "It will be fun from now on!" the Earl ended with one of his maniacal laughs.

The entire family grinned in excitement and anticipation.

Somewhere else in Europe…

As the Akuma dropped onto the ground with smoke coming out of its body, a slightly maniacal laugh emitted from its mouth. Kanda turned back to face it.

"No matter how hard you try, there is no future for you. It's finished," the Akuma foreshadowed.

"What do you mean?" Kanda questioned.

"It's a message from the Millennium Earl," the Akuma replied.

Suddenly, a new voice was heard.

"The time is right. The 7000-year prelude is over," the voice began and Kanda looked up. The Earl was floating in front of the full moon with the help of his umbrella. And on top of the umbrella sat Allen and Road, both swinging their feet back and forth as they watched the scene unfold before them with interest. "And now, a different tune will begin. Don't miss the rising of the curtain. You are the actors…" The Earl took a bow and paused, looking straight at Kanda, before continuing, "…Exorcists."

Without hesitance, Kanda stabbed his katana straight through the body of the Akuma, causing it to explode before walking away. "So this is where the real thing starts? What a joke."

At General Yeegar's place…

An ordinary looking playing card was twirled on the tip of Tyki's finger, but after two turns, the picture of the card turned to that of a picture of General Yeegar. "Is that it?" Tyki questioned.

"He doesn't look like a fun guy to play with," Road remarked and took a step forward. "Let's hurry up and get this over with, Tyki, Allen."

"Yes." Allen was looking bored as he sat on a branch of a nearby tree.

Road pointed Lero at the traveling carriage. "Bang!"

Back at the Order…

Ring. Ring. Ring.

"Yes," Komui answered in a serious tone of voice.

"It's Kanda. I retrieved the Innocence."

"Hai, hai! Good work! So how is it? How is Copenhagen? Is the sea beautiful? Is the scenery captivating? Unlike you, I can't go out. I'm like a captured pri—"

"There was an absurd message from the Millennium Earl."

Komui took a sharp intake of breath at this.

"He says that the real thing starts now." Kanda retold what the Earl told him.

"What's the meaning of this?"

Suddenly, the other phones began ranging as well and Reever and Johnny rushed to answer it with their piles of paper in their hands.

"Supervisor! An Exorcist in Austria says he got a message from the Millennium Earl!" Reever reported in an urgent tone.

"Supervisor! So did the Exorcists in Hungary!" Johnny confirmed.

Komui had a look of shock on his face.

Back at General Yeegar's place…

Suddenly, the traveling carriage was met with a barricade of Akumas. Instinctively, the Finder driving the carriage pulled the carriage into a stop with a gasp. The other finders scurried out of the carriage and questioned what was wrong.

General Yeegar stepped out of the wagon and seeing the Akumas, he faced them with a grim look. Road removed the opened Lero who was covering her face and at the sight of the girl, General Yeegar questioned, "Who are you?"

"Road Kamelot."

Tyki stepped out of the shadow of an Akuma's leg and took off his top hat. "Tyki Mikk."

Allen hopped off of a nearby tree. "Allen Walker."

General Yeegar's eyes widened at the face and name. He had of course heard of that name and even saw the face that matched the name. The Order was on the lookout for that boy.

Putting back on his top hat, Tyki began, "General Yeegar, we will make you hand over all the Innocence that you have." Tyki pulled on his gloves tighter. "That includes your own Innocence, of course," he concluded with a smile full of foul intentions.

Allen really wanted to just go over there and whack Tyki on the head for that, 'Tyki is such an idiot!'

"Do you think I will hand it over so easily?" the General questioned as he pulled out his Innocence weapon.

"Is that your Innocence?" Road asked excitedly, but shushed at the warning look that Allen sent her way.

"Of course not, but that doesn't mean we can't try," Allen replied with a small smile. "We brought two surprisingly strong Akuma warriors with us, but if the fight ends too quickly, it won't be any fun. Please try to hold out a while, sensei."

"Thierry! Piero! Bern!" General Yeegar called out.


"I will make an opening on the left. Escape that way!" General Yeegar commanded.

"How noble of you, General," Allen said as he took a step forward, then he looked at the three finders. "You three should do as he say. There are too many of you guys for him to fight while protecting you. You don't want to be a hindrance to him, do you?"

"General…" one of the finders attempted to protest.

"This is an order. Hurry up and report this to Headquarters!" the General ordered before he began piercing the Akumas with his Innocence.

At this, Tyki smirked as the three finders scampered to the nearest phone station. Several times, the three finders turned back in worry, but each time, the General reassured them and told them to keep going. In the end, the three finders saluted him before hurrying to do as the general said.

"That stubbornness will cost you your life," Tyki remarked as he walked to where the carriage was and Road floated onto the top of the carriage.

"Indeed," Allen agreed.

Back at the Order…

Ring. Ring.

"Supervisor! General Yeegar has been attacked!" Reever called out in panic as Komui looked up from his work with widened eyes.

After listening some more, Reever reported, "The enemy is multiple Akumas, two members of the Noah clan, and… and Allen Walker!"

Komui rose up from his chair with shock-filled eyes. "Confirm their location."


"Report this to all Exorcists! General Yeegar is being attacked by the Noah Clan and Allen Walker. All Exorcists in the vicinity must head there immediately!"

"Yes!" Johnny affirmed before dashing off with the rest of the people in Komui's room.

Komui's eyes followed them with a grim look.

Back with Allen…

"Oh… he's trying hard," Road commented with amusement.

Tyki made an agreeing noise as he continued watching.

The two armored knight Akumas marched towards the General. The silver-colored one spoke up, "Not bad, as I'd expect from a General."

"But we'll stop you," the purple-colored one pronounced.

"Idiots," Allen muttered under his breath as he took a step forward. Seeing his actions, both Road and Tyki smiled, they knew what he was planning to do.

"How pitiful," the general remarked and attacked, but before his chains could reach anything, strips of white cloth pierced through both of the Akumas. The general took a step back in surprise. In front of him stood a white, spiky-haired boy with a white fur cape and claw-like hand. "W-What?" the General managed to get out.

"They were getting on my nerves, acting all high and mighty in front of a general when they can be wiped out as simple as that," Allen replied as he looked up and met the general's eyes.

"Is that your Innocence?" General Yeegar questioned as he fully took in the appearance of Allen.

"Yes. I call it Crown Clown, meaning the Clown of God." Allen examined his own appearance with a certain fondness.

"Enough," Tyki spoke up and took a step forward.

"Aw, you ruin the fun, Tyki," Allen said with a pout as he turned back and began walking towards his family.

"I guess we will have to do it after all," Road said as she jumped off the roof of the carriage and landed right in front of Allen.

"Oh, shut it, Road. You know you will have fun," Allen said playfully with a smile.

"So you two are the Noah clan eh? I've heard that you are not Akuma, but human. So why do you obey the Millennium Earl?"

"We are not obeying him," Tyki replied and Allen raised his eyebrow at this. In return, Tyki sent him a warning look.

"We are not mere humans. We're the greatest humans on earth, superior humans who inherited the genes of Noah," Road added with a smile.

"Superior humans?" General Yeegar asked.

"We're going to end this worth that's filled with old and shriveled people like you." Road watched the General with expectation.

"In the class I taught, there was a girl who said that. She was inexperienced and she did not understand her arrogance." Without warning, the general sent his weapon towards Road and in defense, Road held out Lero.

"I'm choking! ~relo!" The chains were wrapped tightly around the body of Lero.

"Poor Lero, you just had to use him, didn't you, Road?" Allen remarked as he pitied the umbrella. He stepped over to the side of the carriage and leaned against it.

"Of course," Road replied and released Lero.

As Lero was flung back to Road from the general, it glided past Road's skin, causing a line of blood to appear. Road was not happy even when the wound closed up immediately. "You!" She pulled back her arm as a surge of purple-colored light appeared and she flung them at the general. "Take that!"

When the light reached the general, the light dissipate into little tiny shards.

"If that's the case, then I will let you meet your beloved and adorable students," Road continued as the shards began changing the general's surrounding into a blue and black surrounding. There was a pile of dolls and several candles surrounding the place. But soon, a present box was seen surrounding the area the general was in.

A scene of General Yeegar in his younger days and his students calling him in front of the school he taught at.

'This is…'

"Look, there's your Akuma student," Road informed with a laugh.

"Joanne!" the general called out.

The girl entered the classroom and the students approached the girl, asking about her wellbeing. Abruptly, the girl turned into an Akuma, scaring all of the students.

"You're an Exorcist, aren't you? You have to exterminate Akuma." It was Road again.

Screams of the children were heard.

"Stop it!" the general commanded as his weapon darted out and speared through the Akuma.

"If only you had been this strong back then, you could've saved everyone." Road once again.

Joanne rose up once more and repeatedly, Joanne turned into an Akuma and the children screamed in terror. It kept on repeating and repeating. Sometimes, the general would be able to save them, but other times, blood was scattered everywhere and they all died. General Yeegar continued protesting and witnessed the repeating seen until finally, he said, "P-Please stop!"

"Then will you give us your Innocence?" Road asked with a dark smile.

"Please stop this!" The general is breaking, he can't take the repeating scene of his students' horrible death and their screams, they were haunting him. He would never be able to erase it from his memory.

"If you give them to me, I'll let you out of here."

"Sennen ko ha sagashiteru (The Millennium Earl is searching.)

Daijina hearto sagashiteru (He is searching for a precious heart.)

Anata ha Atari tashikameyo (Let's check to see if you are it.)" Road and Allen, who had joined her in singing, paused and Road looked at the struggling general before she continued, "Come on, sing with me. Sing it!"

Suddenly, a hand caught Road's arm. Road looked up, "Tyki?"

"That's enough, isn't it? Forget about it." Tyki took a glance at Allen who was just sitting on Lero while swinging his legs.

Seeing Tyki's glance, Allen joined in. "Yes, Road. It's enough. That poor man has suffered enough."


"No buts, Road." Allen was insistent.

"Aw… fine," Road relented with a pout. Soon the present box was diminishing and their surroundings returned to their original one.

Without missing a beat, Tyki darted forward, heading straight for the general. "Let's finish this quickly." With a Tease in his hand, he attacked the general.

The general used his Innocence in defense and shakily, he got up. "Everyone, get away. Sensei will… save you… all now."

"Hurry up and be at rest." Tyki sent another Tease towards General Yeegar when the general sent his weapon towards the Noah.

With a light thud, the general landed on his back and in his head, he heard the voices of his students calling him. Looking up into the sky, the general asked, "Was I… able to… protect you all?" His consciousness faded into black and his head tilted to the side. Allen and Tyki began walking towards the unconscious general.

Without warning, the Millennium Earl landed with a puff of purple smoke and questioned, "Is it over?"

Tyki took out the shards of Innocence from the General and held them out for the Earl. One by one, the Earl crushed them all, but none was the Heart. In the deep recess of his mind, Allen was anxious, he was anxious about losing his Innocence, his Innocence has become a huge part of him and his life, he wasn't sure if he would be able to part with it.

"None of them is the Heart," the Earl concluded. Turning to look at the general, he asked, "And the last one?"

"Such smooth hair," Allen commented as he ran his right hand through the general's hair.

Tyki twitched at that comment, but he continued walking to the general's weapon and without a hitch, he changed it back to its original form. Tyki tossed the Innocence towards the Earl with a "Here!" and the Earl, using Lero as his baseball bat, hit the Innocence and broke it into pieces.

"This isn't it either." The Earl was slightly disappointed, but taking a glance at Allen, who let out a sigh of relief unconsciously, he added, "I guess that's okay. At least our dear Allen can keep his Innocence."

"Yes~! Aren't you happy, Allen? Even though we hate Innocence, if it's for you, we don't mind their existence." Road bounced over to Allen who was still patting the general's hair. Allen looked up and gave her a small smile of thanks.

Noticing the general's intake of breath, Road commented, "Oh? He's still alive?"

"I guess so. But even though he's alive, he's bound to his chains," Allen said wistfully as he pulled off one of the buttons from the general's coat and tossed it to Tyki.

Tyki flipped over the button and saw the "Kevin Yeegar" that was carved onto it.


As the reinforcements arrived, they ran to the mourning finder. The finder turned and Daisya and Lavi, who were the reinforcements, turned as well. What their eyes met shocked them to the core. There, the general was hung against the trunk of a tree, his arms bound to the tree with the chains from his weapon.

"Greetings," a voice called out as a boy stepped out of the shadow of the trees.

Baffled, Lavi and Daisya turned around and the face that their eyes met shocked them. "Wh-Why are you still here?" Lavi managed to get out.

"Because I have a… message for you," Allen replied as he took a step forward, his eyes going to the general.

"From the Millennium Earl?" Daisya asked.

"No. From me."

Surprised, Lavi stuttered, "F-From y-you?"

"Yes. Tsugi ha dare?"

Daisya and Lavi's eyes widened at what Allen said, but before they could say anything, Allen was gone.

As Allen walked towards where his family was, he looked to the sky and said, "Yes indeed, this is the beginning of the end."


Once again, some dialogues are taken directly from the fansubbed version of the anime. I take no credit in those dialogues. The reason I use them is that, sometimes, those dialogues just fit so much into the story and they just click. Sorry if that bothers you.

Yeah I know I moved the part where Krory gets tricked by that flower girl, it was just more suiting to the story to have it before he started playing poker. :)

I love the song that Road sing, although it's a lil creepy to some when they start thinking about, but I just love it. :D haha. Anyways, there are many ways 'hearto' is spelled, I have seen 'hatto', 'hato' and 'hearto', and I probably like 'hearto' best. :)

In the anime, it was Allen and Lenalee who were the reinforcements, but obviously, I can't have Allen as one of them. Plus, I suddenly realized that I placed Lenalee still out of commission and in a coma, so I decided to use the Daisya and Lavi pair again.

"Tsugi ha dare?" = "Who is next?" the complete saying would be "Tsugi ha dare desu ka?" but the General doesn't use that entire thing from the song. But yeah, I looked it up with a dictionary. Finally found the correct spelling of it. :) By the way, in case you didn't realize. That phrase is from the second verse of Road's song that General Yeegar sings. Told ya I was in love with it.

So yeah… I was like planning to have "Yes indeed, this is the beginning of the end." as my ending phrase, but then as I was watching the anime preview of Episode 26, it showed the episode's name and it was "the beginning of the end" or something similar to that, I was like, "Whoa. Coincidence much?" xD

Until next time,


Published: 02/20/11

Update: 02/15/13 So... it's almost been two years since I've updated, and to those new readers and old readers who still read this story, I wanted to let you know that I've started working on this story again and I've been rewriting the first few chapters of the story and editing the rest. I plan on having two or three chapters up on 02/20. They will be posted as a new and separate story. When I have it up, I will post an author note to this story to tell you readers that.